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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 49


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 49

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"Ariel would have died either way, I don't want to believe it you killed 500 people just for fun you made my life a living hell and you'll keep on killing just for the thrill of it." I pointed the gun in front of Caine.

"You wouldn't shoot an old man would you? " He grinned while I clicked to the riffle of the gun.

"You're not an old man, you are a worthless bastard who deserves to die." I fired the bullet at Caine but Alec took the bullet instead falling flat to the floor.

"Alec? " a tear rolled down my cheek, he was smiling and started coughing.

"At least I know you still care for me Dorothy, this time I'll actually die but seeing your face I can move on." he said on his last breath.

"Kill them all." I Looked back at Caine as his men surrounds the building.

"Protect Amirah." Hunter ordered while the gun charade started, some men used their body as shields I saw my Colt escaping, I left their protection and ran up to him at the altar.

He went through some door and I followed it was nothing but darkness, I pulled out my phone turning on the flashlight.

"Show yourself you worthless quack, you killed your half brother, faked your Death and killed my sister, at least be brave enough to face the last survivor." I pointed my gun alert of my senses.
The place was dark like some office or something.

I felt his presence behind me I quickly turned and hit him with the butt of my gun, he groaned in pain.

"I should have killed you with your parents." he hissed in pain, I pick up something like a glass vase and slam it against his head with the rage built up in me.

I flashed my flashlight phone against him he was bleeding, I kneed him on his balls and kicked him down. He was defenseless at this point.

I pulled out my gun towards him.

"I waited for this day, I cried every night after I got my memory back to inflict the same pain you inflicted on me three years ago, I would have given up in life, but I didn't thank you uncle, thank you for motivating everyday to know that someday I will kill you, thank you for ruining my life because if it hasn't been for you I wouldn't have been this happy, broken but yet fulfilled." I clicked on to the riffle.

"Thank you for murdering my parents and bringing out the devil my parents tried to hide from me I wished you nothing but a sweet gate pass to hell." I fired the bullet three times until I was sure he was dead.

A rod came against the back of my head, everything was a blur and my head hurts obviously I collapsed to the floor and my eyes went shut.

I woke up in a white room, it had the sweet smell of tulips my favorite, everything was normal, I got up from the bed I was wearing the same white there was a door in the middle of the room I pushed past it to see my parents, Anabelle, Tiffany and Amelia they were all eating and giggling.

"What are you doing there silly? " Amelia question pulling me to the dinning room while she gave me biscuits.

"What's going on? " I asked puzzled.

"What are you talking about? " Amelia asked.

"Something is wrong here, why doesn't this feel right ?" I asked
"Maybe it's because we went drinking last night and got drunk maybe you aren't fully sober." Amelia suggested.

I looked back at my parents who were busy making small talk, this didn't feel normal for some reason.

"Hunter Dominiquez is my ideal type." Tiffany muttered. "Hunter Dominiquez? Hunter? Hunter? Hunter !!! " I muttered my eyes shot open, Tiffany, Amelia and Anabelle disappeared leaving me with my parents.

"Stay Amirah, you'll be safe here." they muttered in a creepy tone.

"Where am I? You both are dead I watched you burn." I yelled at the top of my voice.

"Right now you're unconscious and your mind created a fragment of peace do you want to give that up? " My mother spoke.

"So my mind did all of this how do I wake up?" I asked.

"Find Peace, you keep making decisions and hurting yourself and you never find peace within yourself, you could slide into a coma or worse die in your unconscious state, Hunter will die, so will your child and everyone you love." my mother spoke.

"But Colt is dead." I mummered.
"Colt isn't your problem Amirah, even if he didn't die he doesn't have the power he will still be killed by Caine." she muttered.

"Bring that peace to yourself." she muttered as my father came forward.

"Why did you risk our lives with an empire? " I asked he just remained quiet. "I didn't want you to be a part of it and neither did I want Colt to have it." he mummered.

"I hate you both, you kept like some prisoner for all these years, you kept secrets away from me you died and left me even though I know it's not your fault I think pushing the blame on you would lessen the pain, I hate I never got to live a normal life and I still hate I never will, thank you for being my parents." They both nodded and the image of them disappear, I was now in an empty room, the room framed into my apartment back in New York.

My sister sat on the bed, I walked towards her, she got up from the bed looking into my eyes.

"I hate you the most for lying to me, you were annoying I just can't believe I didn't think or know you're my sister." tears streamed down her cheek. "Thank you for trying to give me a normal life, I love you sis." I said as she nodded and disappear.

I turned to see Esther, she walked up to me.

"Should I go ahead and make peace with you? " I asked.

"The only way I will have peace is if Caine is dead, wake up Amirah, wake up." a loud sting clocked against my ears.

"Amirah wake up.."

My eyes opened weakly I saw a blurred image of Thiago and Ally.
They help me up while I rested my back against my sofa.

"What the hell happened? " I asked in severe pain. "We found you unconscious next to the body of your uncle, you almost died for reals this time." Thiago muttered, no wonder I was seeing those things they were probably dreams.

