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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 48


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 48

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"I'll be back before next month." I muttered to Hunter, I wore a black tank top and black jeans.

"But.." Hunter persisted.

"This ceremony is very important, I will see all my old friends again and acquaintances I need to go besides they are throwing this party for me, Thiago will be by my side and Paisley is having a photoshoot in London." I put my hair in a bun.

"You'll be gone for two weeks I don't think I'll survive." he chimed I rolled my eyes.

"It's 14 days I'll be back I need to pay respects to my parents fellow acquaintances." I picked up a suitcase Paisley got for me, she is already in London doing her photoshoot she's spending a month.

"At least take a few men with you." Hunter persisted. "I'm going for some ceremonial reunion not a casino, the least I would want them to think is how snobbish I am." I arched my brows.

"What do they expect you're my girl friend everyone knows that." my cheeks blushed hard.

"I know you are trying to look out for me but I'll be fine besides if I may remind you Thiago is going and Is one of your best men and I'm already accustomed to him." I walked up to him planting a peck on his lips.

"If you don't want me to go let's go together." I purred seductively, Hunter's hands trailed down to my waistline yanking me closer.

"I would but I have business to attend to and my mother's memorial to attend along with Derek." he stated stealing a few kisses.

"You're driving me crazy." he mummered in between the kisses if we didn't stop we were going to have sex right now.

Our lips sealed pressing against each other softly as we shared a passionate sensation, he more his lips maul against mine the more I wanted to taste it, our tongues lashed against each other dominantly, I let out a moan we both moved to the side of the bed, he sits down while I sit on his thigh.

We both pulled away from the kiss staring back into each other eyes, his eyes darkened the more, I took his lips again slowly kissing him.
"You're driving me crazy Vera." he moaned caressing my thigh. I couldn't handle it my hands found their way to his buttons I resumed kissing him while taking off the button.

"Boss... " we both looked at the door which was slightly opened, I was still on Hunter's thigh when Campus some intern taking Kaleb's place walked in.

He looked probably 19 and was good looking and shy whenever he stared at me.

Ever since Paisley and Kaleb started dating, Kaleb insisted he watches over Paisley since the threat of Caine being back, she thinks it's cute he doesn't want to be without her, actually he's watching over her to protect her since he's trained.

Hunter needed a replacement and Campus was the new intern, he's really shy around me which is kind of cute but awkward.

"What Campus ?" Hunter echoed upset that he got interrupted.

"Thiago said I should check up on Amirah that she'll miss her flight." he stuttered keeping all necessary eye contact away from me.

"Is that all? " Hunter arched his brows, poor Campus looked like was was going to pass out.

"We have some meetings to attend in honor of your mother like the daycare she established 11 years ago, you have to communicate with some of the children I'm afraid we are late." Campus stuttered all the way, his eyes found mine even though I was still on Hunter's thigh.

"She'll be right down, leave." Hunter ordered and he left and shut the door.

"You're hard on him." I whispered to Hunter, both his palms rested on the surface of the bed his back arches and a grin worked up his lips.

"If I'm not he'll end up weak, he's lucky my mom didn't train him and besides I hate the way he stares at you, you're mine." he whispers.

"He's just shy around me, I think it's cute and I think someone is jealous." he kissed my jawline up to the side of my lips.

"Yes I'm Jealous, because I'm fucking in love with you." he whispered in between the kisses.
"So what now, we both have important things to attend to."

He deliberately slides down the left hand of my tank top his lips pressed against my shoulder up to my neck.

"Maybe a hickey can make or two can work." he said grazing his hand under my tank top, he unclamped my bra sliding it off and cupping both my boobs as caresses them both gently, I let out an amorous groan.

"Fuck... " I murttered as he kissed my neck while he squeezed gently my breast which turned me on.

"Fuck it.. " I muttered under my breath pushing Hunter to the bed, he smirked nefariously as my nipples google at him through my top .

