Game Of Love-Episode 12


Game Of Love-Episode 12


© Authoress Isabel

I put in the pass code on the door as I walked in.

Mabel and Diane rushed to me immediately
Obviously they were damn worried about me
"Hey what's up? You're late!"

Mabel screamed

"Why? You went somewhere?"

Diane also rushed her questions at me

"I almost died tonight!"



"Some guys almost kidnapped me!"

"How did that happen?"

"They were drunk!"

"After about an hour when we left school, we expected you to be back but you didn't!"

"Yeah, we almost went to look for you!"

"Someone saved me tonight, guess"

"Who's that?"

Diane asked
"At least help me with these bags first and let me in"

I smiled at both of them
They both helped me with the bags as I sat on the dining chair
"So who helped you out?"

"An elderly woman?
"A old man?"

"Fuck! Ryan did!"


They both exclaimed out of surprise

"But how?"

Diane ask surprisingly
"He was coming home so he...."
"He was coming home?

Mabel asked cutting me off
"Yeah, he lives nearby"

"Ohhh, so he helped you out?"

Diane rolled her eyes
"I don't want that bitch to come attack you"

Mabel said referring to Julie
"They ain't even dating!"


"So why does she pretend as if they are?"

"Should I tell you a story?"

I folded my arms over my chest as they both nodded
On and on I went transferring the story down to them.

The nodded their heads at intervals
"So he actually asked her out?"

"Yeah but she didn't accept him"

"She likes him?"

"Yeah but she didn't give him the attention he desired "

I kept answering their questions
"Now she wants to give him attention?"

"But Ryan doesn't likes her anymore!"

"Who does Ryan likes?"

"Of course, he said it's me"

My face went down
"You like him too Elena"

Mabel held my hands
"The same way you like Ken"

Diane teased her as my thoughts over them came up


"What's between you and Ken?"

She rolled her eyes not minding the question

Diane asked
"Didn't you notice them the last time ken came?"

I asked Diane as she said no
"Well... We had sex!"


I shouted with Diane as I widened my eyes
"You did what? When?"

I asked
"Last Christmas when he came. It was a mistake tho, we were both drunk"

"Wow... Sex was the least I expected you guys to have!"

Diane eyed Mabel
"Now he doesn't even likes me, it's one sided!"

She smiled
"Ken likes you"

I helped her out
Ken is my best friend.
I know him more than anyone else...

"You're sure?

She screamed
"True but how did that fucking sex happened?"

"Focus on Ryan, leave Ken alone"
Diane reminded me
"Yes. I'll just go shower"

I stood up as I walked straight into the bathroom
"Date him!"

The both screamed as I banged the door
Date Ryan?

Should I?

I don't really know!

Should I accept him?

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