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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 3


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 3

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I rolled to my side, pretty much aware of the unfamiliar soft bed I was laying on, I was hot but yet it felt so much like mom. I sighed heavily and opened my eyes, the room was brown, furry brown rugged to the core, that will explain the heat that is killing me. I sat up easily, almost like I never had an accident and flexed my muscles, why would they make the room so hot. I threw my legs out of the bed and stood up, my vision spun for a while before I got myself. I sighed and held my head, everything coming back to me vividly, my father is a werebear. He has a lot of explaining to.....wait, does it mean I'm one too? It can't be, right?

Looking back at my life, I have extraordinary strength, more than a woman should have and my sense of smell and hearing is intense. However, why would I be sick? I can't be sick.

'Bechira,' I snapped my neck to the door. 'You're okay,'

'Explanation, now.' I hissed. He chuckled nervously and walked closer with the tray of barbecue fish and lemon juice. He dropped the tray on the bed and gestured for me to sit and eat first. I reluctantly sat down, he pushed the tray to me and smiled.

'I know you are worried and confuse, curious and I will give you answers after you finish eating,' I nodded and picked up my fork. Come to think of it, that explains his youthfulness and obsession for honey and different kinds of fish dishes.

'Was mom one too?' He shook his head negatively and looked away. I ate hastily as fast as I could, it taste so nice. I love fish in a sort of way but not as much as he does. After eating, I wiped my mouth and drank the juice with short sips, ready for the history of my life.

'As you would know, bears don't move in packs or groups like few wereanimals do, it's every bear for themselves but we however have our council to justify in case of wrongs. My father is the oldest member of the council....'

'You have a father!'

'Yes, my father didn't die before I was born, he's still alive. In fact, I have three brothers and two sisters. One older brother and sister while the rest were born after me.'

'Go on,'

He chuckled nervously. 'Just like the others, I separated but I went quite far, to the human side where I lived for years before my family started urging me to get married and bear more children because the werebear family is rare. I decided to go for your mother, she was understanding because she was a sorceress. We mated and then had you, you were and is still no ordinary child.'

'How do you mean?

'You rejected my werebear gene, your blood fought against it too much thereby putting your entire system in great conflict. That is why you are so sick, your entire system is at wall on whom you will be because you refuse to be both and both want to be one. The doctors and sorcerers we took you to saw that your blood want to completely wash off the werebear gene, you want the sorceress gene and that's not possible because my gene is strong as well. Nothing could be done, you still had your strength at half level, your smelling and ear.

We were given four options, leave you until you grow up and either be a werebear hybrid or sorceress, that's the first two options. The third is that the fight will kill you and the forth, we end your misery by killing you as a baby because the pain will be unbearable. Your mother tried to kill you but you won't die, everything we tried, you refused to die and so we were warned against it. Your mother hated you so much that later she tried to kill you again but I don't know what happened,' he said shaking his head. 'I saw it very clearly but I'm still not sure.'

'What happened?' Tears were running down my cheeks as I squeezed my pillow.

'She was going to stab you with a purified knife, one that would surely kill you but then, a flickering image of a chained statue man with red flaring eyes flashed behind her and the next thing, she was dead. He wasn't there personally but in spirit, he killed her. You don't remember because you were asleep.' I stared at him with mouth open, did he just say stone man with red eyes? Wh.....

'So, I killed mom?

'Of course not! Miriam killed herself. I was actually bringing you here before the accident, it was about time you met your original family.'

'Wow, how did you guys heal me?'
'Like I said, you can't die, you never do.' I kept my lips pinned after that, everything was just odd. So literally, I am nothing but something, the red stone statue man which I saw just weeks ago killed my mother?

All these makes no sense!

'And Miss Sera? Does she know what you are getting her into?' He nodded. 'That's the reason she don't want to marry you, right?' He nodded again. 'What if the child ends up like me?
'He can't,' he whispered, shaking his head negatively. 'The seer said you were born for a reason, the tattoo on your back, the one I said a Chinese mock crest to your back when you were a baby?'

'So I won't die too early, right?' I asked incredulously. 'Right father?!'

'Don't yell, you were born with it.'

'The fuck! Why didn't you just tell me who I am from the beginning! What use was there hiding this from me all my life!'

'I'm sorry, it felt like the right thing to do.'

'Right thing my foot.' I scoffed.
'Elliot!' Someone shouted, running into my room. He halted at the door, the exact carbon copy of dad. 'Oh, she's awake. How are you little niece?'


'This is my youngest brother, Erwin. What is it Erwin?
'Father needs you, we just got important news that the legendary Sovereign Alpha is coming to see the council.'

'What! Why?!'

'Probably to recruit us into his army, now that is a great honor so dad wants you and many others should assemble the others for preparation.'

'Just like that?

'Yes, don't argue Elliot, you are good at that.' My suppose uncle I never knew I had scoffed, dad scoffed too and looked away.

'Who's the Sovereignty Alpha?' I asked dumbly.

'Sovereign,' Uncle Erwin corrected. 'I'll send Becky's son over, he will explain while your FATHER gets to work.'

'I get it Erwin, I'm going, just get lost.' Dad hissed. Erwin smiled at me before running out.

'Dad, what was that?'

'We don't get along,' he shrugged. 'Like I said earlier, I have three brothers and two sisters. Marion and Becky are the eldest before me, they both have three children, Becky's son is the nicest you will get. The rest are Merida, Pepper and Erwin, they aren't important.' He replied standing up with the tray.

'Come back?'

'We'll see.'

