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The Wedding - Episode 19


The Wedding - Episode 19

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Nigel: What do you mean you won't let me go Selena?

Selena: I love you Nigel. I can't watch you leave me for her so I'm gonna fight for you. I'm not giving the divorce.

She walked out still wearing her robe, Nigel sighed and walked downstairs.

He got into his car and drove out of the house to Rose's apartment.
He got there and met her chatting with Cathy. His sad face made her scared.

Rose; Nigel... You're back. What's wrong? You look worried.

Cathy: I'll probably go wash my hands (leaves)

Rose walked to Nigel and hugged him, then she looked at him with a worried face.

Rose: What's wrong Nigel please talk to me.

Nigel: Selena refused to let me go.
She sat down facing the floor.

Rose: What's... What's gonna happen to us now?

Nigel walked towards her and squatted.

Nigel: Nothing my love. Don't even think for once that I'm gonna leave you. That's not gonna happen, you're the love of my life.
Rose: I'm scared.

Nigel: You, Angel and I are a family and nothing's gonna separate us again.

Rose: (Smiles) Are you hungry?

Nigel: Yes and I missed your cooking so much.

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Rose: Well sit here while I go cook something for you.

Nigel: Let's go cook it together.

Rose: Huh? No way. Stay right here.

Nigel: Ummm... Yes Mom.

Rose: (Laughs) Naughty child.

She walked to the kitchen to cook while Nigel received a call from the police.

Nigel: Yes inspector.

Inspector Dave: I have bad news Mr Owen. We need to see you at our station.

Nigel: What happened?

Inspector Dave: The suspect died at the hospital.

Nigel: What? But you said he wouldn't die.

Inspector Dave: He was murdered sir. The murderer destroyed the security cameras and stabbed him thrice.

Nigel: How are we supposed to find his boss now? Because I'm sure he doesn't work alone.

Inspector Dave: That's my point Mr Owens. They killed him so he wouldn't talk. No one knows we have him here except the police.

Nigel: Are you saying there's a traitor among you?

Inspector Dave: Yes but we're still investigating.

Nigel: I want that bastard to pay. I want to demand for more security for my son and his mother. I will drop by tomorrow.

Inspector Dave: Yes sir we have a lot to talk about sir.

Nigel: See you tomorrow
Inspector. Thanks for the information.

Inspector Dave: Just doing my job sir.

He hangs up, Nigel called his private investigator.

Nigel: I want you to do something for me, I want to know everything about Selena's movement.

"Consider it done sir"

He hung up with a frown, he walked to the kitchen to join Rose in cooking.


Selena walked inside the building as the guards opened the door for her.

She goes straight to his office. He wasn't wearing his mask today so his face showed.

Fred Gonzales.

Selena: (Sits) Hello boss.

Fred: You called for an emergency meeting Selena. What happened now?

Selena: Nigel wants a divorce.

Fred: (bangs the table) How did that happen?

Selena: Rose happened. He's leaving me because of her, I don't know what she fed him.

Fred: Then we have to go with plan c.

Selena: There's a plan c?

Fred: Watch me.

He puts a call through and in two minutes a woman is brought in.
She looks lean and tattered.

Selena: (gasps) Mrs Gonzalez!
Fred: This is my Plan C. She loves her mother and she'll do anything to save her life. Including leaving Nigel.

Selena: What?...


Fred is worse.
What do you think?

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