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Reincarnation-Chapter 47


Reincarnation-Chapter 47

Theme: Death is not an option


Leo walked into the SSA station an hour later after several session of quickies with Cecilia...

The whole town was buzzing with the news of the B. M. Bs downfall.

Newspaper headlines, Live Broadcasts, different stories about how a team of well experienced spooks brought down the notorious criminals..

Lawrence Malays Printing press was not left out as well. They passed on spicy gists about how the gods of crime were caught and with their collaboration with the SSA, they delivered accurate information putting them at the top. Though Leo and his team had become famous overnight, their identity remained hidden to the public.

"The world doesn't have to know about the good you do ". Were Leo's words when Christopher asked why he requested that they shouldn't be revealed to the public.

"You're now heroes, Leo". Christopher said patting his shoulder.

"Yeah, I figured " He replied with a drawl and rolled his eyes making Christopher laugh lightly.

"Where are they? ". He questioned curiously.

"Come with me ". Chris replied walking towards the room the three brothers were imprisoned.

Christopher punched some figures on the digital lock and the heavy metal doors slidded open.

They both entered but Christopher stopped at the transparent glass doors that separated them from the cell.

"I'll leave you to it, call me if anything goes wrong ". Chris said to Leo and exited the room.

He took a deep breath and exhaled when he heard the cranking sound of the two metal doors Christopher just went through.

With wobbly legs he to few steps forward, the glass door opened up by itself when he was just few inches from it. He took cautious steps into the main cell.

The brothers were seated calmly on the on the cold ground of the spacious room.

The room was divided into two parts and a glass with small holes was used as a barrier to separate them from anyone coming in and there was a door on each side of the room.. It was meant to give access to the other side.

They were dressed in a cyan up and down baggy outfit . They simultaneously looked up when the Leo's footsteps echoed through the vacous room.

With flaring eyes, they got on their feet and met Leo who had walked up to the front of the barrier.

"Nice outfit ". Leo commented with a sarcastic drawl.

"Thanks ". Alvarez answered with the same tone and the edge of his lips slowly curled up into a lopsided smile.

He had this dangerous look in his eyes, a look that said.. 'I know what you want but you won't get it '.... True it hurt and shocked their wits that they could easily be fooled, perhaps too much pride and enthusiasm caused it.. But anyhow they felt no remorse what so ever.. Being gods has ever since been enjoying, being visible and yet invisible was one of their greatest achievement, inflicting pain on innocent lives had been their source of pleasure.. So there's no way in hell they feel any regret as to why they did what they did.. Though their reasons were somewhat hilarious.

"I presume that you know what I'm here for " Leo's voice rumbles to their side of the room.

With a wicked smile, Alastair answered...

"The other private bone of contention? " he shot but Leo remained silent with his hands chucked in his pockets.

"Perez, you really want to know how we're alive don't you? ".
Alfred asked after several seconds passed.

"Think about it Al, that's the only reason I could bring myself to you " He shot back and rumbling laughter was his reply as the three brothers burst into it.

"Perez, what you're carrying is not something you'll be able to do away with, its like dying a thousand more times, Yeah its like killing yourself all over again".
Alvarez replied.

"Even if it means holding a feast for death I'll do it, so just spill ".
Leonardo answered.... He was beginning to feel jittery... His case was not an ordinary one so he wasn't really expecting a mere solution.. But all the same he was still very nervous.

"Cook yourself up with very high voltage and kill all your cells " Alastair said crossing his hands over his chest with a mocking smile playing at lips.

"What's that supposed to mean? " he asked confused.

"What you're carrying, what put you in this state rather, is not something simple Leo, its a virus, a virus that might eventually kill you but I think you still have about half a century to go" Alfred replied with a smirk..

"A virus? "

"Yes Perez your cells did not just double on their own, there's a virus in you and to kill them will mean killing yourself ". Alvarez said coming to stand in front of Leo.

Leonardo felt his blood drain off his face.. He paled instantly, he couldn't feel his limbs and despite the low temperature of the room, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

A virus?!

How can they say a virus is the cause of his state?

He's supposed to feel sick or even...

"Josh Campbell ". Alvarez whispered loud enough for him to hear....

That was when he really began to fret.. Josh Campbell??

"Josh Campbell's theory of life and death " he added.

Leonardo immediately turned around and exited the room... With full speed he drove back to his home... Different thoughts running through his mind... Josh Campbell's theory..

"God please no". He chanted worriedly .. If what they say is the truth, then he's as good as doomed... No. He'd been doomed from the start, now its going to come out in the open.

He went straight to his room to find Cecilia all dressed... They'd plan to go sight seeing in the afternoon but that won't be possible.. At least not now.

"You're back? ". She asked with a sweet smile... That moment he felt like a sword had been throated deep into his heart.

':What pain could be more than this? ' he thought sadly..

This is the reason he didn't want to entangle himself in her life.. But now....

"God, Cecilia I... ". He grunted running his fingers through his hair.

"What's wrong? '. She asked sensing the tension in his voice.

"Cecilia we can't do this,,, please leave ".

""What can't we do, why should I leave? ". She asked getting closer to him.

"Stop ". He shrieked when reached to touch him.

"Cecilia listen, there's something I need to figure out and as much as I want you by my side, we can't be together now so please.. "

"I should leave? ". She cut him off
"Is that the solution? Leo why do you like pushing me away? After what happened last night, you still think I'll let you go just like that? C'mon Leo, be realistic here, I knew about your state before I chose to be with you!! "

"Cecilia this is different you don't understand... "

"Try explaining Leonardo and stop tell me bullshit! "

"I can't, I need to figure some things out.. Until then please I don't want you with me ". He finished lowly.

" I should leave? ". Her voice hoarse.

"Look at me and repeat what you just said ". She nudged tugging at his shoulder.. But he just couldn't muster the courage to, he kept his gaze fixed on the floor.

" You can't right? ". She said with a sad smile.

"If you want space, then I'll give it to you, but don't think I'm giving up on you ". She whispered close to his ears, reclined and rushed out of the room with tears threatening to spill out.

Leo stood at the spot, not knowing the next step to take.. The pain was overwhelming.. He wanted to scream and ask why... Why?!
He fell on his knees and buried his head in his hands.

Few minutes later the door opened and Sawyer walked in.

"Leo, what happened between you and Ce". He started to say but stopped when he saw Leo on the ground with his head buried between his legs.

"Leo? " he called again.

"Do you know anything about Josh Campbell's theory of life and death? " he asked instead , never raising his head.

"Josh Campbell? Psionics? ".
Sawyer mumbled


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