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The Wedding - Episode 14


The Wedding - Episode 14

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Harry: What do you say to a new beginning Rose?

Rose: Harry... I really like you but it’s a little too early... I need more time to think about it

Harry: I understand Rose and I'm willing to wait till you can love me back.

Rose: I'm sorry Harry

Harry: It's Okay Rose, I know how you feel. I won't rush you or make this feel awkward for you.

Rose: Thanks Harry, I really appreciate you a lot.

Harry: You don't have to thank me, I will do anything for the ones I love.

(Rose smiled) So when are you starting work?

Rose: I'm going to start in two days, Cathy has to be ready to manage since its just her at the restaurant.

Harry: How about getting a manager, that way the stress won't be much

Rose: You're right Harry, we'll do that for sure.

Harry: I brought something for Angel (hands her a game toy) I thought it might help distract him.

Rose: Awww thanks... See baby (Angel smiles) Harry brought you a beautiful toy for a beautiful baby like you

Harry: And there's more where that came from, If you can convince mommy to give me a chance

Rose: Harry you're very funny (She said laughing)

Harry: Keep smiling Rose because that's what you deserve.

Rose smiled more at Harry's words, she really wants to move on but she doesn't want to rush things. Not when Nigel is still the only man she loves, besides she doesn't want to make a mistake she will regret later.


Nigel got home and met her mother and sister sitting in the living room, they left before but then they came back.

Nigel: Mom, Jean... You're back
Anna: Is there a problem with that?

Nigel: No mom... Where's Selena?

Jean: Upstairs where else could she possibly be?

Anna: Jean...

Jean: Sorry... The truth sucks I know, where are you coming from Nigel.

Nigel: Do I have to answer to you now Jean? Mom seriously I'm gonna kill her one day

Anna: Jean please behave and don't make your brother angry, you can tell me where you went Nigel.

Nigel: (Sighs) I went to visit my son

Anna: Or you went to see Rose? I know you Nigel, I know you still feel something for her but you have to get rid of those feelings... The sooner the better, you already got married and you should learn to love her.

Nigel: You don't get it Mom, I can't stop loving her. She's the only woman I've ever really loved my whole life, you know why I got into this marriage in the first place. I had hoped that since she's pregnant I'll try to love her and move on but no. Seeing her again and discovering my son made it impossible for me to stop loving her, I even want to forget about everything and start again.

Jean: Nice poem

Anna: Nigel you can't keep doing this, Selena won't be happy. We warned you about it but you refuse to listen so you don't have a choice than to move on with your life.

Selena: Don't force him Anna (Nigel turns to see Selena walking down the stairs with tears in her eyes) You can't force love... I understand I'm only a medium to forget about Rose
Nigel: Selena...

Selena: Please don't touch me Nigel, I am pregnant with your son and you don't even care about him. I know everything you did even before Rose got pregnant and when she did. I'm not trying to take her place, all I want is a little love for my son... Is that too much to ask?

Nigel: I'm sorry Selena... But you know we talked about this before.
Selena: Yeah right... I forced myself to marry you when you never wanted to... I understand.. Excuse me (Walks out of the house)

Nigel: Selena (No response )

Jean: What a drama queen... She's right anyway, even if I don't like her.

Nigel: I really don't mean to hurt her why is she...

Anna: Nigel calm down... Nigel don't stress yourself please.

Jean stands up and helps him sit down, just thinking about everything was giving him an attack. He doesn't want to hurt Selena yet he still loves Rose a lot.

Jean: Take this water
He collects the water and drinks everything.

Anna: I will have to call your father to come back from his business trip.

Nigel: Why mom?

Anna: Since you refuse to start seeing a doctor... I don't have a choice.

Nigel: Fine mom... I will start going in two days, I just need a competent doctor.

Jean: Like Rose...

Nigel: Rose doesn't work in an hospital... What are you talking about.

Jean: Well she told me herself that she was starting work at a hospital soon the last time we talked and guess what it's the same hospital you have a share in... And the same one you're gonna get treatment.

Nigel: I didn't know... We didn't get to talk much because that idiot showed up.

Anna: Nigel did you have a fight with someone today?

Nigel: No but I wish I did

Jean: Someone is jelly fish.

Anna: Nigel I don't want you to start making enemies with everyone because of Rose, don't get me wrong. I like Rose a lot... But I won't let you keep hurting Selena because I'm a mother and I wouldn't like it if someone does this to my daughter. You have to make a decision now, it's either you choose Rose or Selena....


Selena walked majestically into the restaurant, she saw him sitting with a hoodie on his head. She walked towards him and sits down his face was down.

Selena: I'm sorry I came late

Man: You know I don't like to be kept waiting... Where is it?

Selena: Here

She gives him some documents, they contain everything that Nigel owns and is worth. He smirked checking it out, the document is a fake but it's good enough to help his plan.

Selena: Nigel has about twenty houses, and twelve are in this country. His company has ten branches all over the world, he also has investments in various companies and hospitals particularly... His current net worth is $500 billion, he's richer than we thought.

Man: Everything that will soon be ours... You have to be fast with the plan and don't make the mistake of falling in love with him.

Selena: I know, but Rose is still in the picture, he can't stop loving her especially now that she has his son.  When I start the other plan of having a miscarriage, he won't make the mistake of coming closer to me anymore.

Man: We will make the child disappear

Selena: Wait we're  gonna kill that innocent baby?

Man: No dear... We'll just make sure Nigel hates Rose completely when the child goes missing and we'll make it look like it's her fault.

Selena: And where will the baby be?

Man: We could just drop him off somewhere... Where he could be seen and taken?

Selena: You're a genius... This can also give Nigel a upper hand in case he wants her arrested.

Man: That's what I'm talking about... You're very good.

Selena smiled and ordered a drink, they talked for a while before she went back home looking sad again.


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