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Reincarnation-Chapter 45


Reincarnation-Chapter 45

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter......

"Perez?! ". Alvarez muttered
"Alvarez ". He hissed in return.
Leonardo knew for sure that this meeting is not just going to be for catching the criminals. This meeting is going to give him closure and maybe help him find a solution to his vampiric mode... If everything goes down in his Favour now, then the most wanted criminals would be put behind bars. With the kind of atrocities they'd committed, he was sure they'd be sentenced to death, but that he knew, was impossible..

REINCARNATION.... They used that word themselves.

Gods.. They called themselves that.
Imprisonment, torture, anything that doesn't involve going to the afterlife would be a temporary solution because no matter what death is not an option,, till a cure is gotten at least.

"Perez, what a pleasant surprise ". Alastair drawled, gaining his stance.

They were shocked, true.. But not scared.

"A pleasant surprise indeed, dear friend ". Leo replied with a smirk and took a seat on one of the plush leather couch.

"Who would've thought, I was actually thinking It was one of those nosy cops who don't know how to mind their business, my my for the first time in centuries I'm surprised, Perez". Alvarez replied shaking off the shock, he also resumed his seat opposite Leo.

"If I may ask, Perez, what do owe this August visit ". Alfred asked standing beside Alvarez.

Leonardo tried to resist the urge to roll his eyes but couldn't and rolled it anyways.

"To confirm my suspicion, I heard rumors about my friends being the notorious criminals, so I just couldn't hold it, I decided to pay you a visit and see for myself. ". He replied and watched as their eyes darkened.. They were angry and as much as they were trying to keep calm, they were loosing it.

How in the world did he manage to know their location and even walk right to their office?

"Since you've confirmed the rumors what are you gonna do about it? ". Alvarez grunted with annoyance.

"Oh easy there tiger, since I'm here, I'll just seize the opportunity to ask some bugging questions". Leo replied smirking.

"Questions? "

"Yes Alfred, bugging questions "
"Tell us ". Alvarez answered relaxing on the back rest.

"Something tells me that you already know what I want to ask, so why don't you just give me answers straight up ". Leonardo spoke leaning forward with his chin rest on his pointer fingers with his smirk and cocky look still in place.

"Funny you Perez ". Alvarez laughed out.

"You're moving way to fast, don't you think? "

"You should know by now that we're not that easy to get". Alastair added.

"Too fast? Nah I don't think so, and you should know that I also don't like beating round bushes, dear friends "

"Read between the lines Perez, you're not dumb enough to think that we would give away that easily do you? " Alfred hissed in return.

"It depends on the bone of contention here misters " Leo answered getting on his feet.

"Oh, so there's more than one subject of dispute? ". Alvarez asked and a cold laugh bubbled up after.

"There is, there's a personal one, that's between just us and there's the public one that has to do with your numerous atrocities ".

"Oh we get it, but tell us, which do you wish to deal with now? " Alastair questioned
"I think I'll go with the latter, it'll be like killing two birds with a stone "

"You sound so confident Perez, what makes you think you can do anything to us? "

"Speech, they say is Silver but silence is golden. But I think you should know that Scepter and crown must tumble down ". Leo answered and slides his hands into his pockets.

"We're as old as the hills Perez, that can never happen " Alvarez growled and got up matching Leo's towering height.

And almost as soon as he stood up, Alastair brought out a gun and fired it at Leo but just before it reached him, he pressed a button on his watch and a barrier of waves covered him, rendering the bullet useless.

"Never run faster than your shadow, a century has passed but you've still not learnt a single thing ". Leo hissed with bloody eyes and stepped forward...

From his back pocket he brought out a small can of pepper spray...
"Remember this? ". He asked the three brothers who were staring with their jaw dropped..

Pepper spray?

That was something they were sooo not expecting... It seems pathetic but the three of them were terrified of the sight of even an empty can of it.

True it is harmful but theirs was a phobia.

During their childhood days, they never toyed with anyone in possession of it but over the last few decades, they didn't come across it.. Why would they even need it?

"Don't tell me you want to kill us with this, you should know that we're far stronger than the likes of this thing ". Alvarez snickered with disgust... He was trying not to look fretted, the three of them were.

"No no no guys, fear not because I won't be using it on you " Leo responded stifling a laugh at their hilarious look.

'Pride drives a man to doom ' he thought and for the first time since he stepped in flickered his eyes to Silvia who had been standing on the watching closely.

She was wondering how she was going to play her own part of the plan, that was bringing her brothers down with a highly concentrated sedative for the mean time... Leo was about to give her the chance to.

Leo passed a 'get ready' look at her before turning back to the brothers who were already in a hotch.

Leonardo unexpectedly emptied the contents of the can on the table before them.

That did the trick.

All he wanted was to distract them, while they were busy wondering why the bloody hell he decided to spray the innocent table... Leo used that opportunity to bring Alvarez down with a hard kick.

Seeing this Alfred and Alastair launched at him, but surprisingly again, Leo chose that moment to perform an ecossaise and funny enough they involuntarily joined him with their movements.

"Frigging bastard!! ". Alastair cursed when he realised what Leonardo was doing. But before he could think of a next step.. Leo swiftly slided past him and kicked him from behind.

Alvarez recovered from the blow but when he tried to get up, he felt something pierce through his neck and the next second his sight became blur and he passed out.

Silvia did the same thing to Alastair who was also trying to get off the the ground.

Alfred was not a hard bring down.. Because was kind of the weakest among them, he was timid you would think he couldn't say boo to a goose.

But again, he wasn't that strong.
Alvarez is the strongest, followed by Alastair and Alfred next. Their strength was according to their position, as in how they were born.

Funny right? Where did that even come from?

But it's the truth though... Their circle was a strange was.. Their existense itself is a mysterious.
Silvia skipped to where he lay and injected him, seconds later he was unconscious.

Minutes later, sounds of sirens and gunshot was heard as the police reached the scene and the criminals were arrested... A huge ton of illegal stuffs were confiscated by the cops, the bombs were disconnected and the gas were taken care of.

"Good job Leonardo, I knew I could count on you ". David Allan Nicolas ( General) said tapping Leo's shoulder.

He arrived with Christopher and the cops. They were really not expecting the B. M. Bs downfall this soon and they were really impressed.

"I didn't do it alone General, this happened with the help of my team mates ". Leo replied with a smile. "But please keep them under the tightest security available, they're a very dangerous trio and no amount of torture can kill them ". He added.

"Some things do not need to be told Leo, I already have that in mind, they'll be jailed before they even wake up". General answered with an 'am proud of you' smile.
"I'll see you in the office, have a good night rest". General added and walked on.

This is indeed a great achievement but he still felt like something was missing .. And he knew what it was.. His questions were yet to be answered.

"Leo!! " he heard someone call his name and turned around to see Cecilia hurrying to him. She pulled him into a hug when she got closer.

"You did it Leo, you did it" She squeaked happily.

"We did Cecilia not me, we all did it ". He replied breathing in her scent.

It was way easier than they thought it would be and that alone was something of joy.. Great joy.

"Will you guys stop being all lovey dovey and keep that for later! " Moran's voice made them disengage.

They turned to see Moran and the rest , even Melissa and Dante and Silvia with bright smiles plastered on their faces.

"Group hug!! ". Melissa suddenly shouted and dragged Conan and Dante, they all reluctantly came together and held each other forming a circle.

Childish but soothing..

Mission accomplished!!!!


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