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The Devil's Mistress-Final Chapter


The Devil's Mistress-Final Chapter

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

I was in a hospital bed as doctor Gael jotted his final results, I was in a coma for a week, I lost a lot of blood and had to undergo surgery, I survived but sadly I lost the baby during the surgery during the coma, the bullet killed it.

"Thanks Doctor Gael.." I muttered right after he ran his check up on me to check if I had any side effects since the boathouse accident.

Doctor Gael was transported here to Detroit days after I woke up from a week coma, Thiago was worried and shit and called doctor Thiago to run a test on me after I told him I got whacked in the head with a metal rod.

"You seem to have gotten most of your memories back and the boathouse scenario haven't had any effect you are fine." he smiled at me tapping his pen against his notepad.

A tear slides down my cheek my fingers sink in the bed I sat on, I couldn't bite back my tears.

"I stopped Caine, i stopped my uncle I saved the day I guess and I'm alive but I lost my baby again." I sighed drying off my tears I looked back up at doctor Gael who shot me a smile.

"Do you want me to tamper with your memories? " he asked I shook my head.

"No..i want to keep my memories I don't want to tell a lie to myself no matter how painful this shit is, I just wanna know why can't everything be a happy ending? " I asked looking back at him again.
"Are you dead ?" he asked and I shook my head.

"I should have died anyways, many people lost their lives because of me." I said and he just smiled.

"Don't say that, everything has a purpose we don't why things happen we just accept that it happens, sometimes we can't accept it." he said.

"What if i can't accept it? " I asked.

"You wait, you have plenty of family and friends to distract you from all that Amirah don't act all sulky you're a grown ass woman." he hinted why I rolled my eyes.

"What if I'm afraid of having kids? I aborted doctor Henry's child and I lost Hunter's what if I'm not ready, what if I'm afraid? " I said.

"What are you afraid of? "

"I'm afraid of loosing everyone." I stated.

"Trust me you've lost enough and if anyone tries to think of walking out of your life you make them stay." he said and I chuckled he packed up his bag.

"Well I'm off to London, take care of yourself maybe take a vacation to relax yourself and maybe have sex more often."

"Doctor Gael? " I hissed.

"Don't be a prude, I'm expecting grand babies from you nine months from now." he said while I facepalmed myself.

"Well I'll be taking my leave." he picked up his bag.

"Doctor Gael? " he stopped and look back at me.

"Thank you for doing the surgery and giving me and my sister a chance to start a new life why we could." I stated.

"What are you talking about? " he asked

"You hid me and my sister before you paid for her sugery and I know it takes a lot of money to perform that kind of procedure but you did it for free for her and manage to help us start a new life I'm forever grateful and I will pay you back every penny." I stated and he just chuckled. "Don't thank me Amirah I didn't do anything, it's mostly your sister though she acted like she didn't need you, she cared for you and I did my best now promise me you'll honor her wishes and stay alive." he said and I nodded.

"I promise." I giggled he nodded and left.

Paisley, Ally and Noah walked in.
"Oh my God you're alive." Paisley pulled me into a hug, she kinda know how I almost died.

"Paisley I can't breathe." I whispered hoarsely she pulled away from the hug.

"I'm just glad you are okay I heard the you lost the pregnancy I'm so sorry Amirah." she pulled me into another hug but not bone crushing.

"What did the Doctor Gael say? " Ally asked.

"Nothing much my memories were not affected but my head still hurts he said probably it will subside after a week or so." I said.

"So you are telling me your uncle Colt was after you ? What a creep.
 Why was he even after you? " I asked I didn't actually go into the whole details.

"Ummh family issues." I said.
"Aunt Amirah mummy said you used a gun." Noah said, Paisley eyes grew in shock and Ally and I just giggled nervously.

"What you used a gun? " she asked.

"You know all these kids bringing up stories I didn't say gun did I Noah excuse him his father is a police officer so guns aren't new to him, I better be going." Ally said picking up Nate.

"You used a gun? " Paisley asked still in shock while I facepalmed myself.