"Aren't you worried of missing your flight ?" he teased.

"Flight can wait, I'm horny.." I pouted taking off the black tank top and helped in taking off his shirt.

I quickly head downstairs to see Campus and Thiago, I changed into a lemon green skirt and black spaghetti top.

"You took your time." Thiago whistled to my ears, I giggled and ignored me.

"I had something important to attend to." I teethed he smirks at me.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Campus was hearing your unholy bullshit from upstairs." Thiago said I just rolled my eyes looking back at Campus who quickly averted his gaze.

"What ever let's go we don't have all day." I chimed, he studied my figure pointing out my hickeys.

"Isn't that inappropriate to wear?? " h referred to my top. "These were the only thing I could quickly grab." I mentioned.

"I like it, it really shows her marks." Hunter said looking directly at Campus to get the hint.

"We get it Amirah is your girlfriend." Thiago rolled his eyes. "She really needs to cover up, she's heading to London for a reunion ceremony they take this kind of thing seriously." Thiago said which is true.

"Okay fine.." Hunter took of his suit outer garment and clothes me in it.

"Now you have my scent." he pecked me in the lips.

"Hunter is there anything you want to tell Amirah? Before she leaves? " Thiago voiced out, Hunter looked like he was going to kill Thiago.

"You want to tell me something before I go ?" I asked puzzled on what I need to know.

"Not now when you're back I don't want you to be distracted." he said and I just nodded he kisses me one last time before releasing me to Thiago.

"Bye Campus." I waved he simultaneously blushed, I got in the car with Thiago, we both drove to the airport and booked a plane to London.

When we finally arrived there was a welcome party, I got a text from Paisley that she was busy with her photoshoot that she'll hang out later.

I saw two familiar figures.
"Amelia? Tiffany? " I gasped they both pulled me into a hug.

We pulled away from the hug.

"You were alive and you said nothing you didn't even communicate with us we only got to know you are alive after you got Hunter Dominiquez to propose to you." Tiffany pulled me into another hug.

"I had a few things to take care of." I pulled away from the hug, they both looked different now but in a matured way.

A little girl walked up to Amirah with a tulip.

"Remember Tulips are your favorites." Amelia grinned, I picked up the little girl she was so cute. "How old are you sweetie? " I asked pinching the bridge of her nose.

She smiled giggling.

"she's 2." Tiffany said carrying the baby and playing with her now I see the resemblance it's her kid.
"Since when did you have kids? " I asked.

"She and Enoch the new prime minister son had an affair, condom broke and voila little Amirah, she named the baby after you." Amelia said playing with the baby as well.

"Awww, I thought Amelia would be the first to have kids first honestly I'm shocked." I awed.

"No condoms no pussy is my number one rule."

"I used a Condom too." Tiffany muttered.

"You should have used two." Amelia said and I picked up the girl again.

"Amirah let's get settled in." Thiago said as both the ladies drooled over him.

"Amirah why don't you introduce us to sugar daddy." Amelia cooed.

"He's not my sugar daddy you dick craze, he's my friend Thiago he also has a daughter he's single." I hinted out the last part on purpose.

"Well if he ever feels lonely I have a warm bed for the both of us." Amelia purrs.

"No thank you, I'll be busy with Amirah during this two weeks" Thiago kindly declined. "let me know if you get lonely." she winked at him.

"She has aids." Tiffany whispered taking back little Amirah.

"Well Amirah I'm glad we got to meet again, I honestly thought I wouldn't see you again, better always keep in touch after this."
Tiffany voices.

"I'll try." she hugged them both as they left, just seeing them made me happy.

I thought this reunion ceremony was going to be quick I had to give a few speech and relive the memories of my parents death.

Their tombstones were in the cemetery I just never went in, I was afraid I could feel their presence if I went so I kept myself busy attending different ceremonies to honor my parents.

