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Game Of Love-Episode 10


Game Of Love-Episode 10


© Authoress Isabel

I walked over to Mabel and Diane .
"Here take my phone"

I passed my phone over to them
"You want us to drop your phone at home too?"

I rolled my eyes


Mabel collected it as she dropped it into her bag

"Come home fast,you know it's late"

Diane reminded me as I bid them goodbye then made my way out
We barely have some things left so I wanted to get them at the grocery store.

This is the only time I could get them
We're always too busy with classes so I opted to get them tonight.
Ryan has been calling but I didn't wanna pick up so I wanted to drop my phone home
Enough of disturbance
He should go meet his girlfriend!

I walked out of the store as I checked my watch
It's late
I rushed towards the last bus as I walked in
Lucky me!

The bus jerked and stopped at my bus stop.

I'll have to walk all the way home..
I packed my shopping bags as I made my journey home.

I haven't walked about 55 seconds stop when I noticed that I heard footsteps behind me.

Everywhere was dark except for the streetlights which made the road fortunate
I felt jittery.

Oh goodness!

Was I going to get kidnapped?

Will they kill me?

Different thoughts ran through my busy mind.

I kept on walking down the streets.

Looking back at intervals but I know
Someone is following me
If not two people or three
It might be four too
Then a phone rang..

It wasn't mine!
I looked back as I saw five men at my back

My instincts woke me up
Elena run!

I listened to it as I took off like a petty thief!

But trust me I'm not one
"Run after her!"

I heard a voice behind me as I kept to my pace
Oh my!

I shouldn't have gone tonight!
I should have gone tomorrow after the practical

I still love my life!

I kept on running till I fell down flat, my face facing the ground.
Oh God!

The guys caught up with me.
"You made us run!"

I stood up immediately as I shifted back

"What do you want?"

I asked them trying not to lose my voice

The smiled

Then I noticed!

They were drunkards
Drunkards could be so stupid but I'm in danger here.

One of them came closer as I prayed silently
"Don't come closer!"

I screamed


I screamed out
"Who are you guys?"

A familiar voice said as I looked up

I've been trying to call Elena but she's not picking up
Now it's switched off
I hope she's fine
I don't know why she's trying to avoid me.
Flirt with me online then avoid me In school

I decided to take a walk
Mum called me today
Dad had maltreated her again
I wonder why my mum is so silent and simple.

Dad's dangerous!
I walked down the street as I saw a disgusting sight
Five men over a young girl.
Probably they're kidnapper
I decided to go my own way until I heard a familiar voice shouting for help
Maybe I should actually help
They might injure or even rape her

I walked over to them as I noticed it was Elena!

Thank goodness I came to help
"Who are you guys?"

I asked as Elena face lit up in surprise

"Go before I cut your limbs"

One of them threatened
"I think you should go before I call the cops"

I pretended as I dialed a number
"We'll go!"

The said thinking I actually called the cops

"Then do!"

I pretended to shout as they all took to their heels
I then turned to Elena
"Are you okay?"

I asked her

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you"
I help her as she leaned over the wall before

"I'll escort you home"

I helped her with some shopping bags
She smiled as I noticed the way her skin glittered under the sky
Her hazel eyes shined
Then my heartbeat increased
She's a beauty
"Why were you avoiding me in school?

She looked at me immediately
" I..I wasn't "

She stammered
"Then what were you doing Lena?"

I asked trying not to laugh
"I..I...you.. "

"You look cute when you stammer "

I finally laughed out loud as she smiled at me
That cute smile
I think I like Elena

I do!


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