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The Wedding - Episode 12


The Wedding - Episode 12

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

Continues at the court...

Jean was holding Angel, Rose stopped in front of her with tears in her eyes.

Rose: Can I hold him a little please...

Jean: (nods) of course Rose he’s your son

Jean gives the baby to her, she collected Angel who happily smiles at Rose. She kissed him and hugged him crying.

Rose: My darling... I miss you so much... I’m gonna get you back I promise baby.

Jean collects Angel who started crying and takes him outside to calm him down, the hearing began and both lawyers started to defend their clients.

Nigel’s lawyer Mr Job Hawkins called Rose to the stand for questioning.

Job: Mrs Gonzalez, it’s true that you and my client were once married.

Rose: Yes

Job: You left to come to this city because of the divorce and didn’t inform him when you had the baby.

Rose: That’s not how it happened.

Job: You were going to leave again with the baby after he found you

Rose: I wasn’t gonna leave... I told him he could come see him anytime.

Harry: Your honor this questions are irrelevant and he’s making my client uncomfortable.

Judge: Sustained, please ask the proper questions.

Job: What I’m trying to portray here is the fact that this woman had the baby six months ago and didn’t tell my client, that clearly shows she’s hiding the baby. And she is not also financially stable yet she didn’t inform him. It only means she might try to hide the baby again from her father. No other questions my lord.

Judge: (to Harry) You have anything to ask?

Harry: Yes your honor, (faces Rose) When you were pregnant with the baby, did you inform Mr Owens?

Rose: He knew about the pregnancy before the problem that led to our divorce.

Harry: What happened after the divorce?

Rose: I begged him mostly because of my pregnancy but he refused.

Harry: You said your child was born with a minor heart disease that kept him in the hospital for three months

Rose: Yes

Nigel got more shock as he heard that, he began to feel guilty and bad. What happened is mainly his fault and he wasn’t there for his son. Harry hands the doctors report to the judge, the judge nodded.

Harry: Please continue

Rose: I didn’t have enough money to treat him, but because I’m a doctor myself...

Nigel: What?

Rose: I helped treat him so my money was low.

Harry: What did the doctor say was the main cause.

Rose: I’ve fallen down the stairs before and I bled a lot, it really affected my baby.

Harry: Your honor according to my findings, Mr Owens is a very violent man when he gets angry. How did you fall down the stairs miss Gonzalez?

Rose: I was begging him when he pushed me and left, I fell down the stairs that day.

Nigel’s mother and sister gasped, Nigel palmed his face. He never knew he hurt her or did all those things to her.

Harry: And did you ever tell him you didn’t want him near the baby?

Rose: Never... I even begged him to accept Angel and I said he could come visit us anytime.

Harry: What happened to your leg?

Rose: I had an accident while trying to chase after him when he came to take my baby away.

Harry: Thank you Mrs Gonzalez (Rose nodded and drove her wheelchair back) I’d like to call in Mr Nigel for a few questions your honor.

Nigel sighed and walked to the stand, his eyes met with Rose as she looked away at her baby. He felt so guilty and stupid.

Harry: Mr Owens you and Mrs Gonzalez were once married?

Nigel: Yes

Harry: Did you know she was pregnant or not?

Nigel: I did.

Harry: Did you reject the child or not?

Job: Objection your honor He’s trying to make my client say things he doesn’t want to say.

Harry: And why is that your honor... because Mr Owens has a depressive illness and is easy for him to say the truth without thinking.

Judge: Overuled, continue..

Harry: Thank you your honor... Did you reject the baby or not?

Nigel: I...did.

Harry: And when you found her did she mention or act like she didn’t want you around the baby?
Nigel: No

Harry: Then why did you ask for custody of the baby

Nigel: I didn’t want her to separate me from my baby...

Harry: But did you think before doing it?

Nigel: Yes

Harry: My report shows that you have a depressive illness and you’re mentally depressed.

Nigel: (Sighs) Yes

Harry: You also stopped taking your drugs and treatment about a year ago

Nigel: Yes

Harry: That will be all Mr Owens (Nigel goes back to his seat glaring at Harry) Your honor, this case seems like one of numerous illnesses attacks, Mr Owens has stopped taking his medication a year ago. So he is easily violent, thoughtless and more dangerous. I don’t think the child will do well staying with him, his mother on the other hand is hardworking and can provide for her baby with no violence. I rest my case your honor.

Judge: With all that have been said, I ask for a recess before we hear the final verdict.

Everyone went out, the judge and the jury walked out of the courtroom.


Cathy and Rose walked to where Jean and her mother Anna are standing with Angel.

Rose: Can I Please hold him?

Anna: He’s your baby Rose you don’t need to ask (Gives her the baby who stopped crying) See? He stopped crying.

Rose: Thank you so much for taking care of my Angel.

Anna: He’s my grandson and I don’t mind at all so don’t thank me.

Cathy: I wonder how such a jerk came from a family of nice people I’m sorry to say.

Jean: (Sighs) Nigel is not Well.. he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

Anna: He stopped taking treatment the day you broke up Rose, he was so broken and shattered. I’ve never seen him so sick like that, he almost died. He spent two months at the hospital before he got well.

Rose: I... I didn’t know...

She felt so bad and heartbroken, especially because she still loves him despite everything. She felt it’s still her fault all this is happening.

Anna: I know my dear... please just find a place in your heart to forgive him, he’s not well and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. At least let him see his son once in a while and if he wins we’ll get you your child.

Rose: (nods) Okay... Can I get a paper?

Cathy: What do you need a paper for?

Rose: Something important
Jean: (brings out a note with a pen) here.

Rose: (Collects it and writes a medication for different types of illness like fever, headaches, migraines, stress etc) buy all this for him, let him use it all together according to how I wrote it. He might get some changes.

Jean: Thank you (puts it in her bag)

Anna: I still can’t believe you’re a doctor.

Rose: (Smiles) I can’t either... please don’t tell him I prescribed this.

Cathy: Why? He needs to know you’re saving his ass.

Rose: No please don’t tell him.

Anna: We won’t my dear, let’s go back it’s time for the decision.

Rose gives them the baby and they all went back to the court room, Nigel was already sitting and looking sober.


Judge: My final decision is that the baby goes back to his mother with full custody, and that Mr Owens starts his treatment again or have the government come treat him.
Rose happily collected Angel with tears in her eyes, Nigel felt hurt, disappointed and bad. He left the court and went to a nearby bar to drink.

Harry congratulated Rose and left to meet a client, Anna and Jean said goodbye to Rose and went to look for Nigel before he does something stupid to himself.

Despite everything, Rose wants to forget about everything and move on with Nigel. But it’s impossible, he belongs to someone else now so she has to move on....

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