Game Of Love-Episode 11


Game Of Love-Episode 11


© Authoress Isabel

"Where's your house?"

I asked as we entered into her street and fortunately it's my street too

Transvaal square
"Downnnn, thank you"
She prolonged the n.

"It's my pleasure"

"So how's your girlfriend"


That word sucks
"You know I have no girlfriend"

"What about her?"

"Ain't she your girlfriend?"

"Come sit here"

I pulled her towards a long bench as we both sit

"Why did you ask me to sit?"

I ignored her question as I dropped the bags beside me
"I met Julie few months ago, she was so good that I fell in love with her"
"Then she's your girlfriend"

She said cutting me off
"Calm down Elena, let me talk"
I laughed out loud
"Wanna conclude fast"

"She was the most beautiful girl in my sight, calm and soothing. Then I asked her out. She never for once gave me attention"


"She doesn't wanna date anyone yet, she denied me attention as she took me for a friend!"

"Then wait for her"

"I've got no time like that, ion have her time any longer! I'm in love with someone else"

"Then how come everyone in school thinks you're dating"
She asked ignoring what I said
"She went ahead to inform everyone that she's my girlfriend whereby she's not"

"That's awfully bad"

"Yeah, it is. I love someone else"
"Wow... So fast"

"Elena, it's you. I love you so much"

She stared at me as she rolled her eyes at intervals

"Please be my girlfriend"

I'm tryna ask her out right now.
I'm for real now
I wanna date Elena
I don't wanna play her
I'm in love with her
Sounds funny

I know right

"It's late, why don't you go home. I can find my way from here"

She said standing up.

Ryan asked me out...

It's not the first time he's asking me to be his girlfriend but this sounds so sincere
He's a player Elena!

But I am too!

No no

I stopped playing on him
Why do I feel sincerity in him?

I stood up as I told him I could find my way

"My house is also this street"

"Yeah, Downnnn"

I prolong the n as she did earlier
"Let's go then, it's late already"

"Elena, I asked you something"

"I know, I wasn't deaf you know"

Why does he have to remind me
He picked up my shopping bag as we walked down the street
We both said nothing to each other

I got to our cottage as I stopped
"You live here?"

He asked surprisingly

"Wow, nice"

"Thank you Ryan, thanks for saving me"

I guess he ain't that bad
"It's cool, go inside now"

He said handing the bags to me
I waved him off as I entered the lift.

His smile was the last thing I saw before the doors closed
He's in love with me?


But why do I feel different
I think I feel something for him too

I'm not sure


I was always jealous whenever someone calls him Julie's boyfriend.

Does that mean I love him?


Do I love Ryan?

Multiple questions bonneted into my brain as k didn't know what answer it was.

But one thing is clear
I'm catching feelings for Ryan
I'm sure of that.

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