Sovereign Alphas-Synopsis


Sovereign Alphas-Synopsis

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

Two brothers, two werelions separated by two forces created to fight for the better or bad existent of man, were chained down and turned to stone by the assemblies of light and darkness. One is filled with more darkness and little light and the other with more light with little darkness. They only have one thing in mind, fight the war they are meant to fight. Afraid of the destruction their fight might bring, they were kept under a mountain in a foggy island for two thousand years until an adventurous princess unknowingly freed one.

By freeing one, the other's power was half given with his mind awake even though his body was still stone and chained. Both built their armies their own way, preparing for the eleventh battle of ages. Having no powers strong enough to stop them, the assemblies resigned to let fate solve the problem or they all die. Unknown to them, the girl of whom set them free was reborn, to remove the darkness from the light, to stop the war.

Whom amongst the brothers did she release? How would she separate the dark from the light? Who is her new self?

A work of fiction, fantasy and romance, I guess.

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