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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter9


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter9

© Emmy Okeke

…”Hey Sis… Good day” Dave greeted

”Hey Baby.. Whats up??” Linda hugged him

”You didn’t tell me you were coming back this early” Linda said to Dave

”Yeah, just finished earlier than I thought” Dave said and looked upstairs

”What are you looking at?” Linda aksed

”I thought I heard someone upstairs earlier” Dave said

”Nah.. It’s just me my dear” Linda said and both walked upstairs…


”Good day Sir” Linda greeted as she entered the office of their Bar Manager

”Good day Linda, how are you?” He caringly asked dropping the pen he had in his hand

”How are you going on with what happened earlier Yesterday” He asked as Linda replied his first pleasantry

”Well Sir, I am working on it.. I think I have a clue on it Sir” Linda said and he gave more attention to her

”Go on, what do you have?” He asked Linda who starred at him

”Sir, I think I have a starting point” Linda said and he got more interested

”Please let it out.. I’m curious.. Everyone is on my neck Linda” He said

”Sir, it’s complicated.. But I’ll make it more understandable on one condition” Linda said and he starred at Linda in surprise

”What Condition?” He said and Linda smiled..


”My Lady, placing a Girl in the midst of men like us in an electon haven’t been heard of” Chief Musa said to Lady Aisha who starred at the 6 Men Chief that came visiting her that morning

”My Lady, this will bring disrespect in our women..” Alhaji Muhammed said but Lady Aisha still said nothing as Chief Williams stood up

”My Lady, with all due respect, I won’t sit and watch you change a law that has been kept for a very long time now” Chief Williams said

”And who said it’s a law?” Lady Aisha asked boldly

”Show me where it is stated in the Constitution and I will immediately withdraw my words” Lady Aisha said and Chief Williams sat down in confusion

”Go on.. I’m waiting.. Any of you??” Lady Aisha said with a harsh voice standing up

”If this is all you have to tell me this early Morning, then I think you all have to use the door” Lady Aisha said and walked out

”Before I forget” She said turning around

”I am ready to die, because Friends and Foes are sitted here today.. You are free to Assassinate me just like you all did to my husband, Chief Wilson and the rest” Lady Aisha said

”Good day” She concluded and walked up the stairs

”And death will surely come to you” Chief Williams said with a low tone and angrily walked out followed by others


”Good day Minister” The Commissioner greeted with a phone in his ears

”Good day.. How is things going about all this noise we are having” The Minister said

”Sir, seriously I am confused about all this” The Commissioner said

”Miss Cynthia refused all protection offered to her and the Lady Aisha is on my neck for her Protection.. I just don’t know what to do Sir” The Commissioner said

”On that, another one occured just yesterday which we all are aware of” He added

”Commissioner, Listen.. I am not in a restful position either.. I think it’s time for all of us to leave our seats, stop giving commands but make others follow our commands.. We all are into this.. All Patrol and search teams doubled with strict rules and severe punishment!!” The Minister said and hung up the call

”Sergent!!!” The Commissioner called out aloud dropping the phone

”Sir!” The Sergent replied running in immediately

”Get me my Uniform and my armours.. It’s time for a change” The Commissioner said and stood up..


(The Previous Night before Today)

Spartacus laid Natasha comfortably on the bed looking at her as she slept deeply. He touched the bandage in her shoulders

”Thank God I didn’t loose you” Spartacus said

”I couldn’t have forgiven myself” Spartacus said and stood up

”Please wake up by Morning” He said with a low voice, Kissed Natasha on her fore head and left for his room.


Flashes of bright light severed and constantly shone in her eyes as she walked around a building that seemed familia to her.. She walked up the stairs, hearing the voice of a man and a little girl. She walked closer towards the voice, coming to an open verander

”Emilia.” The man called touching the little girl of about 8 years old. Natasha stood and watched closely

”This represents our family” The Man said pointing at the stars above which Natasha peeped also to see

”That big one is me, followed by your Mother, Your Brother and You, being the smallest one” The Man said and Emilia smiled just then a little boy ran out

”Daddy..” He called out and the man carried him too

”Daniel.. I thought you were sleeping” The Man said and a woman walked out also, looking very beautiful

”Sleep?? Daniel is a cat.. He doesn’t sleep” She said and they all laughed hugging each other very tight..



