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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 1


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 1

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I shut my locker with a heavy yawn, my eyes sagging, I didn't get enough sleep last night, not even a wink. I yawned again and turned around, leaning my back on the locker, I'm stressed out. I hugged my book, I was having a serious headache, I couldn't see well but I had to manage. Just three more weeks to go and I'll be free from college stress, free from all the troubles and intimidation. Attending a school for the rich under scholarship is not easy, not easy at all. I yawned one more time and pushed myself off the locker, the air smelt nice, really nice. My name is Bechira Jastun, only daughter of an old carpenter, he had me with a young woman at a old age. My mom eventually died of cancer, not that they were together, but at least I was seeing her. Since then, father have been the one raising me, trying his best to make sure I get the best in life. It wasn't easy though, not for a sick girl like me, I always fell ill at every little thing, at least twice a month I fall terribly sick for reasons the doctors don't understand why. So always been sick wasn't good for us, he would always spend so much money on me. I still tried my best though, kept pushing until finally, I was 21.

'Bechira,' I started walking, didn't have the strength to wait, he jogged to me and waved a flyer at my face.

'What's this?' I asked taking the flyer with my left hand while my right hand held my books gently.

'The school is holding a graduation field trip!'


'After graduation, for all who pass, the school will take them to the new park in the woods, we will be the first to explore it.'

'What are you talking about? You are confusing me.'

'You remember the time last year when the school said they were gonna build a camp ground, not just any camp ground, a large one for competition and.....like an amusement park?'

'I still don't get what you are talking about,' I huffed.

'Okay, the main thing is that we will be the first to go there, enjoy it.'

'I'm not going,'


'One, this flyer says you gotta pay for what they call free, I'm talking about 50,000 dollars here and we both know I don't have that money.'

'Money? I will pay for you, for the first time Bechira, can't you try something new?' His name is Leaf, Leaf Bartholomew, the only rich friend I have. He's my only friend, like from everywhere. I'm belligerent.

'I don't want to go,'


'Leaf, you know I can't let you pay for me,'

'Still doesn't natter. You never attended frat night, bonfires or any parties, don't you want to live?'

'Leaf, you know I can't be around noise, loud noise. Too much flashing of lights and colours will make me faint, too much cigarette inhaling and the smell of too much alcohol gives me stomachache. If I be in the midst of too many people, I get dizzy and driving in a car or any vehicle for more than 2hours will make me woozy and most time, vomit blood. I can't transport by air, I always get admitted every time after flying. Heat makes my body weak for 25 hours and too much cold send me into a semi coma. So, what do you want from me?' Yes, I'm a correct sicko.

'Okay,' he said thoughtfully itching his head. 'The ride from here to there is an hour and twenty minutes, that's enough time.'

'I can die, anything can happen between those minutes to increase time. Sorry Leaf, but I can't go.'

'I'll figure out a way girl, you must celebrate this time.' He said determinedly, ruffled my hair and walked ahead of me. I never walk fast, always sauntering no matter how urgent I need to get anywhere and he is a guy who loves fast things. I can't run, my heart will stop working for ten minutes and I will die. Same thing happens if I do anything fast generally, I'm a handful of bad luck. Leaf is not a bad looking guy, just not my type. He's blonde with bowl cut brown hair and dark blue eyes, tall and well, broad chested and tattooed allover. If it wasn't for him, many people would have bullied me, he's like a protective alpha wolf.

I dragged myself into class, went to my favorite spot, the backseat. I dropped the books on the table, flipped my first book open and looked at what I drew. Apart from my strange illness, every night when I close my eyes, I see myself as a little olden days Britain princess running away from my father, my father in that dream that is. I explored the island, got lost and....a lot of things happened but the one thing I will never forget is the statue of the man chained, how he got me home, the electric that surged through my veins. I didn't see the face well but I knew he was handsome, my dream crush.

'Why can't I dream of anything else but you,' I murmured, trailing my index finger on the drawing, I drew everything exactly the way I saw it. The whole book was a drawing of my dream, why, is what I don't know. I took in a deep breath and exhaled heavily, the dream feels so real, is real. The only problem was that for the pass six months, every time it gets to the part where I fall down the mountain, I fall into a dark space where I watch a very terrifying war. The war was horrible, people died like chickens, blood was everywhere. I was afraid to sleep, why sleep and see that? So what I do is sleep a little at day and read all-night.

'Good morning class,'

'Good morning Prof. Levi Rules.'

'How was your weekend?'

'It was fine,' the class replied. He looked around for me, he loves making me look like a fool in front of anyone because I refused to sleep with him. Today however, I had no strength to talk.

'Bechira,' I looked at him plainly. 'Stand up,' I closed my book and stood up. 'What was our last lesson?'

'I don't know,'


'I don't know, I slept through your last lesson.'

'Are you talking to me?'

'Are you trying to say my lesson is boing?'

'I don't know, all I know is that I slept through it.'

