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Reincarnation-Chapter 46


Reincarnation-Chapter 46

Theme: Death is not an option


After celebrating their well deserved victory in Leo's mansion, everyone finally retired to their various rooms, but this time they actually went in pairs.

Conan and Erika were the first to leave the bar, then Moran and Justin followed, then tipsy Susan and Sawyer followed. Melissa left for Montana few hours ago and Dante was under police custody.. Because he helped in catching the criminals doesn't mean he never committed crimes. Orlando and his kind were arrested afterwards .
Jamie and Silvia also left to discuss the fate of their relationship because Silvia will have to face a verdict because of her past actions.

Anne was already on a plane to Paris, she had to continue her life.

Everything seems to be falling in place, except for the disinclined Leo and the unsure Cecilia.

The both of them took separate rooms, but the fact the the rooms were next to each other and that only a wall was between them was extremely tempting.

Cecilia tossed and turned on the bed till she couldn't take it anymore. The need, the desire was slowly eating up her stamina... And knowing that a relationship with him wasn't wrong fueled her drive.

The reason he was trying to surpress his feelings was still a mystery to her,, why is he even resisting?

'Well he would have to explain his reason today' she thought and sprouted off the bed to his room.

Leo was busy explaining and giving himself reasons why he couldn't touch her.

Ok, he wanted her badly but if he follows his heart, it will only end up broken, because what happened to Amy or Amanda, his second girlfriend who died in a car accident might repeat itself.

Amanda was the second person he was in a relationship with, he met her after a few years of dallying about, but their relationship was short lived because she died in a car crash. They both died actually, but the sad part was that he still came to face the world alone.

Ever since, he never engaged in nothing more but a promiscuous relationship. In fact he never slept with the same woman twice.

However, Cecilia's case is a completely different one.. He was damn sure he wouldn't be able to let her go after one night or one touch. The way his heart beat doubled in speed at the mere sight of her was to tell him what he didn't wanna hear.

"Damn, I'm loosing it ". He muttered frustratedly .

While his torturous subconscious continued to taunt him.

'She's just one wall away'

'She might still be awake '

'Her skin looked so soft, no it's soft, very soft '

"Fvck!! " he cursed.

He cursed repeatedly as his hard bulge continued to disrupt his senses.

After several minutes of contemplating, he finally succumbed to his nagging desire.

He abruptly stood up to go to her room but opened the door to find her just outside the room.

He stood like a statue boring holes into her elegant figure.

His eyes roamed from her charming face, to her petite curves that formed a perfect hour glass shape under the silk robe she wore giving him a peek of her cleavage, making him wonder if she was naked under the fabric.


'No sane man would look and not look again '

"Are you always shirtless? ". She spoke first, making him force his eyes back to her face.

That was when he realized that he was not properly dressed.

'Geez I was actually going to meet her like this? '

"Only when I know you're around and this close". He replied with a smirk, he was gonna play his cards right this time.

And yeah, it actually worked because her face amusingly turned crimson.

Okay. Now she followed her needy self, here she is, in front of him and all the schemes she was planning to use for seduction, strangely abandoned her.

"Were you going somewhere? ". he asked pretending to be unaware of the fact that she was standing in front of his room.

"Yeah I was, I was coming to you ". She whispered seductively and brushed past him into the room.
"You were coming to me? ". He questioned closing the door behind him.

"Yes, anything wrong with that ? ". She replied letting the robe fall off her shoulder to revealed a red casimere lingerie that rested on her skin like that of a celestial body.

He swallowed hard, still trying to point out reasons why he shouldn't touch her.

She slowly walked closer to where he stood.

"Leonardo, I think you know what I'm here for ". She said brushing her thighs over the bulge in his groin.

"Cecilia , we shouldn't do this " he choked out catching her small hands in his.

"Oh, so you don't want me? "

"Hell, I want you Cecilia, wanting you is driving me bloody barmy! ".
 He blurted out before thinking.

She smiled triumphantly. That was all she wanted to hear.

"So tell me, why are you trying to hold back? "

"Cecilia there are so many reasons why we can't be intimate, my condition to start with and.. "

"I don't care " she cut him off.