It's already been a week, I was studying a book about the ceremonial greeting, Amelia asked if I wanted to hang out I declined mostly because she wanted me to bring Thiago.

"I missed my period." Paisley walks right in front of the room, I was on my bed I looked back at her in disbelief.

"You're?? "

"don't tell me I'm pregnant I won't believe it until I take a pregnancy test." she said emptying a sachet of unused pregnancy test.

She took one and gave one to me.
"I'm not pregnant." I hissed at her.

"I don't want to go through this alone please just take it with me so I can take it." I sighed swiping the test from her hand, I went first and peed on mine, Paisley did too as we both waited for ours.

"I'm not pregnant." Paisley grinned and sighed, I picked mine up looking at it carefully it was positive. My eyes widened in shock.

"WTF... " I muttered under my breath, Paisley moved over to me. "you're pregnant ?" she squealed destroying my hearing.

"I can't be pregnant something is wrong with this." I took another test but it says the same thing.
I walked in the room Paisley looked back at me.

"Shit..." that was the only thing I muttered in my shocked state, then it came to me I accidentally dropped taking my pills and I missed my period but just didn't notice because I was busy through out.

"I'm pregnant." I panicked digging my fingers through my hair.

"how did that happen? " Paisley asked

"I.. I don't know I can't even predict how this happened." I said because the last two times we used condoms.

"You have to call Hunter and tell him now." She suggested handing me my phone.

"Hell no, I can't keep this child." I muttered.

"And why's that? " she asked.

"I.. I. " I wanted to explain to her about the Dominiquez code but I couldn't.

"I don't think Hunter would want me to keep the child." I suggested poorly.

"You can't just get rid of an unborn innocence because you think the father won't let you keep it Amirah." she flare up.

"It's not your pregnancy it's mine and you don't know what will happen if I keep it, I can't do that Paisley." I yelled.

"Look I know it's scary but you can't just think of abortion Amirah." she said.

"Like you wouldn't do the same if you found out you're pregnant." I yelled at her.


"No, I'm not telling Hunter anything he must not know Paisley promise me you won't tell anyone, I can't get an abortion now so I'll get it at the end of the week when I'm done with the ceremony." I said thinking of all the activities I have to do ahead.

"You're pregnant and you're thinking of doing menial activities that could harm the child." Paisley objected, I shook my head sideways.

"My decision is final." I stated calmly.

"If you abort that baby Amirah just stop talking to me." she said picking up her phone and leaving the room.

The week after that was hell packed, I stopped picking Hunter's calls because I'm afraid Paisley might have told him either way, that girl is not to be trusted.

I was at a gala, one of the last event to attend Thiago was watching me from afar in case anyone suspicious tried to get close to me.

Kaleb and Paisley walked up to me to talk with me.

"You look beautiful Amirah." K
complimented and Paisley slapped him weakly.

"What I was just complimenting her geez." Kaleb said while Paisley scowled at me.

"Change your mind ? please tell me you change your mind I need someone to hang out with." she pouted leaving Kaleb in bewildered.

"Nope." I voiced and she just walked away.

"Hunter is coming." he said and I try not to choke on my larynx.

"He's what? Why? When? " I asked
"I don't know he just told me to book him a plane are you guys arguing ?" he asked me I wasn't focused on him, my eyes were focused on Alec, my heart sank down I scanned the room again and saw Ally she wasn't dressed in formal and some men in black.

"We are being ambushed." I whispered giving Kaleb hints of the strange figure stomping in the room.

"Amirah are you seeing this? " Thiago walks up to me.

"Ally is here." I whispered signalling Ally.

"So is Alec." Kaleb said as we trio stayed together.

"We need to get this people out of here." Thiago voiced. "I need to get to Paisley before they think of getting to her first." Kaleb unloosened his neck tie.

"Maybe they were invited and came to make peace? " I guessed until Thiago gasped.

"Caine is here." the word Caine made my heart dropped then I remembered the threat of a few days ago.