"Paisley, Amirah need to rest." Hunter leaned against the door looking back at us both.

"Hunter? I was just leaving." she grinned and walked out leaving me alone with Hunter.

"Hey." he started off.

"Hey." I replied awkwardly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the baby and Paisley told you first." he walks up to me sitting at the edge of the bed.

"I was scared and I.. "

"I'm sorry I put your life in danger and didn't tell you about Ariel it's just I.. "

"Don't tell me about that I don't want to think about that." I whispered as he leaned close to me.

"What do you want? " he smirked our breath radiates against each other I didn't reply I just crashed my lips into his, he gently pulls me closer running his fingers through my hair.

"Erhm.. " we stopped glancing back at the nurse who was flustered.

"Seems you are all better, I better leave." she took to her heels, our lips both reconnected, Hunter pulled away from the kiss.

"You need to rest." he said planting kisses down my neck.

"Yeah but Doctor Gael said I should take my medicine and I'm following doctors orders." I smirked.

"You want to do it here? " he looked shocked.

"The medical staffs will be having a break in a few minutes so we have half an hour." I already yank off three buttons.

I was already discharged from hospital a few months, I was in London attending one of Tiffany's aunts wedding we were throwing her a spinsters all night party before the wedding, Hunter was back in Nashville I didn't want him in London mostly because I wanted some time with my old friends and Paisley didn't allow it.

She said that I should make Hunter miss me and crap she was doing the same with Kaleb because they had an argument and she dragged me in it.

I wasn't allowed to call or text she took away my phone.

I didn't even invite her to the wedding, Amelia did that witch.
Well Amelia and Paisley met when we went drinking, those two make a great match In hell.

They were drinking and giggling while I shook my head.

"bitches." I spat at them both, Tiffany handed me a drink while I accepted and drank.

"What happened to your kid? " I asked her

"It's Enoch's night to watch her, don't worry he's responsible and she has way more fun with her father than me." she said taking a sip from her drink.

"he must be excited watching his little cutie." I cooed.

"He should be, can you imagine he insisted on naming our kid George when he clearly missed her birth and was the one who fucking got me pregnant." she hissed like she was going to latch someone at the throat.

"I think you had enough drinks." I advised taking away her glass as she just giggled.

"I missed you I just wish you didn't leave me three years ago, I almost killed Amelia not too many." she gloated while I giggle.

"I'm serious I pushed her into a swimming pool when she slept with my boyfriend again." she said.

"That's not bad... "

"The pool didn't have water." she said and my eyes widened in shock.

"Well she deserved it." I said as we both giggled and watched her aunt dancing with some men.

"Your aunt sure knows how to have fun on the night before her fifth wedding, that woman doesn't care she's been divorced four times." I said as we both giggled.
"Tell me about it she reminds me of Amelia." Tiffany voices.

"Yeah If she ever gets married." I stated as we both giggled and went to have some fun with Amelia and Paisley.

After we all got terribly drunk and trashed the next day we had to prepare for the wedding, I was one of the bridesmaid, the wedding was done in the evening inside, I did my job dropping the petals and looking like I wanted to be there.

Tiffany ran up to me gasping. "Amirah you have help me the flowers I had delivered and told to have brought outside are being feasted on by the horses." she said.

"but this building doesn't have a stable, how could that happen? " I asked.

"Ummmh, a horse went loose Amirah I need to go call pet control okay just go outside and pet the horse or something." she said taking away my basket of petals and pushing me.

"But the wedding is about to start." I said as everyone was getting seated.

"But we need those flowers, those are my aunts favorite." she pouted and I just moved along as she escorted me.

"What am I supposed to do? talk to the horse and tell it to leave? " I joked.

"Remember you used to ride horses when we were kids."
"That was a long time ago I can't possibly ride it, if that's what you want me to do to it." I hinted.

"Just go." she pushed me out the back and locked me out I didn't hear any horse or see any thing.

