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The Wedding - Episode 4


The Wedding - Episode 4

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

Rose woke up with a lot of pain when she heard Nigel’s car horn, she cleaned her face and went downstairs to welcome him.

She’s going to change, what ever made her accept to ruin someone’s life without thinking about what could happen to the person.

Nigel walked in holding his suitcase as usual expecting no one to welcome him, someone like family or his love. He saw Rose coming down looking so beautiful but her eyes are red and blood shot.

“Welcome” She said and hugged him before he could even say anything. He’s shocked but he’s happy she’s changed.
Rose: How was work today?

Nigel: It was stressful but I’m good.

She hugged him again, he stared blankly at her unable to move or do anything.

But he saw her tears which hurt him.

Nigel:darling why are you crying?
Rose: I’m sorry for what I’ve been doing since we got married, I’ve been an awful wife and I regret it. I don’t really love you yet but let’s start again and make me love you.
 Please forgive me, I’m sorry...

He stopped her by pulling her to himself, she’s changed what more could he ask for?

Nigel: I’m not mad at you my love, I understand how you feel getting married in such a rush without getting to know me first.

I’m sorry for putting you through that, let’s start again.

She buried her face in his chest and cried while he pat her back gently and strokes her hair.

Nigel: Don’t cry anymore... Let’s go have dinner.

She nods and they walked to the dining where the maids served them their food. They kept stealing glances at each other and she kept looking away shyly.

Nigel wonders what made her change her mind but he’s glad it’s this way.

After dinner they went upstairs and took a shower together, a long sweet shower. He noticed her tummy's a little big but he shrugged it off.

Maybe it's the food she's eating.
They made love all night, Nigel slept well in months as he cuddled his wife.

He woke up the next morning and brought her breakfast in bed, he wasn't going to work.

He wanted to take her out, to spend time with her before anything goes wrong.

She smiled and started eating and even allowed him to feed her.
Nigel : do you like it?
Rose : yes it's delicious thank you.
Nigel : you deserve it my love.

She smiled but then frowns.

Nigel : what's wrong baby?
She fidget her fingers

Rose : I don't know how you're going to take this.

Nigel : What is it? Don't be scared.
He held her hand and squeezed it.
Rose: I'm... I'm pregnant...

His face changed immediately and she got scared.

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