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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter10


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter10

© Emmy Okeke


Cynthia walked out of her room that early morning looking so tired. She picked up a glass of water and sat on her bed. Being idle, a lot of thoughts ran through her head.

“I have done a lot of mistakes in my life” She recalled the words of her father

“I killed my best friend” Her head rang

“I think nemesis is trying to catch up with me” She thought more and more and stood up immediately

“Mistakes has traces” Cynthia said

“There must be a trace to what he did that is linking to all this nonsense” She said

“I think its time to do what I ought to do” Cynthia concluded and walked into her father’s room.



Natasha walked down the stairs leading to the sitting room. Spartacus sat on the couch looking lost in thought

“Spartacus” Natasha called out

“Apart” She called out more loudly and Spartacus looked at her slowly

“You are awake” Spartacus said not looking too happy

“What’s the matter Spart” Natasha asked

“Nothing my dear” Spartacus replied

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked

“I can’t be fine seeing you this way” Natasha said

“Hmmm… Spartacus exhaled

“Just thinking how my Parents looked like.. thinking about my past.. A lot of things on my mind”SPARTACUS said and Natasha looked at him

“What do you remember about your past” Natasha asked

“So painful was that night when my Parents and my only Sister died” Spartacus said as his eyes got red in tears

“They were murdered?” Natasha asked

“Yes” Spartacus replied

“A gunshot made that scar on your face” Natasha asked again

“Yes” Spartacus replied again

“You managed to run away” Natasha asked again and Spartacus looked at her

“Why asking all this?” Spartacus asked

“Nothing actually” Natasha said

“I was told I lost my memory” She added and stood up

“But I think I am just regaining them” She concluded and walked up the stairs. Spartacus looked at her not understanding what she was saying. Walking halfway the stairs, Spartacus stood up immediately looking around in paniç

“What is that? Natasha asked looking back

“I know that smell” Spartacus said

“What smell?” Natasha asked walking down to him

“This can’t be true” Spartacus said and grabbed his car keys

“What is that… Where are you off to?” She asked simultaneously

“Please make sure you don’t leave here” SPARTACUS said and left

“Spart…Spart!!!”Natasha called out but Spart didn’t reply

“Gosh!!”What’s he up to?” She asked herself and looked from th3 window seeing the car Spart drove out with

“You ain’t that smart when you are worried” Natasha said and ran upstairs…


Spartacus drove as fast as he could to Cynthia’s house. With great spped and loudness, he sounded the horn at the gate. Cynthia who was in her room preparing to go out heard the noise of the horn and ran downstairs. Musa the gate man, opened the gate immediately and Spartacus drove in with great speed making Musa to run inside his apartment immediately in fear. Spartacus alighted from his car and walked in very fast. As he walked in, he saw Cynthia at the door and drew her inside the house immediately

“What is the meaning of all this?” Cynthia asked but Spartacus kept quiet sayin g nothing to her

“Leave me alone” Cynthia said and Spartacus sat her down on the couch. Before Cynthia could say anything Spartacus looked at her deep into the eye with anger

“Your time for playing James Bond in this game is over Miss” Spartacus said to her

“What does that mean “Cynthia asked and Spartacus raised up his head

“The sound of this game has changed and I won’t want to loose anybody more than the ones I have lost before” Spartacus said and Cynthia starred at him

“So, you must follow my orders to be safe, even if you like it or not” Spartacus said and another car drove into the house

“Gosh!!” Spartacus exclaimed

“I told you not to follow me” Spartacus said as Natasha` walked in

“You didn’t expect me to sit and watch you drive out that worried, did you?” Natasha replied with a question and Spartacus kept quiet

“Thank God you are alive” Cynthia said trying to hug Natasha who stopped her by raising her hand

“It still hurts” Natasha said and Cynthia stopped looking at the bandage in her shoulder

“I am sorry I caused you this” Cynthia said

“And you will be more sorry to cause more damages if you still block your skull and keep on proving stubborn over your life” Spartacus said and Natsha looked around

“Can someone tell me what’s going on here” Natasha asked but everybody kept quiet

“But I said I am sorry” Cynthia said feeling bad

“You can only apologise for what you have done when you show a difference in character” Spartacus said and Natasha still looked at them. Suddenly, Spartacus looked around in a very serious manner

“What’s the matter” Natasha and Cynthia asked at the same time

“Where is the Presidents wife” Spartacus asked

“She will be coming over here to pick me up for a meeting at the National conference hall this morning” Cynthia said

“I guess her to be on her way now” Cynthia added and Spartacus grabbed his car keys immediately looking at them

“Now listen to me, I don’t care how you followed me here” Spartacus said looking at Natasha

“I want the both of you to sit here and don’t move an inch away from here” Spartacus said

“Why?” Both of them asked but Spartacus angrily looked at them and they kept quiet. Spartacus walked to the door and held the handle of the door trying to open it up

“If I didn’t return in 20 Minutes, take her to a place far away from here immediately.. Ensure your safety” Spartacus said and walked out before Natasha could say anything.

“Seriously, I can’t understand what exactly is going on here” Cynthia said as Natasha sat at the edge of the bed hearing the rolling wheels of Spartacus drive out of the compound

“Can someone please talk to me” Cynthia said aloud and also sat on the bed. Silence took over the room for some seconds

“Has he been like this?” Cynthia asked looking at Natasha

“I mean has he always got this heart but killed people” Cynthia asked further and Natasha looked at her. Even without Natasha saying anything, Cynthia read out the answer from her eyes.

“Erhhmm… Sorry dear, but don’t you think we should be doing something while we wait for him?” Cynthia asked and Natasha looked at her in silence

“Will you help me search for something very important” Cynthia asked further and Natasha starred at her



Lady Aisha was seen hurriedly walking out of her house tying up and fixing the jewels she wore on her wrists. A car was parked outside with two for her with two Army men in front of the car. Spartacus walked in boldly towards the Soldiers who pointed their guns at him immediately

“Easy fellas, I just came to say hello” Spartacus said walking closer

“Don’t come any closer man. Stand there” They ordered and Spartacus stood with his hand behind his back

“You won’t kill an unarmed man, will you.. I just came to say hello” Spartacus said

“And who are you?” They asked

“I have to be on my way now, you never wanted to know me” Spartacus turned around and threw two ropes at them tying off their guns. Before they could scream for help, Spartacus speedily tied up their mouths and their body and dragged them to a hidden end of the Suite. He wore the dress of one of the men and entered the car immediately. Immediately he entered the car, Lady Aisha came out with two Police men.

“Good day My Lady” Spartacus greeted as she entered the car

“I thought you guys were two, where is the other” Lady Aisha asked

“There was an emergency Madam, so he left immediately” Spartacus replied and ignited the engine. Police convoy followed behind her with blowing serene and ensuring her more safety.

They drove quiet a little mile further and “Kaboom!!!” the sound of a blasted bomb was heard and Lady Aisha screamed. Three escort cars were affected and destroyed by the bomb blast

“I knew it!!” Spartacus said and wore his mask immediately increasing the speed of the car

“Oh No… Who are you?” Lady Aisha asked

“Just sit tight Madam if you don’t want to die” Spartacus said driving as fast as he could…

Story continues…

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