"Arrgh Tiffany... " I hissed under my breath walking into the garden to see what horse she was talking about, I rubbed both my arms freezing from the cold, I pass out back to see a trail of tulip petals leading to the pond.

I got goosebumps along with the thrill of wind splashing against my skin.

I furrowed my brows in confusion following the trail of petals leading to the pond, a paper boat was floating on top of the water with a black box untop, I tried to reach out for it but it was out of my reach, I picked up a stick reaching out to the box until I got it.

I picked up the box inquisitive on what it might have been doing in the pond, I opened it to see a diamond ring.

"Who the lost this." I muttered under my breath, maybe Tiffany tossed it in after probably being scared by a pretend horse that she probably assumed.

"I need to get this back to Tiffany. " I said and turned to see Hunter, I almost died of shock.

"Hunter? When did you get to London." he walked up to me planting a kiss on my lips.

"Yesterday, how's London? " he asked.

"The wedding is starting and I need to get the rings to Tiffany before her aunt kills her." I said his hands ride down my waist pulling me closer.

"Those don't belong to Tiffany." He whispered I shot him a confused look, the took the ring nervously and knelt down.

Wait it can't be.

"Amirah, I..you are.. You drive me crazy every single day I know I've done a million things not forgiving and I know we've been through some things and I promise you I'll never let anyone hurt you, not when I'm still alive, Amirah I love you and I want to spend everyday waking up next to you and you driving me insane that I can't get get enough of you."

I was astonished and bewildered.
"Amirah will you marry me? " tear drop slide down my cheeks I was freaking happy.

"I... "

"Just say yes already." I heard Paisley yell coming out from one of the shrubs.

"Yes.." I giggled breaking into tears.

"Yes she said yes my baby is engaged." Paisley screamed at the top of her voice as a few people came out to celebrate.

What the hell?

Tiffany came out giggling with her aunt as everyone came outside clapping.

"OK what the hell is happening? " I asked.

"Hunter wanted to plan a proposal and we helped my aunt isn't actually getting married I just invited you because Paisley said I should plan it so you wouldn't expect it." Tiffany said, I knew Paisley had something to do with it.

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She came up to me.

"My mama is engaged." she pulled me into a hug. "You took away my phone and made me not to communicate Hunter and made me attend a fake spinster wedding, what is wrong with you Paisley ?" I said as she giggled.

"You'll thank me later, I want to be the head bride maid not Amelia got it? or else I'll abduct your kids." she said and I just nodded because I forgot she's crazy.

"If you hurt her you won't get away with this Dominiquez I'll shoot you in the balls." she threatened Hunter and left.

"Did she threaten you to propose? " I asked he shook his head in disapproval.

"No, she found out a few weeks ago before you came to London and decided she wanted to help."
 he said as he pecked me on my lips.

Ally walked up to the both of us with Noah by her side.

"I am very grateful for what you did Amirah thank you for everything I'll be leaving tonight we are leaving the country and back to Brazil where I know Noah will be safe." she said as Noah went up to hug me.

"I'll miss you aunt Amirah." he said while I patted his head and squat to hug him.

"Your flight and expenses and new identity has been prepared and also a cheque to get you started has been arranged I wish you success Ally King." Hunter said and she nodded picking up Noah.

"Thank you." she said and left with Noah.

Thiago and Campus walked up to us.

"Ally is leaving." Thiago informed me.

"She already told us I hope she does have a happy life." I said as Hunter pecked me on the lips one last time before attending to Campus.

"I'm proud of you, honestly I thought you were going to die the first time I met you, Norah was wrong." he muttered quietly to me.

"I guess she was, how's Kathy? " I asked.

"She's with Celina if you excuse me I have to hide from your psycho friend see ya." he muttered walking out on me, Paisley ran up to me dancing and dragged me to join in.

I finally decided to visit my parents grave, they both rested next to each other, Thiago was outside the cemetery waiting for me in the rain, I had an umbrella to cover me, I wore a black dress and black compat boots.

"Hey mom and dad, I'm sorry I didn't visit you earlier I lost my memories and got them back and I remember everything, it's raining now so I don't know if you can hear me." I muttered a tear roll down my cheeks.