"Do you remember the last thing that happened to you at the church? "

"Nothing, except being knocked out shit my head hurts." I groaned in pain.

"Where am I and where is Hunter? " I asked.

"Caine has Hunter and I can't tell you because I don't trust you, Amirah remember when I said about ending your I didn't mean someone should end it for you, your life is in danger." Thiago said.
"That's my life not yours Thiago."

"The building that Caine blew up Hunter got them to safety so nobody died, Amirah listen to me Hunter wants you to go into hiding." he said.

"Colt and Alec are dead it's Caine left Thiago we can kill him." I said.
"No we cannot take that risk, Hunter's decided to risk his life so you can live one, stop making inadequate decisions and listen to me Hunter can afford new houses, new men, new cars but he can't afford a new Amirah, all Hunter does is to protect you and even though you hate him at the end for his decision he's happy dying just to know you are still alive." tears rolled down my cheeks.

Maybe he had a reason to kill Ariel, he was trying to protect me, I couldn't even protect her if I could.

"Where are we? " I asked.

"We are in Detroit in one of the hideouts, Paisley and Kaleb are hiding too, Hunter is with Caine, we don't know if he's alive or dead but you are supposed to rest, Ally and I are going to check out if the state is clear so we can travel as soon as possible, Campus and Noah are going to watch you." he said and I nodded, Campus came out giving me pitiful looks.

"Make sure she doesn't leave." Thiago said wearing his jacket and leaves with Ally, I looked back at Campus.

"Hey Amirah, how's the baby? " Campus asked.

"How do you know I'm pregnant? " I asked.

"Paisley told Hunter." I knew she would tell him.

"Unlucky me, a girl who ruined everything and came between war letting her feelings control her gets pregnant and can't even keep the baby because of a stupid code." I said avoiding eye contact.

"What do you mean? " he asked.

"The Dominquez, I can't even keep the baby if it's a boy." I mummered.

"The code is broken, I overheard Thiago and Ally talking about it, Hunter isn't the actual Heir to be honest it's Derek, the mother switched them from birth, she somehow thought if Hunter took the family business instead she could break the code, she only broke the loophole somehow when Derek was alive, Hunter thought he was the oldest so he could still had have children still but he decides to follow the rules after finding out." he said.

"That's why he told his mother he hated her." I said in awe.

"Technically yes, Hunter was also responsible he knew still what his mother did and still decided to live up to the legacy to protect his brother, he's lost everyone now he doesn't want to loose you too." Campus muttered.

"That means I can keep the baby." I said happily, Campus nodded I didn't know why but tears rolled down my cheeks even though I keep the baby Hunter is going to die.

"Let me go please Hunter needs my help." I muttered. "You don't even know where Hunter is, and you can't go you're in pain Ally and Thiago who are our best shot are afraid to face Caine, your possibilities of helping is multiplied by zero." Campus explained.

"That's why I need to go, Caine won't kill Hunter he wants Hunter to suffer he wants Hunter to see the one he loves die, he wants Hunter to see me die in front of him." I said.

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"And you are just going to die? We don't even know if Hunter is alive, Amirah there are other options." I tried getting up my chest felt tight and my body ached in pain.

"Then I have to find out.." I said trying to lift myself up I stood up my head was aching as fuck I picked up the gun on the table.

"You are in extreme pain, don't you ever listen." he whined at my stubbornness.

"Where is Hunter last location save yourself the speech and tell me where he is I don't know how long I can force my body to move." I said in pain.

"The boathouse here in Detroit, his location has been pinned there for a few days now, you would need a ride to get there in time." Campus said and I groaned in pain.

"Why does It have involve water? " I mummered putting the gun down.

"You'll drive me to the docks and I want you to quickly turn off your location and forget me, don't tell Thiago or Ally promise me this Campus." I said and he nodded.

"What about Noah ?" I forgot about him.

"We'll leave him here he's probably sleeping, I'm going to quickly change why you get a car started." I mummered and he nodded, I changed into a purple dress and let my hair down.

I quickly went to the living room picking up the gun and went outside to see Campus warming up a car, I got in the passenger seat wearing dark shades while he drove us to the docks.

I got down from the car looking at the boathouse.

Campus escorted me to the docks.
"I need to do this alone from here." I told Campus he shook his head sideways.

"If you die, Thiago will kill me if I go back." he said and I chuckled even though my ribs hurt.

"once we somehow free Hunter you need to get ready for our escape." I said as he supported me.

"Can you swim? " I asked and he nodded, the steps to the boat house was laid down, Campus helped me climbed the steps on to the top of the boat.

There were two men who looked puzzled but pointed their guns at us.

"Who the hell.." I shot the two as they both collapsed to the floor, I let go from Campus grasps. We hid In a spot as some men came to find out who killed their men.

"Where could they have Hunter? " Campus whispered.

"This is a boathouse, if we fight we'll die trying there is only one way we can save Hunter, I'll be a form of distraction while you rescue Hunter and leave." I said breathlessly.

"You can barely hold yourself or walk, then what happens? " I just shot him a painful smile. "Are you thinking of dying? And leaving Hunter and everyone? " he whispered in a furious tone.