'You will be punished,'

'For not knowing anything?'

'Get out of my class!' He shouted angrily, the girls tittered.

'Thank God,' I breathe packing my books.

'What did you say?'

'Thank God, I can go sleep somewhere else,' he glared at me.
'Sit down,' I sat down back with a smile, easy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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I dropped my bag on the bed and fell on it with a puff, that was exhausting. I kicked off my shoes and rolled into the bed properly, sleep was the only thing on my mind. My pet cat, Twyla, jumped into the bed and snuggled itself Into my stomach.


'Are you hungry?' I sighed. 'I can swear I dropped enough fish and milk for you,'

'Meow,' she meowed again and jumped into my back. She laid on my back, she wants to sleep.

'Okay, we both need sleep.' I shut my eyes tiredly, my eyelashes were tired. I board the bus to dreamland, it was going well when I heard a voice.

'Bechira,' I murmured. 'Bechira,'

'Dad, I'm sleeping,'

'Bechira,' I groaned and raised my head, my body still hurt.

'Dad, I'm sleeping!' I shouted annoyed. No one replied, I turned Twyla on the bed and sat up tiredly. God, I need to sleep. I stood up and plodded out of my room to reply him, he ought not to be back by now. Surprisingly, he wasn't home. 'Who then called me?' I asked myself as I plodded back into my room. I sighed, that was not important, sleep first I jumped on the bed, my fat cat didn't even move, just rolled over. Without wasting time, I slept off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was back at the mountain, in my dream again. This time, me as the little girl took the left path instead of the right I originally took. It was like my eyes was opened spiritually, I could see a red trail of smoke surrounding and dragging me to the left, that was the force pulling me. I walked to the end, as I did, I jumped into the mountain. It was just like I did with the right path, exactly the same. When I reached the bottom, I was in a underground cave looking just like the other one, only that it had moonlight and red fireflies instead of golden dust. A guy was there too like the other, chained and a statue, his aura was bad and disturbing.

'I led you here to free me, touch the stone on my chest,' I heard the voice in my head. 'Free me!' I woke up, gasping for air and sweating terribly. It was dark already, very dark. That was odd, I never dream at day so what's up.
'What is wrong with me,' I sobbed. 'This is getting too much.' I folded my legs, Twyla was gone but I could hear the sound of television downstairs. I cried there for a while before standing up and going to the bathroom to wash up.

 I came out, wore my pyjama jacket over my black loose shorts and walked outside. The dream repeated itself in my head, this one is weirder, much weirder.

I was meant to free him? What does this all mean? Why do I always have this dreams?
'Good evening dad,'

'Good evening dear, you seemed to be enjoying your sleep when I returned so I let you sleep. How was lectures today?'

'It was fine,'

'I saw a flyer today, about the after graduation camping, you are going, right?'

'Dad, you know I can't, I will get sick and stress you again. Too much wind gives me fever, too much water, gives me rashes.'

'Come here,' he stretched his hand to me, I walked over to him and sat down very close to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and rest my head on his chest. 'Baby,'


'Don't let your sickness stop you from living....'

'Father, I don't have a choice.'

'You have, you can prevent it,'

'I don't want any complications,'

'You won't if you just try,'

'I don't want to take that risk,' I said adamantly.

'But it's true, you have to live or you will never improve,'

'I will improve, I promise but not this way.'

'Okay,' think about it but if you don't want, we could go for father daughter camping somewhere else, just the both of us.' He suggested. He will know what and how to do to it to sustain me, I nodded excitedly to the idea.

'I'm in, after graduation, we'll go camping.'

'It's a plan, poundsie!' I giggled and bumped his fist. 'So, any decision on where to apply for internship?'

'Hmmm, I have concluded on three, hopefully, one will accept me. Or, I can just get a job instead.'

'Alright, you must be hungry,'

'Very, what did you prepare?'

'Rice....' I groaned, sliding to the floor, he chuckled.

'Dad, you know I hate rice.'

'I made rice pudding and garden egg stew, interested?

'I'll starve,' I said coldly. He laughed and stood up.

'I made dumplings and chili sauce,'


'And watermelon juice,'


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I tossed and turned on my bed, voices were whispering in my head, my head which was banging by the way. I couldn't sleep, I was finding it hard to for six months now. Maybe because the eleventh war was close or maybe because Noriel's crack was getting bigger. After my statue form broke along with the chains, I went to see my brother at his prison. His form didn't break but his rare stone broke free and his chest cracked. As time went, the cracks increased, soon he would be free. Then it would have been easy to kill him but that is too easy, against the rules.

'Urgh!!!' I screamed, sitting up. What is going on! I threw the duvet away and massaged my head. Something us wrong somewhere, something is certainly wrong. I laid back on the bed and tried to get some sleep, I was reckless, in need to punch someone...certainly the war. I closed my eyes, the blank faceless form of the little girl that set me free coming into my mind for the first time in a thousand years.

Hmm, that's odd.

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