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The Wedding - Episode 5


The Wedding - Episode 5

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

Nigel's look changed immediately,  she got scared not wanting to speak anymore. He's never looked so... Dangerous.

Nigel : What did you say?
Rose: I.. Am.. Pregnant.

Nigel's look changed into a wide smile, he hugged her tightly and screamed "Yes!!!"

Rose sighed in relief, she thought he was angry.

Nigel: I can't believe I'm actually going to be a father.

He kissed her forehead and cuddles her.

Nigel: I'm going to pamper you... Tell me what you want and I'll do it. I also don't want you to stress yourself, it's not good for the baby.

Rose chuckles softly at his childish behavior, he placed his head on her tummy to feel the baby.

Nigel: I love you so much baby, you just made me the happiest man alive.

Rose: I'm glad you're not mad at me anymore.

Nigel: I'm never mad at you.... A man in love is always patient.
Rose: I promise to be a good wife from now on.

Nigel: That's my darling.... I wanted to take you out before but  I don't want to stress you and the baby.

Her eyes widen, she stood up from the bed with her hands on her waist.

Rose: I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't go out... It's not like I'm fat yet.

Nigel: Ummm.... Yes ma'am.
Rose: Are you saying I'm fat?
Nigel coughed and looked up

Nigel: did I say that? I didn't darling, you're still the killer slim Rose

Rose went to the bed and threw a pillow at him, he dodged it and carries her on the bed.

Nigel: you're so cute and light, stop acting tough.
Rose: You let me go now before I smash your head.

Nigel: Alright... Fine we're going out.
Rose jumped,  "Yay!!!"
Nigel smiled happily, things are taking a good turn for him.


Rose and Nigel walked into the biggest mall holding hands, people kept staring at them. Rose realized her husband is not just a business tycoon, but a ladies man.

Girls keep giving him weird looks, she felt like strangling them. OMG! She's jealous.

She didn't care before and now she's getting jealous, she tightened her grip on his  hand  to give them the message.

Back off bitches!.

Nigel felt it and smiled.

Nigel: don't worry baby, they know you're married to me.

Rose: They should stop looking at you like that, I feel like slapping them....

Nigel: Relax baby, I'm yours and I'm going nowhere.

They went to the clothes section and bought some expensive clothes worth $500,000 and Nigel paid without even reacting.
He's a billionaire and that money is nothing to him, even the cashiers wish he was theirs.

He bought her shoes, accessories and so much more.

They went to a nearby restaurant to eat, while eating and chatting happily. Kelvin walked in, Rose saw him and looked away.

Kelvin's blood boil when he saw them happily together, he texted Rose and walked out.

After having a long day, they went back home and Rose saw the text.
She decided to meet with him at the bridge and clear things once and for all.


She stopped her car behind Kelvin's car, she had lied to Nigel that she's going to see a friend who just arrived from Europe.
Kelvin tried to hug her but she pushed him away, he stood there shocked and confused.

Kelvin: What's wrong baby?
Rose: I'm pregnant Kelvin.
Kelvin : What? How?
Rose: I've been taking the wrong pills and now I'm pregnant.

Kelvin: We can do something about it.
Rose: I'm sorry Kelvin, I can't. I have to end it here and face my fate.

Kelvin: No Rose, you can't leave me.
She turned to go, "I'm sorry"

Kelvin: does he know you've been seeing Me?

She turned around and stared at him.

Rose: What are you getting at?
Kelvin: Come back to me or else? ...you know..

He walked into his car and drove off leaving Rose at a complicated state.

She drove home praying, she doesn't want to get in trouble with anyone.

"I hope I can survive this'

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