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The Wedding - Episode 6


The Wedding - Episode 6

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

Rose went back home full of thoughts, what's she gonna do now? She received a call from her father asking how the plan is going. She decided she's gonna see them and tell them of her new change of heart and also ask them to let their grudges go.


The next day after bidding Nigel goodbye, she dressed up and went to see her parents. She received some threatening messages from Kelvin but she ignored it.

She walked in elegantly, her parents smiled on seeing her not knowing she's bringing bad news for them.
Fred: My darling daughter, how are you doing?

She sits on the couch opposite them, a maid brought her juice.

Rose: I'm doing well dad.

Theresa: how's your husband?
Rose: He's also doing well.

They noticed the change in her voice, she doesn't sound like she's with the plan anymore.

Fred: what's wrong with you? You sound off.

Rose: Dad can I ask you for something?

Fred: Of course dear ask me

Rose: Dad why don't you let your grudges against the Owens family go?

Fred got angry at the mention of that.

Fred: That's none of your business! You're to get me what I want!

Rose: calm down dad, I can't possibly do this anymore. I've decided to face my fate and stay with my husband, I'm even falling for him and I can't destroy him so please just forget about it.

Fred slapped her immediately, Theresa held him.

Theresa: relax Fred, you don't possibly expect your father to accept that nonsense so you better come back to your senses.

Rose: I'm pregnant mom, I can't do such a thing anymore and I regret accepting in the first place.

Fred: I'm giving you two weeks to change your mind or you're gonna regret it because I'm gonna find someone else to do it for me.

Rose stood up, she walked to the door.

Rose: stay away from him dad, or you're gonna regret meeting me.

She left the house and drive home.
 Fred angrily shattered the juice glass, Theresa tries to calm him down.

Theresa: You need to calm down Fred, we need a new plan.

Fred: Your bastard daughter has ruined my plans, I should have just looked for someone else not a stupid doctor.

Theresa: Well bastard or not she still did something, anyone can change their minds.

Fred: If she doesn't change her mind, I'd be forced to destroy her marriage so you better warn your daughter.

He walked out angrily while Theresa fell back on the couch trying to think of what to do, she called Rose but she didn't pick.

She decided to go see her the next day.


Nigel returns home and met his lovely wife cooking lunch, he called her he was coming back early.

He hugged her from behind and kisses her neck, she smiled.

Rose: My naughty husband is back.

Nigel: I miss you so much and I want you so bad.

Rose: Jeez you need to eat something you know

Nigel: This is the job of the maids, you shouldn't be working yourself and the baby out.

Rose: I'm not a baby, I can take care of myself.

Nigel: I don't want you stressing yourself out, that's final.

Rose: You're gonna turn me to a baby in my house? Not sure if I accept.

Nigel: I'll have to tie you up if necessary

Rose: what?! Fine then don't worry about it.

Nigel laughs and walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs to shower and change.

He went downstairs to meet her setting the table, so fast he thought.

He's happy with his marriage now and his illness hasn't been heard of.

Rose received another message from Kelvin, she ignored it and deleted it. She has to tell Nigel everything and beg for his forgiveness before it's too late.


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