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Sisters- Episode 4


Sisters- Episode 4


Jeffrey P. O. V

I drove into the supermarket, I need to get some stuffs. I got my shopping trolley and start picking stuffs I need but I cant just get Evelyn out of my mind. Am just so attracted to her. The first time I met her in the restaurant, I knew she can't do something like that.
That why I paid and purposely gave the woman that money, I wanted to pay for anything I order for on it own but when the woman sound greedy, I bursted her bubbles and order for food and I made sure I finished my change. That day I purposely pointed to a table close to the entrance where nobody was, I knew the girl will come and thank me but unfortunately and surprisingly she left and I can't deny the fact that I was hurt. I couldn't get her off my kind when I got home and prayed to see her again.

Sorry, I forgot my manners. Am Jeffrey Williams, son of Mr and Mrs Williams Johnson, Am 26 years. My dad is a Yoruba man who grew up in korea with his dad while his mom in Nigeria with his other sister(my aunt) because they divorced and separated with their kids too.He had an arranged marriage with mom according to my mom and dad,mom's parent is a friend to dad's, so they arranged marriage for them. My parent were just normal people what I mean is not some very rich family but we're ok. I guess you are expecting them to be extremely rich considering the act that dad got married to a korean woman, right? Not at all because dad's family is even richer than my mom's. My parent owns a company.

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We relocated to Nigeria two months ago, dad wanted me to marry from Nigeria since my siblings are engaged to korean men. Am not mad at that at all, there's nothing bad in it. It would be nice to even marry from Nigeria because all my previous relationships is nothing to write about. My last relationship end because Hae Soo(my ex) cheated on me with my best friend(Wang So). I caught them having sex in Hae Soo place so I just had to let go even though I loved her. I was very happy when dad said we should relocate.It just me and my sister(mirabel) Here because my elder sister(Josephin
e)is married with two kids while Mirabel is just engaged to her fiance(Dong Su). Mirabel had advised me to always hang out because I might meet my woman there(Lols). She's been disturbing ever since we got to Nigeria and when dad announced that I should look for my woman, she couldnt be more glad.

Brought to you by Authoress Khalee

I was sitting alone chatting with my cousin(Davis) when I notice someone walk in, I was so happy that I wanted to jump on her but I didn't show it. We chatted to length and I must say she's a very cool girl, she told me about her family, I felt sorry for her when I heard about her parent, I can't deny the fact that I was falling for her. I was glad when we exchanged numbers, she's so free and lively. God.. We bid eachother goodnight I got home and met mom watching a program. I pecked her before going upstairs to my room where I showered, changed into my pyjamas, picked up my phone and login my WhatsApp and immediately sent her a message, a smile curve on my face when it show she's online.
" Excuse me" Someone jolted me out of my thought. I turned to see a beautiful lady, with her shopping trolley too, she picked the last mango drink and that's the one I wanted to pick.

" No you can't pick that, it mine. I was here before you" I told her and wanted to snatched it from her but no, she kept it at behind her surprising me.

" How do you mean? Yeah you were here before me but standing and staring at it and I picked it since I need it" She said smiling at me.

" Please just hand it over please, I beg of you. There are many mango drinks here so you can just pick any. I so much love mango drink especially pricy's fruit drink please" I pouted like a baby trying to charm her with my cute face, I dont have a choice because I so much love pricy's Fruit drink. It the best.

" Okay am gonna give you because we have something in common and that's mango drink, it my favorite too". She said and kept it in my shopping trolley. Wow such a sweet girl.

" Wow, thank you so much, umm... If you dont mind, actually I just got here and I wanna make new friends... Can I ummm.. Have your digits? ". I smiled at her cutely, she collected my phone and typed her number.

" Am Jeffrey" I said and took one of her hand and kissed the back, I bet she blushed.

" Jocelyn"

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