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Reincarnation-Chapter 41


Reincarnation-Chapter 41

Theme: Death is not an option


"Anne Marie? ". She called a little calmer.

"Fay, hi, how are you? "

"I.. I.. I'm okay, where are you now? "

"Um... Actually I'm presently in Pomona, so I was wondering if we could hang out and catch up "

Silvia thought for a moment, Anne was like a sister to her, she was actually her closest friend, maybe if she see's her now she would gain a little comfort and closure. Maybe they could do some crazy things and she would forget her problems for a while.

"Fay? Are you there? ". Anne called when she kept mute.

"Uhm.. Yeah, where should we meet? "

"Uhm let's meet at Meditarian Garden, by 11, we could hang out till late afternoon, I'll be leaving town tonight ".

"Alrighthen, I'll see you bye"

She ended the call and sighed deeply.

"What a life!! " she heaved reaching for her keys... Relieved that she wasn't stupid enough to leave them inside..
About thirty minutes later, she walked into the serene atmosphere of one of the city's most beautiful and most vosited place - Mediterian Garden.

A sad smile slowly crept to her lips as the warm breeze of the Garden, gently hit her. 'If only my life could be this warm' she thought scanning the area... As usual people were scattered around. ... Families, lovers, couples and friends filled up the place, you could hardly see anyone who came alone and what she envied most about them was that, they were all wearing a smile... That was something she might not do without feeling pain deep down.

'What a life '. She thought sadly.

She walked on to her favorite spot, there she found the beautiful brunette woman she'd always admired, the caring lady who always showed genuine interest in her, the naive girl she'd defended once and ended being her closest friend, the sister she never had, the only person who trusted her blindly, trusted her to the extent of sharing her face with her....

Thinking of all the good this lady had done to her, she felt like crying all over again, she felt like breaking down again... She was indeed a horrible person, a traitor, a life wrecker.. That was all she was....

"Anne? ". She called, though it came out as a whisper.

Anne swiftly turned around to meet Silvia glistering eyes.

"Fay!! ". She shrieked rather happy, and pulled her into a warm bear hug, making Fay or Silvia cry inwardly.

"Anne ". Silvia whispered back, holding her tightly.

"Oh Fay how are you, where have you been? " Anne threw at her.

"It's a long story dear amour " Silvia answered close to tears.
Anne disengaged from the hug and looked at her. Her heart broke instantly and she began to doubt her sole aim of calling Fay, she started wondering if she could really betray her and give her away, she knew her real identity now , but all the times they spent together, Fay never for once treated her wrongly, she cared and showered her with affection, Fay showed her her real personality... She was truly sweet and kind... But what could have made or pushed her into such shady deals was still a mystery to her.

"Are you alright Fay? You look troubled ". Anne asked, wondering how on earth, Fay managed to use her face, she stared in wonder at another version of herself, on lookers would think they were identical twins but they knew better, they were nothing close to that.

"Is it that obvious? ". Silvia replied.
"Yes very "

"Hmm well, yeah I'm not, my life is a mess I don't even know what to do right now ". She poured out and broke down.

"Ssshhhh sshhh mi amour, you don't have to explain, just know that everything is gonna be fine. ". Anne consoled, lightly patting her back in a bid to sooth her.

She was now sure, very sure that she would not be able to betray her, she would not be able to give her away, the least she could do now is try to get anything reasonable from her.

"Do you want to talk about it? ". She asked when Silvia managed to compose herself.

"Yes... I really really wanna talk about it, but I don't even know where to start from, I don't know, it's just so complicated ". Silvia spurred out.

"You can try to start from the beginning, how it started, maybe you'll find it easier, come let's sit ". Anne replied pulling Fay to sit with her on a flat rock.

"It all started, many many years ago ". She started and Anne stylishly turned on the recorder from on her phone.

"I was brought up in a way that I always got whatever I wanted, whenever and however I wanted it, my family was rich, I traveled overseas and got the best things in life, though I was very kind and considerate to the less privileged.. My problems started when I fell in love with this guy, he was caring and handsome and also rich like me, to me, we were perfect for each other. But there was only one problem, he didn't want me back, he loved my best friend instead, she was from a middle class family.. I got jealous and I asked my brothers who were involved in criminal acts to kill her so I can have her man all to myself, that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life, because things didn't go as planned. My brothers said they were going to kill her but they ended killing me, her and her fiance, I was shot and so were the two of them, but my brothers did something, I don't know how they did it but all I know is that I did not die , the only person that died was my friend, I and her fiance reawakened and ever since, my life has been miserable, my parents and other relatives disappeared and my brothers started using me for their dirty job "
"And what about the guy you loved? ". Anne interrupted.

"I couldn't bring myself to him, I felt guilty, I just couldn't do it and now there's another guy I like, he's the only person I've felt something for after the first guy, but I can't be with him" she narrated tearfully.

"Why can't you be with him? "

"Isn't obvious? I can't, just take a look at my life.. And my brothers they are going to kill him, they will... ". Fay was saying but suddenly stopped when she remembered something... The 26th, her brothers planned to kill on that day!

Wait, tomorrow is twenty sixth!!!
'Oh no no no no no '. She thought and sprouted to her feet, she needs to do something.... She has to correct some mistakes...

"Anne, I uh... Listen, I'll call you, I just remembered something important, thank you for looking out for me, I'll forever be grateful " she rushed out and ran off like she was being chased.

"Fuck!! " Anne cursed aloud. She was supposed to bring her to them... Almost immediately her phone started ringing and her heart leapt... She knew they were watching... They were f**king watching.

"Hello". She said into her phone.
"What the hell are you doing, where is she going you're supposed to bring her here!!!! "


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