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Sisters- Episode 2


Sisters- Episode 2


Jocelyn P. O. V

Sitting on the chair, I was busy with my phone when my twin sister walked in looking stressed out, I watch her slump in the chair close to me.

"Hey Eve, whats up with you? " I asked as I dropped my phone on the table and took a bite on my Apple, sat beside her rubbing her hair softly.

"Hmmm, I got in trouble today and it not funny at all, I was embarrassed" She said looking pale.Yeah that's the type of person she is, always emotional.

"I forgot my purse or let me say I dont know how I misplaced it, I was very hungry when I left Alfred's place, so I branched at one resturant like that, to cut the story short. I was embarrassed buh with the help of one cute guy that how I was saved, I did not even tell him a thank you"
"Common Eve, why don't you thank him, he fucking saved your ass, babe" I said feigning annoyance as I dropped her head from my shoulder.

" I'll do that when next I see him and talking about the guy, you need to see him, Jocelyn... He's so cute. Damn" She said licking her lips.

"Flirt, dont you dare crush on him o, you still in relationship with Alfred and considering the love you guys are sharing, Dont you think it high time you stop giving him headache everytime". I said more like a plea to Evelyn because she's always having a fight with her boyfriend.

"Oh please, please... I never said I was crushing, I love Alfred with all of me, just that I dont know why we always fight over little things.. She hissed and left the sitting room yawning.

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Am Jocelyn James. My twin call me Joe for short and I call her eve for short. Evelyn and I are unidentical twins she's the fair one while am the dark one though same body shape and height.

Evelyn and i share a strong bond,we dont joke with ourselves at all. Yes that's how much we love eachother. She's always lucky in relationship unlike me. She's the one that do break up with guys, the maximum she dated is 6 months but the case is different with Alfred because it been a year plus now.

We lost our parent in a plane crash, we didn't get to give them a proper burial. My parents were rich before their death so we got properties to hold on to. When I say properties I mean a duplex and two cars(Lols). Not that they are extremely rich but I would never say poor because we not.

I almost forget to add the fact that we're graduates but somehow Evelyn and i are not working . Actually the truth is, we dont wanna do any government or private work. Just housewives who has a supermarket of their own. Yeah dad always say before his death "Women are meant to be pampered and not stressed" and that's why he had worked hard for us to be somebody.Though our mom was a banker before her death though.

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