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The Wedding - Episode 18


The Wedding - Episode 18

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry



Rose and Nigel went to her house, after talking and catching up on everything they missed.

The love is blossoming and coming back afresh. Especially now that Angel is involved.

Cathy stared at them confused.

Cathy: ummm... What's going on and why are you both smiling like that? Are you good now Rose?

Rose: I'm good now Cathy. Thanks a lot for taking care of Angel.

Cathy: Angel is my god child. Why won't I take care of him?

Nigel: Still thank you Cathy. Where is he?

Cathy: Sleeping on his crib over there. Can I see you for a minute Rose?

Before she could say anything Cathy dragged her to the kitchen.

Cathy: Now start talking

Rose: (blushing) We made up.

Cathy: Really?! Oh that's good news. (she hits Rose on the head)

Rose: Ouch. What's that for?

Cathy: He's a fucking married man Rose. What are you gonna do about his wife? You know how dangerous this is, I don't want you and Angel caught in the middle of this.

Rose: (sighs) I know, but I'm ready to fight for my love. Nigel belongs to me and I'm not letting go of him ever. Never again. Besides you've always wanted us to make up.

Cathy: Yes I know but with all that happened today I'm scared. What if she knows about the kidnap?
I'm just saying this because I don't want you to get hurt.

Rose: Thank you Cathy. Just be happy for Nigel and I. I'm glad to have my husband back at my side.

Cathy: Don't worry my love, it will all be good very soon.

Rose: (hugs Cathy) You're a rare friend. I love you.

Cathy: Let's go back before your hubby goes crazy with jealousy.
They got out and met Nigel playing with Angel.

Rose: You woke him up Nigel.

Nigel: I didn't. My phone did, sorry.

Cathy: You guys go ahead, I'll take care of him (Carries the baby from Nigel's arms) I'll be in my room. (Leaves)

Rose: (Laughs) that girl is totally weird.

Nigel: I think she's pretty and nice.

Rose: Huh? What about me?

Nigel: Ummm... You're very ummm... Pretty.

Rose: What? You can't compliment others and not me? Very nice.

Nigel: I smell jealousy.

Rose: No I'm not.

Nigel: You are.

Rose: No I'm not!

Nigel: Fine. Stop being so... Jellyfish.

Rose: (Glares at him) I'm out of here.

Nigel pulls her back and kissed her.

Nigel: You're still my number 1. My beautiful Rose. I love you.

Rose: I love you too Nigel.

A call comes through his phone but he didn't pick it.

Rose: Why aren't you picking up?
Nigel: I have to go now, I'll be back.

Rose: Alright. I'll be waiting for you.

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Nigel: Don't miss me too much.

Rose: Get out Nigel.

She pushed him out and waved at him as he entered his car.

At the hospital...

An unknown man is seen entering the kidnapper's ward.

He goes in there and breaks the security camera.

Frank: (the kidnapper) Who are you? What do you want?

Man: Your life. You're gonna die now.

Frank: (groans) No please. I'll do anything. Don't kill me.

Man: if I don't kill you now you're gonna ruin everything.

Frank: No I won't. Please. Don't.
Kill. Me.

Man: Too late bro.

He uses a pillow to cover Frank's face and stabbed him thrice in the stomach. He then removed all the plugs and went out of the hospital...


At Nigel's Mansion.

Nigel went into the house and goes straight to his room to meet Selena just coming from the bathroom. Selena frowned as jealousy overtook her.

Selena: So how is your lover doing?

Nigel: Selena I'm sorry for leaving you there. I have to tell you something.

Selena: Yeah tell me.

Nigel: (breaths) I want a divorce.

Selena: What? What do you mean Nigel?

Nigel: You know the reason I married you Selena, it's because of our child. But now there's nothing and I still find it hard to love anyone apart from Rose. I'm sorry if I gave you any false hope but I have to stop now.

Selena: (Laughs) You're leaving me for her? The same woman who tried to dupe you?

Nigel: That's the past Selena. I still love her.

Selena: (Wipes a tear) No Nigel.
I'm not going to give you a divorce. We're not getting divorced so get used to me.
Nigel: Selena stop this. I thought we agreed .....

Selena: That if I can't get you to fall in love with me we can separate? Yes but I'm not giving up yet Nigel. We just got married. So I'm not giving you a chance to leave me. Forget it Nigel...


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