"Something is going to happen, if Caine is here everyone is going to die." Thiago said and I was scared.

"Amirah.." Amelia and Tiffany called waving at me.

"We need to get everyone out of here." Thiago mentioned again.

"Caine hasn't propose his threat yet." I chimed interuptting Thiago's statement.

"Well a few weeks ago probably three weeks ago Alec said if I didn't give myself up and the heir before his father's arrival, his father will take action." I voiced.

"And we are just knowing now? Amirah 500 people could die because of your clumsy mistake." Thaigo muttered.

"Well, I better find Paisley I'll alert Campus to tell Hunter what's happening, you get Amirah to safety first that's your main priority." Kaleb stated.

"I'm not going to let 500+ people be killed because of me." I said.

"Maybe we can sneak you out we just need a female to volunteer a switch with your dress and a scarf." I looked back at Amelia.

"I know a girl who we can get to help us but if we survive this you have to go on a date with her Thiago." me and Kaleb both looked at Thiago.

"Yeah if we survive, let's just get this over with." Thiago whined, I met up with Amelia asking her for a switch and of course she said no and later I told her Thiago agreed to go on a date with her.

she went to the restroom with me as we both changed and I wore the scarf Tiffany lended to me and covered my face.

"Thanks." I muttered to Amelia who was checking herself out since she was wearing my dress, I wore her yellow greek dress, I looked like one of those greek goddess.

"Hmmmm your dress isn't that bad." she chimed and I rolled my eyes.

"Amelia, thank you for always being there for me for getting me to do crazy things and for watching over Tiffany when I was gone it must have been hard." I said she pulled out her deadpan expression to show she didn't care but actually she didn't want to cry when she pulled off that look.

"I never cared for you.."

"You did, you didn't want me your little innocent prude to get hurt so you thought the only way to toughen me up was to spoil me, I'm just happy that I didn't loose you and Tiffany, I'm going somewhere and I'm not sure if I'm going to come back but if I don't please take care of Tiffany." her expression soften and she pulls me into a hug.

"Wherever you are going even though you don't come back to London don't die okay? " she muttered patting my head.

"Amirah let's go." Thiago walked in with a gun ignoring that Amelia is with us, he pulls another gun from his pockets.

He hands it over to me.
"in case we get separated, you need to protect yourself." I nodded putting it in my purse.

"What's happening? " Amelia asked.

"My uncle Colt and his friends paid a visit." Amelia wore a shocked look.

"Colt is alive!!!" she trembles
"They are after me I need to leave so they won't kill anyone here." I said as she nodded.

"Amirah.. " I stopped at the door looking back at her.

"Shoot him at the balls for the both of us." She said and I smirked.

"With pleasure." I muttered back leaving the restroom.

Me and Thiago separated so we won't be too suspicious, I easily passed the gates and was heading to the streets, I got a text from Kaleb that Paisley is safe, someone gripped on my arm I pulled out my gun pointing it at Ally.

"They have Noah." she whispered quietly getting on her knees. "They want you Amirah and they are going to kill my son if I don't bring you." she muttered quietly.

"How many of you are here? " I asked.

"Colt, Alec and Caine even if we give you up to them it could be a trap my Noah is gone for good." she cried the more, Thiago ran up to us.

"Amirah we have to go." Thiago said he didn't notice Ally until she stood up.

He pinned his gun at her.
"You traitor." he whispered.

"She's just here because she's confused, they have Noah." I said, Thiago put down the gun feeling guilty.

"What do we do now? " Ally asked.
"My uncle won't rest until he sees me surrender, we can't risk Noah's life with this if we leave he's just going to use another ultimatum to draw me back he could kill those 500 people back in there." I said.

"Hunter can do something."

"If they have me, they will have Hunter but I could put a number of population at risk." I said already making up my mind.

