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Revenge-Episode 32


Revenge-Episode 32


Odogwu: Igwe, igwe, there is fire on the mountain oooooo, igwe where are you? (Odogwu marched into the palace seeking for the igwe, instead he met the Queen sitted on the throne with the guards protecting her) where is the igwe , (he shouted), where is the king?

Queen Nina: Is that the first thing to do when you see your queen?

Odogwu: (looking at her) I need to see the king, there is fire on the mountain.

Queen Nina: how dare you? (She stands up and gives him a dirty slap)

Odogwu: hey! Aru! (abominations) hey! you just slapped me, you just slapped a titled chief.

Queen Nina: guards , take him away and lock him up in the palace cell, since he does not know how to talk to his Queen. (The guards held odogwu and dragged him to the cell as he screamed and shouted all the way, not long some council of elders came in, demanding to see the king, Nina told them that the king has demanded to take his rest and does not want to be disturbed

Queen Nina: whatever you have to discuss with the king, you can pass the message through me, I will pass it on to my husband, your king.(/when the chiefs discovered that there was no way they could see the king, they explained to Nina that their rivers and streams has been polluted, all the fishes were dead and the water contaminated, and now there was no water anywhere to drink, neither was there life in the streams.

Queen Nina: this is really serious. Okay dont worry much I will pass your message on to the king. (She stood up and left the elders sitted there. They were determined not to leave until they spoke with the igwe. Nina went into her room and opened the wardrobe, she pulled out the igwe who had begun to rotten in his second leg up to his hands. His condition was worsening from lack of care and medication.

Queen Nina: oh dear husband, look at you, you have begun to smell, so bad that I want to puke. But not to worry, I will survive. I just want to inform you that your elders are here, and they said your rivers and stream is contaminated, the fishes are all dead and there is no water to drink.

(King Azaza tried to speak but could not because of the cloth that is still stuck to his mouth)

Queen Nina: you said?/are you trying to say something? You said, I can’t hear you hahaha hahaha (she burst out laughing,) oh! My poor, poor husband, do you know what is happening to your land? Tour land is harvesting the evil you sowed., your people are paying for your sins, and now they need you to save them, but dont worry your queen is here, I will take good care of them for you okay?
(King Azaza tried to raise his hands but he was too weak from lack of food, plus his predicament and so he just laid there and watched as Nina roles him back inside the wardrobe. She took her perf and sprayed it round the room and laid down to sleep for s while. Meanwhile the elders were still sitted in the sitting room. Towards evening, Nina woke up, took her bath changed her clothes and stepped out again. She was surprised when she saw the elders still there.)

Queen Nina!: Elders, you are still here?

Chief: we were waiting for you to deliver our message to the king. By the way, where is he?

Queen Nina: oh the king, you all know he is not feeling too well, and we are currently on our honey moon. The king says for now he won’t be able to attend to you all, he said I should over see the affairs of this land on his behalf while he rests and also have his honeymoon.

Warrior head: how can our own igwe say that, when the land is about to perish.

Queen Nina: Are you calling your Queen a liar?

Warrior head: no your majesty, I can’t do that.

Queen Nina: the king has said we should find a means to survive with whatever water we can gather from rain , he said he believes things will turn around soon enough. Now please leave. Tomorrow is another day.(the chiefs were disappointed but they turned and left).

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