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Revenge-Episode 36


Revenge-Episode 36


Everywhere was dark, so dark he couldn’t tell if he had opened his eyes or not. His head was hurting so bad, slowly he started remembering what had happened. He knew a big wood landed on his head but he couldn’t tell who hit him. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t, he realized his hands and feet was tied.

He struggled for a while, trying to remove the ropes but he couldn’t and then he started shouting for help. Chimamanda and Ikenna stepped into the room and switched on the light.

Chimamanda: you can scream from now till forever, there is no one coming to rescue you.

Warrior head: Will you release me now and let me go? Release me now little girl before I deal with you.

Chimamanda: hahahahaha, I love your guts, you are tied down, you are the one who is helpless, yet you are the one threatening. Ikenna have you seen that kind of thing before?

Ikenna: I am just seeing it now o ( they both burst out laughing)

The warrior began to look around him and the place looked very familiar to him.

Warrior head: where am I? Where have you brought me?

Chimamanda: Look very well, maybe you will remember.

Ikenna: sister, dont stress his old brains let me remind him. (Turns to the warrior) you really dont know where you are right? You are in EKEH! (The warrior’s eyes shone so bright, you could see fear all over him) and do you remember this room? This is thesame room where you killed the igwe and his wife, my father and my mother, our parents.

Warrior head: You are the Prince? And the princess. (Turns to the princess) but you told us he was dead.

Chimamanda: were you expecting me to tell you he was alive? So you would hunt him down and kill him? You are so daft to even think I was going to do that. Oh! So you thought I was foolish because I was so young right? You are obviously more stupid than I thought

Ikenna: you had the right to refuse orders given to you by your wicked king, you could have spared my parents like Aguyi spared my sister, you could have spared my people if you wanted to but you chose to carry out the wicked orders of your wicked king because of your selfish interest and what you stood to gain.(Aguyi stepped into the room)

Warrior head: Aguyi, Aguyi, so you have taken sides with our enemies.

Aguyi: enemies? These children are my children and you and your evil king are the real enemies.

Warrior head: your order was to kill the princess but you spared her and lied to the king and the entire village. And now you’ve taken sides with them. You betray your own people. Release me now and I will tell the king to spare you and forgive you and give you a smaller punishment

Aguyi: what village did I betray? What foolish and wicked order did I betray? An order to kill a smart brilliant and beautiful child? I couldn’t do that, I am not like you. You killed those innocent people, women and children, they cried and begged you but I watched you kill them, and set some ablaze, your conscience didnt prick you for once. And all this years you were able to live with yourself. Ah! Ah! I rather be here where I find peace and joy than be at OKU where the stench of blood has taken over.

Chimamanda: you boasted on how you killed my parents right? How you stabbed them, you were happy, you won the battle right. Today is judgement day for you.

Warrior head: Aguyi, are you going to stand there and watch them kill me?

Aguyi: no, I won’t watch them kill you, am going to help them rid this world of one more evil.

(And Aguyi went out and came back with a big black bag)

Warrior head: What is that? What is in the bag.

Chimamanda: oh,its nothing. Just some poisonous snakes I brought to keep you company.

Warrior head: You can’t do this to me, please dont leave them here please.

Ikenna: did the people of Ekeh beg you? Was this how they cried for you to spare them? Did you spare anyone? Just one, did you?

The warrior head was crying silently. Ikenna and chimamanda walked out of the room and aguyi releases the snakes and closed the door behind him as the snakes crawled all over the warrior head biting him. Tears flowed down from chimamanda’s eyes as he heard the warrior scream out in pains.

To be continued!

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