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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 2


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 2

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<
'So let me get this straight,' Leaf said calmly as he gently collected the crate of coke from my hands. He came to see me at where I worked to convince me to go with him and then ended up helping me load the crates of cokes into the back of a truck. 'You choose to go camping alone with your father instead of going with a couple of kids your age?'

'Pretty much,'

'Babe, you will never be able to get a boyfriend if you remain so belligerent, so private and....'

'I get it,' I smiled, handing him another crate. 'This is an opportunity to go have a private father daughter time, or don't you think?'

'You have lived alone with that same man all your life, what other father daughter time do you need other than living under the same roof? You guys can do your shit inside the house. You gotta come, the school invited the graduating students of Preston College.'

'An opportunity to party with those students is legit. Plus, I have some couple of hot drool worthy friends there that have been dying to meet you. This is an opportunity to hook up with one and make your life easier.' He took another crate while I rolled my eyes. Always playing Cupid.

'So that's the real reason you want me to go, to meet one of your jolly rover friends. Leaf, I love you but you always playing cupid is sickening. I don't want any guy that will pity me, feel like I'm a burden because anyone who will ever date me will have to have a high level of tolerance. And also, I can't let anyone love me knowing fully when that I have only two years to live, just two and I'm gone.' I said sadly. He sighed.

'The more reason you should try to live the remaining years of your life well, even if you don't date, just have fun. Go to a club, get drunk, make out with some random guy, have sex and then die later. That would be epic, leaving memories behind.'

'Go to a club,' I mimicked his voice. 'Loud music will kill me. Get drunk, alcohol will still kill me. Have sex, that causes heat due to both bodies merged and the extra activity in that moment. In simple words, I'm still gonna die after that. Why do you think I prefer to remain a virgin? Because I hate having someone ride me until I can't breathe again? No, because I love my life. The only time I tried romance in high school, I got admitted for ten days.'

'Wow,' he murmured. 'Maybe you will outgrow it, like few sicklers do....?'

'I admit few outgrow their illness but I won't outgrow mine because my sickness is different, unknown, complicated. I don't get to change blood like the others, I don't take the drugs they take. My sickness don't have a name so tell me Leaf, how do I outgrow something I know nothing about....' I sobbed. 'I have only two years left to push on and I can already feel it because recently, my body isn't mine anymore. If I do live more than the two years, what assurance do I have that I still won't die after? What? I'm living my everyday like my last because I know any day can be. You think I don't want to attend crazy parties and live wild? I do but I can't, I try it and I die quicker than I expect. It's my curse and fate, I have accepted it that way.' He jumped down from the truck, his eyes flashing with regret for pushing too far. He pulled me into a comforting hug, letting me soak his shirt with my tears.

'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed so hard,'

'It's okay, you are only trying to be a good friend. The only person I feel for is my father, if I die, he will be all alone, nobody to turn to. I am all he has, all life gave to him, how would he cope? If I could, I would have gotten pregnant and bear a child he can take care of, call his own.

'Do that and you die,' he said jokingly, I chuckled and sighed afterwards.

'See my point? Maybe we should adopt?' I asked earnestly.

'That's for you to suggest and him to decide, either way, I hope for the best.'

'Yeah,' there followed the awkward silence with my face still buried into his chest. I sighed heavily and pushed myself away from him. 'I better get back to work before my boss comes out and start tutoring me on how to lift a crate of cokes.' I said chucklingly, wiping my tears away with the sleeve of my turtleneck top.

'True, once I finish loading them up for you, I'm going to a party with some friends. I'll call you when I get back.'


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dad and I sang to the country song playing on the radio, it was Texas style and damn cool even if we could barely understand a shit he was singing. Fast moving as time would be, I had graduated with high honors being the brainac I am and now, we were riding in his pickup truck vehicle to the selected camp site. He chose a rather awkward land for camping but what do I know? He's the pro..

'HeeHaw!' We exclaimed at the last part and laughed. The radio went silent before another music came on, that one was of low interest to us.

'After this camping thing, I'm getting married,' I arched a brow at him. 'What? You think your old man don't have the energy to put a seed in a lady's womb?'

'I highly doubt that,'

'You cut me real deep lassie, real deep.' He said dramatically, feigning a hurt expression with his hand on his chest.

'So, you still have some juice in ya?' I teased, nudging his rib gently.

'As a matter of fact, I do,' what's with his new Texas accent? The music have gotten into his head. 'Remember old Sera? That jolly bright lassie?'

'The one who owns the fast food you took me to once?'

'Yes, Chew 'n Swallow, that's the one.' He sent a sly wink my way. If there's one thing I know about my father is even for a old man, he didn't look his age at all. He still had some youthful vibe left in him, youthful energy and look. A tall tan skinned man with small but sparkly lavender eyes with lime-green shading and one of those sharp jaws cute men have. I must say I got my height, eyes and good looks from him because my mother wasn't anything close to beautiful. The only good thing about her feature was her moderate boobs....hourglass shape to be precise and nice slender legs. Her face however, wasn't much to look at, trust me, I know.

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'Sera isn't as old as you put her to be, she's 40 by age.'

'47 actually, she's a lot younger than she looks.' He corrected.

'So, how does that prove your fertility to me?'

'She's carrying my child....'

