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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 9


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 9

Theme : The village Girl


I cried my eyes out as I laid on the king sized bed(my matrimonial bed). Why did my parent push me into this marriage, why? I enjoyed my life as a village girl than this. Though am enjoying wealth and did not lack anything material or financially but matters most is peace of mind. Everyday is always trouble from Alex.

My phone beeped on the bedside table and I stretched my hand and pick it up. It My father inlaw calling me. That nice and caring man mustn't know. I cleared my throat. Okay Tiwa you can do this.
"Hello Tiwalade mi, how are you?". His voice was bright. I tried to talk but my voice wanted to fail me. Stop! I can do this"Are you there? ".

Am fine sir, how is you over there?

Fine fine, just missing everyone.
We miss you too sir. You've gone for just days and it like years already.

He chuckled. "Dont worry dear, i'll soon be back and I expect you to be pregnant when I get back".

I scoffed. How am I gonna get pregnant when Alex has never touch me. "Alright daddy"

I have to go now, I have a meeting.
With that he disconnected the call.
I smiled at my phone. Mr Philips is so nice and generous. He always recharge my phone and send me money. If not for anything, i'll endure for Mr Philips.

The door opened and Alex walked in, I lay down watching him as he opened his closet and brought his pyjamas then went inside the bathroom. I could hear the sound of the running water.

I picked my phone and login my Facebook maybe Feyi is probably online because she do make use of her husband small phone. Wow my brother Olamide was online.
I heard the squeak of the bathroom door and Alex came in clad in his pyjamas. He came to bed and laid on it.

"Listen little witch, the fact that we're sleeping on the same bed doesn't mean anything at all. So watch how you sleep, you always snore loud and sometimes be rolling on the bed. I'll just hit you if i feel any part of your body on me again". Alex scolded.

"Am sorry". I muttered.

"Or better still....". He pull out the pillow from my head making my head hit the headboard and I winced in pain. He cared less as he put the pillow between us with two other pillows.

I switched my phone off and dropped it on the clock radio.
"Hey take that phone from there, I bet you dont know how much that clock radio cost". He growled.

I quickly dropped it on the bedside table and covered myself with the duvet..

I woke up to the sound of Alex's phone ringing loudly. I stretched myself and sat up. I glance at his phone which lay between the pillows. It LOML calling him. Why will someone be calling by this time. It just 6:30 am and he's not even in bed.

The call came to end and a beautiful lady's picture popped up. Wow she's so pretty I must say, she has dimples too. Alex must love her so much, using her picture as his wallpaper.

The phone beeped again and started ringing then I decide to answer the call after all. I was about to press the answer button when Alex walk in.

"What the hell are you doing with my phone? ". He growled.

"It was ringing so loud and I decide to answer the call". I replied innocently.

"Dont ever in your life, I repeat never!! Pick my call, okay? Dont even dare else i'll just kill you". I flinched immediately.

"Mind you, Gina saud you were the one who prepared my dinner last night. Dont even try to impress me cos i'll never like you, not even for a bit".

With that he snatched his phone from my hand and left the room slamming the door behind.

I stood by my car waiting for tiwa to come outside. I had the cookies Fiona gave to me the previous day but there is no way, am gonna give it to tiwa.

Rotimi and his wife must be expecting us already and I keeping African time.

Soon she came out clad in a short white gown which stopped after her knee and a brown stiletto shoe. She look beautiful without makeup as usual but Nope I won't get charmed by her witchcraft.

I got in the driver's seat and she sat beside me. I told my guards to stay behind. Well I dont like going around with guards. Well am free, nobody can kidnap me because not everybody knows am the famous Mr Philip's son because I spend 21years of my life in abroad and I dont like show off
"Make sure you use seatbelt and dont get me in trouble". I said to her and she made use of it.

I started the car. It purred gently then moved forward with easy strength, the gate was already opened and I zoomed off.

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