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Reincarnation-Chapter 42


Reincarnation-Chapter 42

Theme: Death is not an option


Silvia ran out of Mediterian Garden confused. She was scared of what her brothers planned to do... She knew they meant it, they meant every single word they spoke and she knew she couldn't stop them.

They wouldn't have told her about their plan to release poisonous gas into the air or their plan of bombing half of the country.

She found out on her own... Mark told her.. On that fateful day, he called her but as usual she lashed out on him before he could even explain his purpose of calling.

It's not as if she hated him but she despised the ground he walked on because as young and intelligent as he was, he chose to dedicated his life to crime, deadly sins, despicable acts. What she couldn't understand was, why?

Why did he partake in such an act in the first place?

Why did he accept her brothers proposal to become a partner and messenger?

"Was it the pay? Or the ghostly adventures that came with it?

But there was one thing she was sure of, he wasn't happy with it, he wasn't in support of her brothers demonic affairs and what cemented her thought was the call he passed to her. He called her that day and their conversation went thus.

Hello Silvia
Does your tongue have a problem of pronouncing Fay?

Oh.. I'm sorry Fay

I'm sorry? Is that all you called to say? Listen if you don't have anything reasonable to say then just hang up and if my brothers sent you to me, then forget it!! Tell them I'm busy!! "

I didn't call for any of that, just listen "

I'm listening, make it quick
Your brothers, they're planning to do something terrible
Something terrible?

Yes, remember those jars of arsine gas and bombs they smuggled in the last time? "


well they're planning to use it, they plan to destroy about three counties on the 26th


Yes and the way I heard them saying it, you might be the one to lead the troop, but the funny thing is, they won't tell you what you'll be doing till that day, they actually told me to tell you to clear your schedule on 26, but I just couldn't help it Silvia, I'm sorry Fay, you're you're the only one that can stop them

"Gosh.. This is really bad , what do we fo now?

There's little or nothing we can do to stop them, but you might be able to talk to them, coz you're their sister, if I try to say one thing contrary to their orders, you know they'll not even think twice before blowing my head off.

Damn.. They've really gone to far, I. .. I'll try to do what I can, maybe I'll talk to them

Alright then, I need to go now, thanks bye . He rushed out and hung up.

She'd been to engrossed in her problems to even remember and now it was just less than forty eight hours away...

"Oh God what do I do? ". She muttered frustrated.

She knew there was only one solution, and that is ; Leonardo and his crew, they're the only ones who can help in this situation coz they're fighting against her brothers..

Does she have the courage to go back to them?

Where would she even start from?
"Who's going to help me out of this? ". She asked no one, but her answer came, right from the very start of her problem, there was one person she'd always wanted to help her out... Only that one person she hoped would vindicate her... Jamie .
He's the only one who pops into her mind, in the midst of her distress.... And again, she found herself driving back to his house.
She entered the house to find Jamie in the same position she left him... He didn't even move an inch...
That broke her heart again, she knew she really hurt him... 'If only I can turn back the hands of time ' she thought dolefully.

"What do you want this time? Haven't you done enough damage? ". He drawled hoarsely, halting her on her tracks.
He didn't even turn to face her, but he knew she was the one who entered, only one person had that heavenly fragrance.... Only her
"I know I shouldn't be here ". She started lowly

"I know I've caused you pain, I've caused havoc to every good person in my life, I'm not asking you to forgive me, you have every right to stay angry with me, but please for just this last time, please I need your help ". She finished close to tears.

He slowly turned to face her and with his eyes blaring he asked
"What can I help you with? "

And she went on to narrate everything to him.

He resisted the urge to smile when she finished telling him everything... There they are looking for how to lure her, but she just brought herself to him..

"I'll help, but on one condition ". He said with little humor.

"What is it? " She asked and he smiled fully this time.....

Leonardo and the rest were down in the man cave looking , Charlie was also there, he looked the most angry . Their plan to get Silvia failed, all thanks to the emotional Anne.

"What in the world were you thinking? " Charlie barked at her.

"I'm sorry I just couldn't do it ". She whimpered and Leonardo blew up.

"You couldn't do it? Do you have an idea of what we're talking about her? !!! Some stupid lunatic will release poison into the atmosphere in less than forty eight hours and you're here saying you couldn't do It ?!??? ". He roared fuming.

"Take it easy Perez, she's not the one you're supposed to lash out on
 ". A voice replied from the entrance and every pair of eye turned to behold the person they were searching for.....

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