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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter8


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter8

© Emmy Okeke


…Spartacus ran back in to the Sitting room but couldn’t find Natasha on the couch anymore. The glass cup of water fell off his hand as he slowly walked towards the empty couch..

”Nath.. Nath” Spartacus called out with a bit loud voice.. He searched every part of the house but couldn’t find Nathasha.. His anger boiled but as tears flowed down his cheek..


Cynthia walked into her house as Musa opened up the gate for her

”Aarhh.. Madam, thank God say you come back ooh.. I hear say bad thing happen for road today” Musa said immediately Cynthia stepped in and Cynthia looked at him

”Yeah.. Thank God.. As you can see, I’m fine” Cynthia said and kept on walking

”Erhmm.. But Madam” Musa said making Cynthia to stop

”Where is your car?” Musa asked

”Ohh… My Car” Cynthia began thinking of how to cover up

”It had a little problem so I left it with the Mechanic” Cynthia said and just them the sound of the Police Sirene was heard all around the building. A large number of Police Officers trooped in to the compound and Musa fearfully ran into his house. Just then, the commissioner walked in and saw Cynthia

”Thank God you are Ok” He said immediately he saw her

”What’s all this for Commissioner?” Cynthia asked

”The First Lady asked me to check on you and keep you safe due to the earlier curfew that erupted” The Commissioner said

”As you can see, I am fine.. So, thanks for caring” Cynthia said but before she could take a step forward, Lady Aisha barged in immediately and hugged her

”Ooh.. My dear, thank God you are alright” She said with her eyes filled in tears that couldn’t flow out

”Easy My Lady, I’m fine..” Cynthia said and disengaged the hug

”Your eyes are red Ma” Cynthia said looking into her eyes

”It’s nothing my dear.. Just thinking about you” Aisha said and looked at the Commissioner

”Thank you for answering to my call Commissioner, but your job has just began” Aisha said and dismissed the Commissioner

”My Dear…. I was really worried” Aisha began as she walked Cynthia into the house..


Spartacus was really confused as he didn’t know if Natasha walked away due to her Pains or someone broke into the house and stole her away.. He ran up immediately and picked up his gun to run out in search of her although he doesn’t know where she is

”Where are you off to?” Linda asked making Spartacus shocked as he saw Linda sitting in the couch where Natasha laid earlier

”What are you doing here?” Spartacus asked

”What is that gun meant for?” Linda replied with a question but Spartacus didn’t reply her holding tight to the gun

”Well, I guess you have to start with me, because I took Nathasha to the hospital” Linda said and Spartacus rushed her holding he ron the neck

”What??!! You did what??!!” Spartacus barked choking Linda with red eyes

”Linda struggled for breathe hitting Spartacus’ hand but then, Spartacus left her, she started couching endlessly and gasping for air

”Do you know what you just did?” Spartacus asked

”You just sold her out to her death” Spartacus said

”If you want to know, the People after Cynthia are also after her!! Now you have made it so easy!” Spartacus barked hitting the wall

”And you think I am that stupid?” Linda asked with a weak voice and Spartacus looked at her. She stood up and walked towards the door

”Inform me when you want to see Natasha” Linda said and staggeringly walked out. Spartacus called out on her regretting his actions but Linda didn’t reply.


”My dear, are you still insisting on not having any Security in this house?” Aisha asked Cynthia as she looked around

”Don’t bother My Lady, I am definitely fine” Cynthia said. Aisha still persisted on it but Cynthia refused giving her False reasons..



”What the hell do you mean that you didn’t get even one of them!” Commissioner of Police barked harshly, standing besides him was Alhaji Dantata whose anger on the Police and Army was unrated so he tried swallowing it by not talking

”Now, listen to me everyone of you, I give you one week!! One Week!! To get those urchins!! Or else!” Commissioner of Police threatened

”I will make sure I blow your heads off” Alhaji Dantata said completing the threat of the Commissioner and the Units left immediately doubling their patrol, search and activity..



”Idiots!!.. Fools!!” Chief Williams barked angrily hitting the tough looking men that stood in front of him

”You mean all of your useless selves couldn’t catch one man and a girl!!” Chief Williams barked further getting really furious

”Sorry Sir, the Police interfered” Sir Whyte Said

”And so what??!” Chief Williams attacked his statement immediately

”And where is Patronizer” Chief Williams asked trying to calm down but no one replied him

”Am I talking to stones!!” Chief Williams barked more angrily

”He and his crew died in the chase Sir” One of the thugs replied and Chief Williams slowly turned around

”What!!” He exclaimed and even Prof. Michael was shocked. Chief Williams sat down immediately and Prof. Michael stood up throwing a briefcase at them

”You all are dismissed” Prof. Michael said and they all left..

Prof. Michael walked to and fro the Sitting room as Chief Williams starred at him because he hasn’t seen him that much worried

”What is it Prof??” Chief Williams asked and Prof. paused his to and fro movement

”I think it’s time to unleash the hidden dragon” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams looked at him not understanding what he was saying….


”How is she Doctor?” Linda asked the doctor who was checking on Natasha

”What did you say happened to her?” The Doctor asked

”She was shot on her way home due to what happened today” Linda replied

”Oh My.. So Sorry..” The Doctor said

”But you should have brought her to the hospital” The Doctor said

”Doctor, I was so confused, but all being the same, hope she is fine” Linda covered up

”Well, the bullet slightly got to her bones, but it’s going to heal with time. Thank God you called on time, she was almost gone” The Doctor said and Linda exhaled as the doctor packed up his bag

”She might sleep for some hours, don’t disturb her” The Doctor said

”Thank you very much Doctor” Linda said and escorted the doctor out. She looked at the doctor till he drove outside the gate.

Just as she walked in, she saw Spartacus sitting on the couch

”Hope Iam not intruding?” Spartacus asked not looking at her. Linda ignored him and walked upstairs. As she got up the stairs, she saw Spartacus in front of her and she shivered but behaved as if she wasn’t

”What are you doing here??” Linda asked

”I thought you never wanted her treated” Linda asked further and side passed Spartacus but Sparatcus held her hand

”I… I…” Spartacus stammered as Linda turned and looked at his Masky face. Spartacus left her hand gently and unmasked his face making Linda see his face the second time

”I.. I.. I..aa.. I am Sorry” Spartacus forcefully voiced out and tears rolled down his eyes as he has never said that word for years. Linda couldn’t bear the tears flowing from his eyes and she unconciously hugged him

”It’s alright” Linda said and disengaged the hug

”The Scar, what caused it?” Linda asked

”It’s a long story” Spartacus said ans Linda sighed

”She is in the next room” Linda said and Spartacus looked at the door and they walked in

”She is just sleeping, in few hours she will be fine” Linda said but before Spartacus could say anything, the voice of Dave was heard from downstairs fancifully calling on Linda.. Linda looked at the door but before she could look back on the bed where Natasha was laying, she couldn’t find Natasha and Spartacus

”Hmmmm… Not Surprised” She said and shouted happily in reply to Dave’s call…

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