I hopped from rock to rock gently, my cousins, Donnie (Aunty Becky's son) and Audrey (Aunty Merida's daughter) were teaching me how to hop from one slippery waterfall rocks to the other. They were the nicest indeed, I met the rest and they were nasty. The way I see it, werebear really don't get along or maybe it's because I'm different, they don't accept difference so easily. Anyways, they were educating me on the things I needed to know about the supernatural world, things I already knew thanks to classic movies and novels. The one thing both of them did avoid was talking about that Sovereign Alpha, like the very mention of his name will make him appear.

'You guys still haven't told me about the Sovereign Al...' Donnie slipped and fell into the lake, I couldn't help but giggle and eventually, he dragged me in too. I screamed jumping out, water is bad, water is bad! 'No! I can't be in water!' I swam to the edge and crawled out immediately, still shivering from fear.

'Sorry, are you afraid of the water?'

'Water makes her sick, didn't you hear her father list the things of do's and don't?' Audrey asked him like he was some coconut head.

'Why can't you just tell me about this Alpha? You are all getting me anxious, is he bad?'
'He's the least of what we will call bad, he's kind, strict and cold but kind.' Donnie explained, sitting beside me on the wet grass.

'Nobody knows his real origin since he appeared out of nowhere a thousand years ago,' Audrey continued. 'According to the ancestors of that time who told the story,' she whispered. 'On a certain night, a mysterious island's sky, one that once belonged to a king, turned white and black. Golden and red lightning struck the island multiple times until the island sunk to the bottom of the ocean and disappeared.'

'A week later, the Sovereign Alpha emerged, took over every Werelion pride and is said to be gathering his army for a war against who we know as Noriel the Dark Sovereign Alpha.' Donnie whispered too.

'You are getting me confuse, this Sovereign Alpha have been alive for a thousand years and gathering his army? No one knows who he is and how he came to be except the fact that he came from a destroyed island years ago?'

'Yes,' they chorused.

'And he's gathering his army against a certain Noriel he hates? For a thousand years?'

'Nobody have seen this Noriel of a person but we as hell know that he's wicked and heartless. He controls every single evil creatures on earth, vampires, bad witches, faes, elves, ghouls etc. About three hundred years ago, they started attacking all the good preternatural, wiping them out of existence. That was when the Sovereign Alpha came and protected us, fought for us and then slowly started recruiting the good and best for the fight against Noriel.'

'Okay, is that why he's called Sovereign Alpha? Because he saved you all?'

'Because his powers are beyond natural, beyond our knowledge can explain. No one knows exactly what kind of wereanimal he is because he have never shifted and his scent his hidden. But we know that he's an Alpha who commands every other Alphas.'

'In conclusion, The Sovereign Alpha is an unknown wereanimal from unknown origin who have lived for a thousand years and have been protecting and gathering supernaturals for a war against another Sovereign Alpha of dark powers?'

'Pretty much,'

'You said the island that sunk belonged to a king, do you know his name?'

'I can't remember his name but if I see his face or name, I'll know him.' Audrey said with uncertainty.

'Did he have a daughter? Princess Danika?' I asked earnestly, please don't let it be what I'm thinking.
'Sorry, we hate history,' Audrey said sheepishly.

'Is there anyway we can see a book that can help me?'

'Why are you so curious about this? Is there something you are not telling us?'

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
'Are you sure about this Alpha?' Reginald asked again for the sixteenth time.

'Reginald,' I growled warningly.

'Sorry, I can't help but be worried.'

'Don't be, I'm not an helpless child to be worried about,'

'I'm sorry.' He parked the car at the open field where four old men, three old females and two young ones stood waiting for us. I got out of the car first, my main priority was to find the source, calling me.
'Alpha,' the oldest bowed, I waved him off dismissively and continued sniffing the air to see if I could catch an unusual scent. I growled and closed my eyes, hoping to hear something odd. My ears zoned in on one voice that caught my attention, one voice that I've heard in my head before.

'You guys are acting like scared children, I'm only going to the nearby town to get a book, not to die.' She said upsettingly.

'This place isn't as nearly as safe as your big human city, the woods are crawling with vampires waiting for one of us to walk out of the holy circle The Sovereign Alpha made for us with his blood.'
 Someone else said angrily, a guy.

'Bechira, your father will kill us if we let you go! This place isn't safe!' I opened my eyes and looked at the eldest werebear.

'Who is Bechira?'

'Alpha?' One of the youngest men there asked in confusion and shock.

'Who is Bechira?'

'M.....m.....m....m...my daughter, sir?'

'I'll be back,' I dashed to the location of the voice, she sounds stubborn but why is an ordinary girl summoning me? I traced her to the edge of the circle I once made, she was arguing with the two voices from earlier.

'I need to find out if that king had a daughter named Danika! My sanity depends on....' Her neck snapped to me, I was invisible but if she could see me, then she is the one calling me. 'Who's that dude looking at us?' She asked pointing at me. Those eyes, that scent.....

'What dude?' They sighed looking over to me but not seeing me.

'He's right there, can't you guys see the way he's looking at me like I'm the most priceless gem in his life?' Am I? I touched my face, since when? 'He's touching his face, see him over there.

'I can't see anyone, are you running mad!

'He's right there! I'll prove it,' she stomped to me. She's beautiful, her lavender scent is alluring and pleasing.... What? 'Hey, why can't they see y....' She tilted her head. 'You look familiar, have we met?'

'She's losing it, Audrey, get her father.' The guy whispered to the girl. I stared at her with my head tilted too, why do I feel like I've seen her?

'One simple word Aaron,' my inner lion whispered, he hadn't spoken to me for hundreds of years, remained mute.

'What word?'

'Mate,' what!

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