"Ally let's go get Noah." I whispered as she nodded Thiago pulled me back. "You need to be on the lookout so you'll follow us when we get Noah you carry them both to hiding." I said Thiago looked mad at my decision.

"And what happens to you? " I asked

"We'll see if an angel does fly." I said loosening from his grip, Ally made a phone call on where we should meet to exchange me with Noah.

It was an old building more likely a church, we went through the doors walking in the old abandoned church only me and and Ally Thiago stayed outside.

It was dark the lights were on immediately at the altar was a little Noah in tears, Alec held on to him until Colt appeared.

"Welcome." Colt whispered I ignored him.

"I'm here release the boy and take me instead let's get this over with." I proposed.

"You can't just give up yourself like that Amirah, you have some tricks up your sleeves." Colt muttered I shook my head.

"No uncle, no trick let the boy go and leave with his mother and take me I won't run away." I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

"Just to be on the safe side drop any weapons you may have on you." He insisted and I dropped my gun In front of me.

"Give up the child." I spat as Alec let's go of Noah and he runs up to his mother.

"Mommy I'm scared." he whispered as Ally she picked him up, I looked back at her deadpan serious. "Go.." she came up close to me sliding a gun sneakily in the pocket of my dress that I didn't think was there and hugs me.
"Good luck."she whispered quickly leaving with Noah.

"Stupid little girl, risking your life for a stupid child you were always like this you remind me of your disgusting father." he said pointing a gun at me.

Alec just stood there avoiding eye contact with me.

"Where is Caine, I want to see the dickhead that threatens but doesn't show up, is he a coward too that bosses people around and uses others as a weakness for his enemies." I hissed under my breath as an old man probably in his fifty's came up at the altar.

"Colt drop your gun that's not a way to welcome our guest." two men gripped hold on me from behind so I couldn't escape if I tried.

They both held my arms, I kicked my legs trying to get away from their grasp they brought me up to the deadly trio.

"Search her." Caine ordered and they found my gun, my heart dropped they handed the gun to Caine who smirked.

"I gave you time to surrender but you decided to make me do it the hard way now watch as 500 people die because of you." my heart sank.

"No..." I yelled struggling from the men's grasps but I couldn't be free.
He showed me a video of the building blowing up.

"You are a coward you fucking bastard." I yelled in tears he didn't care but gave Alec the gun I snucked in.

"End her Alec.... " Alec froze we both shared eye contact one last time. "If I die at least this is evidence that I no longer belong to you, I hope it haunts you every night before you sleep that you took everything away from me in the name of love and killed me." I muttered as a tear slide down his cheek.

"Will you love me if I let you go." he muttered lowly for the both of us to hear.

"No." I said truthfully he nodded putting his gun down.

"Alec what are you doing? " Caine asked.

"Until you kill me with your bare hands then I'll move on Dorothy." he shoots the two men behind me and drops the gun at my feet.

Colt pulled out his own gun about to shoot me but Hunter barged in with a few men, I ran towards his direction but stopped when Caine called.

"You keep running back to a murderer everytime, you think you know him better but you can't know the devil that well." He said and I froze.

"Tell her Hunter tell her what you did." I looked back at Hunter scared to even know what Caine met.

"Tell me what? " I asked Hunter looked back at me not ready to talk.

"I can't Amirah, not now but later." he said

"I want to hear it now from you, tell me he's lying what kind of secret could you be hiding now." I yelled in a whisper.

"Amirah... "

"He bombed the hospital Ariel was in, just so you could come back to Nashville with him." I froze thinking it was a joke.

"Hunter? You're lying Hunter won't Kill Ariel." I yelled.

"I bombed the hospital." he muttered.

I stepped back, I was in the middle of the two.

"So Amirah pick your enemy wisely, is it me the person trying to open your eyes or the man who is going to keep hurting you." he tossed me a gun which I quickly caught.

I pointed the gun at Hunter, he nodded and smiled.

"Take your shot Vera."

~To be continued~

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