"You're pregnant for godsake you could loose your life." he warned.
"I promise I won't die you just have to trust me on this free Hunter and I'll take care of Caine."
 I coughed.

"I don't have a good feeling about this." he whispered. "I'll be fine you better get Hunter out of here."
 I mummered getting up and heading out to where a troop of men in black stood.

I shot a bullet in the air, getting all their attention.

"I want to see Caine Rhett now." I ordered they all laughed until I shot one of them, then they all pointed their guns at me.

Hunter's Pov
"You look exactly like your Father when he died you worthless double, it would be an honor to kill a second generation." Caine pulls out his gun about to shoot me.

"Master a young lady will love to see you." one of his men requested. "She's Hunter's Mistress." for the first time I was afraid again not for my life but the life of Amirah.

"Then I'll go see our guest." he insisted leaving the room and went up to see Amirah, I was chained between two poles with my hand.

The man that was left to watch me was knocked out with a fire extinguisher. I looked up to see who knocked him out it was Campus.

He picks up the key from the guy pocket and unlocked my handcuffs.

"Amirah is carrying a death wish it's only you that can convince her now before she kills herself." I heard shooting from upstairs until it stopped for a while, I went to one of the men that was knocked out and picked up a gun and cell phone.

"Hack the password and call Thiago." I ordered he nodded while I run my fingers through my hair, the man was groaning almost gaining consciousness.

My feet rested on his head and I pointed the gun directly above his head.

"Killing you is what my blood thirsts for right now." I whispered before shooting him to death.

"Thiago is on his way." Campus said and I nod.

"Get out, go wait for Thiago at the docks." I was bleeding at the bridge between my arm and torso leading to my collarbone.

"You got shot. You lost a lot of blood there is no way you will survive if you strain the pressure in your arm, what is wrong with all of you taking risks." Campus hissed.

"When the one that you love is in danger, taking risk is meaningless to us." I said.

"You'll die." he advised. "I'll kill for her over and over, same way I'll die for her over and over." I said maintaining the gun.

"Go wait for Thiago." I said finally leaving the room.

Amirah's Pov
"Where is Caine Rhett? " I growled under my breath, I couldn't count the men they were numerous holding their attack until Caine had a say.

"You're alive, what a pleasant surprise Colt was right about you, you are truly a fighter." he cooed I felt my limbs going weak.

I slowly succumbed to my knees hissing in pain, I couldn't force my body anymore its almost at his limit.

"No, not now." I whispered trying to stand up but my body suddenly felt heavy, Caine laughed at my predicament as his warriors of men joined him to mock my situation.

"You came here to do what exactly? To die perhaps you should have been wise and chose to work for me." he said.

"You let your son die, you will risk anyone's life and you wouldn't feel a thing, now I know what Esther faced when you killed her Husband." I hissed in pain.

"Esther was married child you are nothing but a mistress and you'll die one." his front men went ahead of him and pointed their guns at me.

"Kill her.. " a bullet fired them all everyone turned to see it was Hunter as they dropped dead.

An Helicopter flew on top of us, it came down as Caine and his army went back, Thiago and Ally got down while Kaleb who was flying the Helicopter flew it back.

Thiago said Ally helped pull me up.

"You're late." Hunter muttered coldly.

"We are here now we go after your orders." Ally said with rage in her eyes.

"How dare you betray me Ally." Caine muttered.

"I work for Colt not for you and now I work for no one." she said pointing the gun and Caine.

"You will all pay." he muttered took a gun and shot me in the stomach.

"Amirah..." my eyes widened in shock and I broke into a violet cough, Ally started shooting followed by Hunter and then Thiago.

Ally shot like a killing machine, so did Hunter he ran up to me I was bleeding.

"My baby... " tears strolled down my cheeks, all my pain channeled to hate.

"Amirah I need you to stay here for me okay." I nodded as he left to find Caine, Thiago and Ally covered me while they shot I felt weak.

I couldn't take it anymore, I forced my body one last time holding tightly my stomach, I picked up the gun crawling away from the fight I stood up when it was clear.

I went to the one of the rooms in the boat, there was something like a hole in the middle of the room, looked in to see fire crackers.

I coughed slowly picking up the gun and stepping far away from the fire cracker, I fired a bullet nothing happened, I fired another bullet nothing happened again I step one step closer and breathe.

I fired a bullet and the fire cracker blew up, I quickly raced out of the room as the room exploded, I dragged myself out as the boat creaks unstably, the fire was spreading until I finally bumped into Caine.

"You... " I whispered as resentment builds up in me.

"Don't fire that bullet, I didn't want to shoot you but..." I fired two bullet at his chest he falls down and laughs even though he was dying.

"You are nothing but a mistress you think I'll die because of this, he is a devil" he laughs and I smile at him.

"He is the devil and I am his mistress." I fired one last bullet to his head and fell to the floor, the boat was going down I felt like I was dying but I was happy nevertheless, my eyes were half closed while I bled profusely.

I saw a figure that looked like Hunter, he quickly lifts me up and whispers everything is going to be okay.

~To be continued ~

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