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Sovereign Alphas-Introduction


Sovereign Alphas-Introduction

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

In the first period of time, when forces weighed the balance of the world and it existent, two forces fought for authority. Every one thousand years, the two powerful forces with no form would battle for authority and power over man and all supernatural creatures. Seven times they had fought, twice darkness won and for those years, agony, war, death etc, reigned higher than good. Now each forces had assemblies, assemblies that helped keep balance according to the winner's right.

Now this story begins from the eighth battle, the battle that changed everything, the battle of ages. Like every other times, earth seized and no movement was made in time, in the universe and on earth, all except in the world of the assemblies where both sides watched the unshaped forces fight. At the centre of this realm, stood a tall glass scale. The right scale stood as the barrier that separated light from darkness, separated both realms and kept the forces from fighting out of the protective large sphere realm they always fought in. The other held time, the universe coming to hold and the separation of living creatures from the forces. A young Dark Keeper filled with curiosity and high desire to cause mischief – stupidity if I'm allowed to call it that – snuck out to the scale and tilted the one on the left down since that was where the dark assembly was. The one at the right, fell, shattering to pieces and the left fell down flat.

The battle realm of the forces cracked, the two forces slipped out of the realm, still fighting in an entangled motion. The shake in balance split into two, one bigger than the other but both fell into the body of a pregnant werelioness queen who was about to give birth before time froze. The forces shared themselves into the bodies of the unborn twins, one with greater light than darkness and one with greater darkness than light. Impossible as it may seem, it happened and time unfroze. The she-lion bore her children with only one thing in their minds, fight and finish the war. Even as newly born babies, they fought, for that was what the forces were made to do. Fighting in skeletonless, organless and fleshless forms were good enough but such powers living in two perishable body made imperishable was certain for destruction.

Both assemblies were not strong enough to return things to normal so they turned both babies to stone and separated them under a mountain in an island. Two thousands years the boys stayed frozen, but slowly grew up as stones certain to break free so they were chained down. Over these years, humans and supernatural chose their own path, darkness the higher pick but it was better than the war both brothers would bring.

But how long will two great forces be tied down from doing what they were made to do......


'Danika! Stop running!' Father shouted, I was far away from them, running with my gown carefully packed in my hands so I won't trip. My name is Princess Danika Elizabeth Richardson the second, third daughter to my parents. We were on a picnic at a strange island father bought, really beautiful one with thick fog blocking the deeper parts. I love exploring, I ran off to go exploring without father's permission. 'Danika stop running and come back here!' I giggled and ran into some corpse of trees.

I admired the green leaves, grass and colourful birds, I'm a future princess knight, Dame Danika the great adventurous princess knight. I wandered into the foggy area, I could barely see anything. Being a curious seven years old, I wandered deeper into the island, tripping over branches and stones but still kept going until I came to a tall fat tree. I knew it was a tree because it was literally the only thing I could see, it was black and white.

'Really odd,' I said to myself, I moved closer to the tree but I think I went the wrong way because the next thing I knew, I was screaming and tumbling down something. I hit the bottom of wherever I fell with a grunt. This is exploring gone terribly wrong. 'Hello? Anyone? Father! Father!' I shouted, oh, I can't stay here like this. I dusted my dirty and torn gown and walked into the firefly tunnel, what's the worse that can happen. The firefly tunnel led me to an opening, I gladly climbed up the roots until I was out.

The view was weirder, I was at a slightly foggy forest with pale looking trees, leaves and grasses. Even the birds and squirrels were pale looking. A little more work and they will be black and white. The sky was completely clouded, making the forest look like it was under some shade. I looked around the quiet forest, sounds of different kinds of birds and squirrels flowed into my ears melodiously. It was nice bu still I had to go home.

'Hello!' My voice echoed back to me, I cupped my mouth and giggled. 'Hoot hoot,' I said, the voice flowing back. I am Princess Danika!' I clapped my hands excitedly, so quiet. I laughed and ran, jumping branches and skipping at times as I sang because of the fun of the echo. Where exactly was I going? Nowhere. I wandered for hours, my feet was tired but my body kept driving me forward for reasons I just can't fathom. 'Whoa,' I breathe as my eyes ran up the tall mountain. I looked down, the mountain had two paths to it, one on the left and the other, right.

The force pulling me was dragging me to the left path but I so wanted to see what was at the right, I am an opposite girl. When you say stay, I go, sit, I stand. Don't laugh, I laugh and....you get the idea. I forced my feet to head right and skipped along. The scent was awful but still I went on.

'Now, where would I go from here,' I said stroking my chin. I walked closer to the bottom of the mountain, made to touch the mountain but my hand slipped through it. 'Brilliant,' I looked behind me, the force was still pulling me to the left but I won't go there. 'Ready or not, here I jump!' I jumped through the thick rocky walls, wrong idea, I repeat, wrong idea! I screamed at the highest pitch of my voice as I fell down the big black hole. Wind gushed against my skin from below, whipping me on the walls of the hole.

I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna die!
I thought I was screaming at the top of my voice until I saw the bottom of the pit, I screamed louder until I started coughing violently. Just seven feet from plunging to my death and having bits of me spluttered everywhere, my body levitated and then slowly lowered to the ground. 'And I thought I have seen things,' I gasped with my hand on my chest to tame my beating heart. Remind me never to explore to the hands of death.

I stood up, I seem to be falling a lot lately. I dusted my gown, again. The good news is that I'm alive and this is the only place with sunlight, how can somewhere so deep have sunlight when the main place up top have none? That is very odd. I walked to the beautiful stoned man that was chained down with glowing chains, he's cute even for a stone.

'Hello, I'm Princess Danika,' I greeted with a curtsey. 'Who might you be? Of course, no respond. 'I'm lost Mr. Stony, I do not know how to get home, I'm tired,' I sat down at his feet with my back at him. The place was quiet, really quiet, no sound at all. 'Mr. Stony, I wanna go home,' I sobbed, hugging my knees. 'Father will never find me here, I'll die.' I buried my face into my knees, hugging my legs as I cried bitterly. I cried there for almost thirty minutes, a shiny gold light brought me back to reality. I looked over my head, something was glowing on his chest, a golden and black light, it was beautiful. I stood up, the glow was attractive and mesmerizing. I stood on my toes, reaching for the light. I stretched and stretched and stretched until the nail of my middle finger touched the light. Electricity surged through that finger to my entire body, like a spark.

Everything else was woozy from there, I could hear my heartbeat and another, voices whispering in my head. I staggered back, my hands automatically moving to my head. I close my eyes and whimpered, the ringing and whispering was too much. I opened my eyes, I was back where I started, the corpse of trees.
'Huh,' I said confusedly, the voices had stop, I was still sweating but everything else was gone.

'There she is!' I stood there flustered, even as I was lifted off the ground and carried away with tons of scolds, I couldn't shake out of my daze state. What was that?

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