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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 13


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 13

Theme : The village Girl


"Wonder shall never end". Mrs Philips said.

The maids greeted her and she told them to go away leaving me alone with the she devil. I knelt and greeted her, I hate that i'll have to stand her.

Am so scared of what might happen. Our last encounter was at the Airport when we saw Mr Philips off. She had purposely stepped on my toes with her stiletto and lied that I stepped on her.

Alex embarrassed me that day not minding that we were in a public place.

"Stop kneeling for me, you lowlife! Just look at you". She said waving her hand up iand down at me. "You were very dirty with your tattered clothes but my husband had changed you and your family's life.

You now wear expensive clothes and eat good food. I know very well that your witch of a mother must've charmed my husband by making him forcing my son to marry somebody like you".

"My mother is not a witch ma". I half yelled boldly before I could stop myself. I really hate when people insult about my parent. I dont joke with them.

I felt a hand across my face as I crashed on the floor. "Ouch". I shrieked and held my cheeks in pain and shock and burst out crying. Mrs Philips just gave me a resounding slap.

Two guards walk in with two big bags then left the sitting room but not without bowing to Mrs Philips.

"Hello here". Alex walked in but he wasn't alone, a lady was with him who carried herself majestically.

She wore a sleeveless short gown that stopped before her kneel revealing her thighs and a wedge. She looked beautiful but with heavy makeup. Wait.......I.

recognize her, she's the lady on Alex's screen.

"Wow Mrs Philips, you're here". She walked to my wicked mother inlaw who hugged and pecked her. I still find it hard to believe this was the same woman that just slapped me. The way she smiled back at the lady.

"Travelling? ". Mrs Philips asked looking at the big bags.

"Nope mom, Nora has move in because she's carrying grandchild". Alex grinned and I gasped. What?!!!.

"Oh my God, my Nora. Am so happy". Mrs Philips danced and hugged her again.

"Mind you, you'll be moving out of your room because my wife is here now". Alex said to me and a sly smile crept on the Nora girl's face.

"What-t-the -what do you mean? Am your wife". I said with my voice cracking.

"Will you shut up!! ". Mrs Philips yelled.

I stood up immediately from where I had fall a while ago. "You can't bring in another woman, we're legally married". I yelled too.

"Finally you've got some nerves you know, talking and yelling back at me". Alex growled.

"It all because you are allowing the maids work for her.
Henceforth, she must join the maids in working". Mrs Philips said shocking the hell out of me.

"No way! Am not a maid in this house. This is my matrimonial home and am a wife". I yelled angrily.

Alex rushed to me and gripped me in the arm, his fingers boring into my skin and I whimpered.

"How dare you yell at my mother, you little witch. Thanks your star, I dont hit women and i'll never do that".

"It okay sweetie, leave her alone. I'll move in one of the rooms, I can't even bear to sleep on the same bed, she's been sleeping". Nora said and Alex release his grip on me.

They called the maids to move her things inside and they went upstairs. I was so ashamed when the maids came out and were staring at me. They must've heard because we were yelling minutes ago.

Nora coming into this house is gonna be hell because the way she glared at me before leaving is not funny. Am in trouble... Oh God, help me.

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