"If its about your present state then I don't care, just don't think about what tomorrow holds, all you should think right now is the present, this moment, what do you say Leo? "

"Gosh Cecilia... ". He drawled wrapping his hands around her.
"You're saying one thing and doing another Mr Freeman ". She whispered against his bare chest, circling her index finger round his left nipple .

"You're not helping matters here Cecilia ". He grunted breathing hard.

"I'm not trying to ". She replied and tipped up to meet his lips.

'Fvck. That's it!! '

He shut the world out and focused only on the beautiful Astor that offered herself to him... The beast he'd been trying to surpress was unleashed as raw desire surged through him.

He didn't know he wanted her this much until she offered herself in a platter.

He was right when he said the coal was burning hot and its better not to uncover it.. But she didn't care, she wanted him, he wanted her, perfect!

She'd never tasted this much desire in any man. She felt it with every move and every attempt to dig deeper... And when his hands slipped under the cotten garment, she totally lost it.

Ever since she started dating and its crap, she'd always been the dominant and the man, the submissive.

Well in this case she became the submissive.

She felt electrifying force cascade through her system with each nib and touch.

"You've been in my dreams since the day a set my eyes on you Cecilia, you're so beautiful " He whispered peeling the garment off her.

She commanded and never begged... But she felt like begging him to touch her more... She was growing impatient,, she was already aching to have him in her.. But he seemed to be taking his time to scrutinize her.

Her legs turned to jelly under his intense gaze.

"You're so beautiful ". He whispered again staring at her naked figure.

His hand locked around her again and he took her lips, his tongue sought deeper, sucking and exploring hungrily. She responded with equal hunger and need. Her hands dug into his hair pulling him closer and taking the kiss deeper. He spread his hands over her back and pulled her closer leaving no space between them with her erected nipples touching his bare chest.

He lifted her off the ground and forced his legs to the bed.

Her small hands tugged at the band of his pants and he gave her way to pull them off releasing his rigid fly..

From under her lashes she peeked at the evidence of his desire and found herself flushing hard.

He slowly trailed kisses down her neck and took her nipple in his mouth, caressing the other with his free hand.

"Leo!! ". It came as a gasp, when she couldn't hold it back.

She wanted him, badly.

Her legs spread wider and she moaned when he pressed his erected schmuck against the swollen flesh between her thighs.

"Leo ". She gasp again.

"Please. ". She begged with need.

Who knew a day like this would ever come, she'd never felt such intense desire... Such flaring need, her senses were completely out of place... Moans escaped her lips as his tongue continued to torture her...

She almost screamed when he slipped two fingers into her cunt.

Her head spurn in circles when he moved them in and out of her , with his tongue doing wonders on her upper body.

Sweet agony!!!

Just as she approached her peak he abruptly stopped .

"No " she gasped at the thought that he was going to back out.

"What did you think? ". He drawled with a smirk and leaned down to take her yet into another epatant session of tongue dance.

Slowly he inserted the aching head of his shaft into the entrance of her swollen cunt.

"O my God!! Leo!! ". She moaned close to tears....

Pleasure.... Who knew Pleasure could be this painful.

She felt like dying of pleasure when he started moving, taking slow strokes at first.

Cecilia. That was the only thing that clouded his senses, she enchanted and possessed him... All he could think was her.. He quickened his pace with the more pleasure he felt and her sweet moans added to the spice.

Together they dragged each other to the edge,, with her calling out his name when they climaxed.
Though no one spoke afterwards, they knew that their lives would never be the same without each other...

But just forgetting the future and enjoying the present kneaded the newly ignited flame....

Next morning

Cecilia woke up to find that pair of beautiful eyes staring down at her.
"Hi". He greeted with a smirk and earned a blush from her.

"Hey". She answered

"How was your night? " he questioned and she flushed again recalling the last night's events.

"Should I tell you? ". She answered shyly.

"Tell? I prefer.. ". He started to say but was cut off by the ringing of his phone.

He grabbed it from the bed stand and answered, playing with Cecilia's hair.

"Hello General " he said into the phone.

"They're awake and I think you need to see them ". Allan said from the other end, halting the motion of his fingers on Cecilia's hair.

"Uhm.. Okay I'll be there in a few!! "

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