Natasha watched them smiling with tears rolling down her eyes as she enjoyed the lovely view.. Suddenly, the light flashed in her eyes and she saw herself downstairs at the gate blood everywhere, she was surprised until she heard a voice

”Emilia!! Emilia” She heard the voice of the woman and she saw the man laying in blood.. Some Men were standing with guns shooting

”Dad!! Dad!:” The Little boy ran out immediately

”Daniel.. Run.. Run…” The man shouted with his last strenght, but before the little boy could run away a spark of gun shot hit his face.. He managed to run out through the flowers…

”Emilia.;” The Woman shouted but was shot immediately.. Emilia fell on her and she was shot also.

”Nooo..!!!!” Natasha shouted trying to run into the scene.. Just then the flash came on her eyes very bright and she screamed…


Natasha screamed rolling on the bed… She sreamed very loud the Spartacus ran in immediately holding her

”It’s alright.. It’s alright” Spartacus said immediately

”I’m here.. I’m here” He said and Natasha opened her eyes

”What happened?” Natasha asked

”Calm down” Spartacus said

”You are alright” Spartacus said and Natasha weakly looked at his face, she lifted her hands and touched the scar in his face recalling the gun shot on the little boy. Spartacus held her hand softly

”How do you feel now?” Spartacus asked

”Better” Natasha said touching the bandage in her hands

”Did we save her?” Natasha asked

”Yes you did” Spartacus said giving all credits to her and she smiled trying to sit up and Spartacus helped her

”Iall get you some tea” Spartacus said and left and Natasha looked at him as he left

”Daniel… Emilia….” She said to herself remembering her dream…


”This is Danga known as the Dragon” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams pointing at a dark man sitting on the couch opposite him with dark glasses in his eyes. Chief Williams looked at him but Danga didn’t move his body

”Is he dumb or what” Chief Williams asked

”He doesn’t talk much” Prof. Michael replied

”I see..;” Chief Williams said

”I don’t have much time to waste” Danga said and Prof. Michael looked at Chief Williams. Chief Williams brought out the picture of Lady Aisha, Cynthia and Spartacus. Danga collected the pictures and looked at them, he slided Lady Aisha’s, Cynthia’s and got to Spartacus own then stood up immediately

”What???!!” He exclaimed

”What is it?” They asked together

”I can’t forget this mask” Danga said to himself

”Spartacus” He called the name

”How did you know him?” Chief Williams asked

”That is nothing to tell about Chief.. How much are you paying” Danga asked

”3 Million dollars.. One Million each” Chief Williams said

”What am I assassinating?? A little kid?” Danga asked

”Give me short of that and I will eliminate the United States President.. Do you know who this masky man is?” Danga asked

”Are you going with 3 Million dollars or not!!” Chief Williams said

”I will take my leave” Danga said and tried to leave but Prof. Michael held him looking at Chief Williams

”Alright.. How much do you need?” Chief Williams asked

”5 Million dollars.. No bargaining” Danga said and Chief Williams exclaimed

”Are we in?” Danga asked

”Alright then.. But I think you will need a hand, my men are available” Chief Williams said

”I don’t need any brat as my colleague.. I work alone” Danga said and left..

”What the hell… You brought in another devil Spartacus to me?” Chief Williams asked and Prof. Michael smiled

”Spartacus doom, I guess..” Prof. Michael said

”Well Chief, Sit down and wait for results.. In no distant time” Prof. Michael said and walked out.

”Alright then.. Let’s sit and watch.;” Chief Williams said and Amaka his maid walked out to him since Mrs. Williams was not around

”I felt you were lonely Sir” Amaka said And Chief Williams smiled..

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