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The Wedding - Episode 13


The Wedding - Episode 13

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

It’s been two weeks since the hearing, Rose is now able to feel her legs little by little.

But what saddens her is that Nigel doesn’t care about her or Angel, he never comes to see them.

Nigel feels too bad and ashamed to go visit them, he mostly goes to work and comes back home without talking to anyone.

Selena likes the idea of them not being together, this way she’ll execute her plans easily.

Nigel can’t stop loving Rose, he just keeps sulking and thinking about her and Angel.

Harry is slowly falling in love with Rose, he’s doing everything to make her happy and her baby also so she doesn’t feel like Nigel is around.

A month later, she has started walking. She got a strange invitation to start working in an hospital, a very high hospital. She wanted to decline but Cathy and Harry convinced her to take the job and continue her career.

Rose sits in front of the apartment at the porch, she placed Angel on his crib while she enjoyed the view outside.

Rose: Oh my darling, I really wanted a good life for you... I wanted you to be close to your father my love, I never wanted you to go through the pain of separation... but what can I do? Such is life....

A car stopped in front of the apartment and Nigel surprisingly came out, Rose stood up shocked.

Nigel: Rose...

Rose: Nigel? You... came?

Nigel: I’m sorry for everything Rose, just give me a chance to be with my baby just for today.
Rose felt sorry for him, he looks rough and very sad.

Rose: You’ll always be welcome to see your baby... I only thought you never cared about Angel.

Nigel: I love him... I just couldn’t bring myself to face you after what I did

Rose: I understand... You can sit (she points at a chair beside her, he sits and stared lovingly at Angel who’s sleeping)

Nigel: I can’t believe I almost separated you from him

Rose: Like I said... I understand you.

Nigel: You never told me you’re a doctor, there’s a lot of things I don’t know about you.

Rose: I know I lied to you and I’m sorry... but I never lied about what my father told you.

Nigel: Rose please don’t bring that up now, I love you but you chose to hurt me.

Rose: Can’t you see Nigel? My father lied to you. He wanted me to dupe you, I agreed at first because I never wanted to marry you but then I fell for you.
Everything changed, I realize duping someone’s evil so I backed out and he threatened to destroy me if I don’t do it.

Nigel: You expect me to believe that lame story (he stood up) stop hurting me Rose, I didn’t come here for that

Rose: (Stands up and hits his chest) What is wrong with you?! I love you... You hurt me too but I forgave you... I almost died, our baby almost died... I forgave you! Why can’t you just listen to me for once?! You said you loved me, why can’t you believe me?!

Nigel: Calm down

Rose: (Crying) Don’t ask me to calm down! You don’t believe me? My dad must have gotten someone else to do his dirty job, do you trust your wife? I’m sorry but don’t say I didn’t warn you about her...

Nigel: Rose are you jealous of Selena?

Rose: Jealous? Why would you think that I’m jealous?

Nigel: You sound jealous...

Rose: You’ve moved on... and I’ll move on also, it’s high time I gave him a chance.

She carries the baby inside and placed him on the crib in her room, she goes to the living room and sees Nigel observing the house.

Nigel: Nice place you’ve got here.

Rose: Thanks...( she tried going out but he held her back) Nigel what are you doing?

Nigel: Are you really telling the truth?

Rose: Everything I said is the truth...

Nigel: I’m gonna investigate myself (he comes close to Rose that her heart starts beating fast) I miss you...

Rose: how can you say that Nigel you’re married and married people shouldn’t cheat on their spouse.

Nigel: But you cheated on me when you were married to me
She got really angry and slapped him... before regretting it.

Nigel: (He grabs her) What? Am I lying?

Rose: Let go of me!!! I’m tired of telling you the same things all the time!!! I’m tired of telling you I’m innocent!! I’m tired of telling you I never cheated!!! I’m tired of falling in love with you everyday!!! I’m tired of...

He kissed her, at first she fought him but then she succumbed to his kisses. He never thought he’d miss her this much, he was taking it to the next level when she stopped him.

Rose: Please Nigel... Don’t hurt me anymore... You’re married and you belong to someone else now, I also want to move on with my life.

Nigel: You are mine Rose... with me or with another person, he’ll never love you like I do. He’ll never kiss you like I do...

Rose: Nigel stop...

Nigel: Tell me... Can you Love him the way you love me?

Rose: Nigel please stop this...

Nigel: Can you ever forget about us...

Rose: No!!! No!!! No!!! I love you! So what? I’m gonna live without you from now on, I started forgetting about you since the day you got married. Just leave me alone and be with your wife! The only thing that brings us together is Angel, nothing more.

Nigel: For the past weeks and months, I’ve tried to forget you because I still love you. You hurt me Rose, I loved you despite all you did to me.

Rose: I still love you Nigel... I’ve decided to move on, please let’s not talk about this anymore.

Angel starts crying, she quickly goes to the room and carries him out.

Rose: It’s okay my love... Mommy is here now... shhh.

Nigel: Why is he crying?

Rose: He’s hungry, please hold him while I go get his food (she gives the baby to Nigel and leaves)
Nigel: It’s okay my little man... daddy’s going to take good care of you... You’re so cute like your mom... but she’s so stubborn and I’m currently confused about what I want, but I know I love her. And I wanna believe her... it’s just so hard.

(Rose starts coming in)
Here comes mommy.

Rose: Thanks (she collects him and started feeding him)

Nigel: Selena is pregnant.

Rose stopped as all her hopes of coming together shattered, but she didn’t show it.

Rose: Congratulations...

Nigel: I’m a little confused about it... even though I’m still thinking of what to do

Rose: You shouldn’t really be telling me about your marital life

Nigel: Seriously Rose...

The door bell rings, Nigel goes to open as Harry stood at the door staring at him.

Harry: Am I in the wrong house?...

Nigel: I think so...

Rose: Who’s that Nigel?

Harry forces his way in as Nigel glares at him, anger blaring through him.

Rose: Oh Harry... how are you doing?

Harry: I’m good Rose... I came to say hi to you and this cute prince.

Nigel: And you see she’s busy with me so leave (he said in a rude and possessive tone)

Harry: Excuse me Mr Owens... I don’t remember talking to you

Nigel: And I’m saying your services are no longer needed lawyer.

Rose: Nigel please stop, Harry stop also

Nigel: What?! Are you guys a thing now?

Rose: Nigel what...

Harry: And What if we are? I thought you’re supposed to be a married man

Nigel punches him, Harry retaliated.

Harry: You’re still supposed to be in a mental hospital, I wonder who brought you out.

Nigel: You bastard!!!

He punched Harry again, Rose stood up and stands between them scared they might kill each other.
Rose: You both should stop right now!!! Nigel please leave...

Nigel: What?

Rose: Please leave Nigel... I don’t want any more trouble...

Nigel: You will pay for this( he punches him again before leaving)

Rose: Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!!!

Harry: It’s okay... I’ll be fine

Rose: I don’t know why he got like that...

Harry: He’s just being jealous... I want to tell you something Rose

Rose: Really what is it

Harry: For the past few weeks since I’ve met you, I’ve always wanted to tell you this. I love you Rose

Rose: What?

Harry: And I want to ask you to be my girlfriend... I know you wanna move on Rose and I’m ready to do anything to make you happy.

Rose: I... don’t know what to say

Harry: Think about it... I really love you and will do anything for you... please just give me a chance...

Rose: I... wel


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