"I gave out the empire I won't be running it and I'm going to college it's not a big deal though it's in Nashville." I said.

"I got engaged, I already made my point when I argued with Anabelle that I was going to get married first well there's no competition because she's already dead and her body is buried in New York." I succumbed to my knees in tears. "Thank you for being my parents, I could never ask for a better one, you guys wanted me to live a normal and successful life but I don't think my life was normal or it was ever meant to be normal, it was meant to be adventurous. I lost a lost a lot of people including you guys but if this didn't happen I wouldn't have met some amazing idiots." I chuckled to myself.

"I hope wherever you are you are both in peace, I love you guys." I said putting down a framed picture of Anabelle against their tombstone.

"Bye... " I sobbed and got up and turned.

"Amirah..." I froze at first but turned to see mom and dad with Anabelle.

"We love you too, all what we gave up was for you baby girl never forget that." the Umbrella escaped my grasps a smile worked up my face as the rain washes away my tears.

"Good bye Amirah." they disappeared I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders but I cried hard under the rain, an umbrella covered me I looked up to see Thiago, he reached out his hand pulling me up.

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"Let's go home." he muttered lowly.

Hunter's Pov

New Zealand, Auckland.

"Is she happy? "

"She is, how are you? " I asked as she held on to her teddy bear.
"I'm getting adopted today, my foster parents said they will keep me safe." she muttered.

"Do you want to live with them? " he asked.

"I'm scared." she muttered just like Amirah.

"You can come back with me and reunite with Amirah Ariel." I muttered but she shook her head.

"That wasn't part of deal." She muttered.

"Amirah is safe now and all those people in the hospital were transferred before the bombing" I muttered.

"Amirah might be safe but I can't go and see her, she has her life now I was only an anchor she showed me love, I brought her despair I can't see her not now, promise me you won't tell her I'm alive." she said and I shook my head.

"Even if I promise she would find out." I muttered.

"Then when she finds out I'll be waiting for her." she said as a young couple made their way towards her, she left with them.

I went back to the car, Campus was in front.

"She wants me to keep her whereabouts a secret from Amirah." I muttered under my breath.

"will you? " Campus asked.
"I guess I have to since its her wish the two will reunite again." I muttered.

"Won't Amirah find out before then? " Campus asked.

"That's the annoying part that's why I love her, you can't hide anything from that woman." I said as he nodded as we drove off.

Amirah's Pov
Thiago dropped me off home, I promise I'll be babysitting Kathy for him giving me a ride, I went into the house to see Hunter reading, I took off my shoes and went up to him.

"You're late." he tolled off.

"I know.." I said sitting down and snuggling up next to him while I rested my head against his torso.
"I stopped by at the hospital for a check up, that's why I came late ."
I voice as he looked back at me with his brows arched.

"Why? Are you sick? " he questioned I shook my head.

"I'm ready." I said looking back into his eyes to show I was serious, I read his expression he looked bewildered but he just smiled.

"Are you sure? " he asked and I nodded.

"Make love to me Hunter." I whispered against his ear.

"This time I promise no one is going to touch you." his hand run up my thigh our nose brushes against each other.

He lipped me in a kiss caressing my thigh, he slowly pushes me down getting on top of me dominantly.

He takes off my top successfully and unclamps my bra and grips on to my thigh and massaging it.

"Let's take it upstairs." he smirked jerking me up, I encircled my legs round him immerse in the kiss running my fingers through his hair.

"No I want you now Hunter." I moaned softly into his mouth.

"I want you now too baby but I want you to feel special." my cheeks blushed as we resumed kissing each other, he carefully lifts me up carrying us both to his room, the door was wide open, he shuts it and climbs right on the bed caressing me with kisses.

"I love you Amirah.. " he moaned in between the kiss.

"I love you too Hunter.. " I whispered back before he stripped me nude right in front of him and his eyes glimmered in lust.

The rest is a story left in the bedroom.

~The End~

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