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Game Of Love-Episode 13


Game Of Love-Episode 13


© Authoress Isabel

"So you'll pour the rest in and stir well.

Mabel talked on and on for hours.
I couldn't understand a particular practical so she opted to teach me
Here am I, thinking about Ryan and not listening to the innocent girl teaching me

"So you're gonna make it a...."



I stired as the continuous calling of my name brought me back to life out of my thoughts.

"What was the last statement I made?"

Mabel asked as I scratched my hair

*I think...I..mmm"

I couldn't say a particular thing. I was lost

"You're not concentrating!"
Mabel snapped at me
"I am"

I rolled my eyes at her

"Lena don't lie, have you been thinking?"

She walked to my side as she was at the opposite side of the table.
"Just this and that!"

"It's about Ryan right? Don't lie!"
I nodded my head twice

"I gave you some advice through the phone when you called right?
Mabel held my hands still
"Yeah and I..."

"You never used them, I asked you to speak your mind out to him!"

"Of course I did,but he's not listening"

I frowned my face
."listening? He has to do them!"

I asked in surprise
"Yeah, he loves you, you love him so?"

"Julie is not ready to leave him him"

"But they ain't dating!"

"They're not, but Julie still loves Ryan and she doesn't wanna lose him now

" It's late isn't it?

"Yeah but Ryan ain't telling her he's no longer in love with her"


Mabel exclaimed..

She'll be surprised
"I love Ryan but he's not willing to let Julie go!"

A drop of tear fell off my face
"You're crying?"

Mabel asked as I didn't even realize I had been crying
"I love him"

I said faintly to her ears

"Give me a minute, I'll be back!"
I watched her as she dropped the lab coat and walked out of the laboratory

Where's she off yo?'

I just hope I'm not making her do something crazy

I rested my back against the chair as I looked blankly
Lena has been avoiding memories
Never wanted us to be like this but k can't bear to see Julie in tears
I don't like it.


I looked back to see one of Lena's close friends walking towards me
What does she want?

"Hi, you're??"

I stretched my hands for a handshake but she rudely denied by folding her arms

"Here for a fight?"

I asked smiling
"Stop being a coward!"

She snapped pointing her index finger at me


"It can't help, you're avoiding hurting someone but in three process you're hurting another"

Now I understand what she meant

"I've never seen her cry like this, it's in a while. But you're making her cry"

She moved towards me as she sat down

"I just don't know how to tell Julie"
I sat beside her

"But she's making everyone believe you're dating her, ain't you gotta stop that?"

She rolled her eyes at me
"How do I tell her?"

"Do you wanna see Elena hurt?"
She asked

"Nope! Never!"

"Then look for a way, take a decision for her"

She stood up as I did likewise
"I should?"

"More so, you're the first guy Elena will fall in deep with like thus in a long while, don't make her wait!"

She made her way out of my sight as I tried to reason what she said
How do I make a decision without hurting one ?
This is....
My phone rang up

"Hi Dave"

I said picking up immediately
"Julie just made an announcement to everyone that she's officially dating you! Man you got to do a thing now!"

He said
"On my way, thanks dude"

I hung up as I looked virtually
Oh jeez!

This is the time
I got to do something now
Now or never!

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