'The fucking what! You are responsible for that big bump! Why didn't you tell me until now! That baby is almost half week past seven months!'

'I didn't want you to feel bad, I was ashamed of...'

'Dad, that's great news! A cause for real celebration. If really the baby is yours, then it's good.'

'I know, there's one problem however,'

'What is it?'

'She do not wish to be maritally tied to any man. We are having the baby illegitimately.'

'Not a problem,' I smiled. 'This solves all of our problems, completely.'

'I'm glad you buy the idea,'

'Fast shooter,' I hailed.

'The one and only,' he said smugly. We laughed and high fived. I returned my attention to the new song playing, catchy but I no not the lyrics. I looked out of the window, nodding my head to the rhythm. The wind was cold, fair to my health. I admired the silence, enjoyed the peace nature gave but not until the truck suddenly somersaulted to the left, bouncing into the forest. Everything was in slow motion, the way the car compressed, the shattering of glasses and the developing pain. I turned and looked over, my father's eyes were shut, it was like he died before everything started.
 My tears flew in the air, I was in shock.

The somersaulting stopped when the truck bashed against a tree, his side to be precise. Luckily, it landed on it tires but what use is that. My ears were ringing, blood flowed down my head and places I couldn't see. I stayed like that, unable to move for minutes, not even to look at my father's dead body due to fear.

'Found it,' a voice invaded my pounding head. I couldn't see well, I had lost a lot of blood and it was surprising how I was still alive. I opened my eyes sharply when the door was yanked open, the light was blinding. 'This one is still alive,' the same voice called out to some others. Without any care, I was yanked out forcefully, dislocating my arm in the process. I couldn't be bothered by her strength or the fact that we might be safe, no, I was more concerned about my lifeless father.

'Fresh blood,' my body was left hanging loosely in her arms, like I was a ragdoll. Three others of male gender surrounded me, they were chanting something loud but to me, it was gibberish. One suddenly yanked me from the girl and fled, breaking my other hand in the process but he didn't care. I was whisked in the wind, like in a very fast movement. The others chased him, soon they were yanking me like I was a priceless piece of gold. In the hold of the girl again, she hissed and snarled at the men, they all stayed back.

How am I still alive?

'Mine!' She yelled and before my blurry vision were a pair of long pointy fangs, ready to sink into my neck. I wasn't bothered about the possibility, I wasn't afraid to die, I was still worried and at lost of my father. Just as her fangs were about to sink into my neck, from between two thick trees, pushing the trees to the ground came a large werebear.

I knew it was a werebear because of his enormous height and size, the length of his claws and the fire in his eyes.

The girl dropped me, an intense tension rising between all four of them. The bear's eyes zoned on me, worry and familiarity the only thing I could pick up. The girl tossed me away and all four of them charged at the large mammal. I shut my eyes, my stomach clenching from undescribable pain and disgust. I reopened my eyes when I felt heavy breath on my face, his big lavender eyes pierced into mine, those familiar balls I will know anywhere.

'Father?' I managed to gasp out. He did not reply, instead he settled for licking my wounds diligently, the pain seemed to reduce but then increased in greater folds. I whimpered, how was I still alive? Why is my father a bear? What the hell!

He cried out sorrowfully, noticing that his effort was for waste. He gently placed me on his back and ran into the woods, as fast as a high speed train or even much more faster. I let my eyes closed, the image of both statue men coming from both eyes.

I'm not dying yet.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
The hair at the back of my neck stood erect, my feet refused to stop pacing about even when I tried to stop it. In my head was one chant, just one chant that was rather disturbing.

Werebear council

Werebear council

Werebear council

They were the least in my recruit for warriors, why was my head chanting their name? This is all so strange and it hurts having no one to go to for help. The seven Alphas of the breeds of wereanimals I had recruited walked into my office, of course they were confuse seeing me pace so much.

'Sir,' they bowed in respect.
Normally, most wereanimals don't come together as one, let alone under one command but I am no ordinary immortal, I am the force.

'Get one of the ambassadors ready, it's time to speak to the council of werebears.'

'But I am pretty sure you marked them as the fifth target?' Reginald, Alpha king of werewolves asked confusedly.

'Well I don't know!' I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air. 'Can't you see my reckless pacing? I've been at this since it struck 0 hour in the morning, I'm reckless, angry, frustrated and confuse. I do not know what is calling me there but I gotta get there. Change of plans, I'm going on my own, the rest of you, follow the plan but Alpha Reginald comes with me.' Amongst all wereanimals I can trust one but none, however, Alpha Reginald was the only I could partially rely on. He's a good creation, trustworthy and kind, pure hearted if I must exaggerate.

Amongst my trusted recruit I have the Alpha of all werewolves, cheetahs, coyote, rare mammoths, tigers, jaguars and leopard. Apart from them, I had my trusted werelions both white and of normal colour, elves, fairies, good witches and of course, sorcerers and sorceresses. They were more to gather.

'As you wish,' they bowed and left, all except Reginald.

'Are you alright?'

'Do I look alright?' I snapped. 'Something or someone is calling me there and when I find that person, I will rip his or her head out of it body for daring to summon me! Sovereign Alpha Aaron!'

'Be calm Alpha, be calm.' Curse be that person when I get to him or her.

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