Reincarnation-Chapter 40


Reincarnation-Chapter 40

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter..

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The screen went blank, for few seconds before displaying the contents... And once again the picture of Fay I mean Silvia'a family was displayed but Leo was not in this particular photo, saving him the stress and trauma of explaining his vampiric mode to those who were unaware.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief... Even Dante who wasn't really aware of everything... At least not everything went wrong.

There was something different about this picture, it looked real, it was obviously the original photo...Silvia looked more like herself there, it was clear that she was the one while in the other photo, one could hardly point out whether it was Fay (Anne's face) or Silvia.

Based on other findings and Anne's story it clearly meant that the real face is Silvia's face.

"This picture looks real, compared to the other ones ". Susan pointed out.

"Yeah, apparently Fay or Silvia knew that at a point in time people would look for her, so she put up the edited one on her profile ". Leo replied.

"She sure did hit the nail on the head ". Sawyer added.

Susan scrolled down, to find more shocking information, the whole thing came as a shock to them, because almost all the transactions, products, dealings of the most wanted criminals were displayed.

"O my God, seven full tanks of arsine gas, time bombs.. What in the world are they using it for? ". Sawyer exclaimed and no sooner than the words escaped his lips the answer was boldly typed in italics.


"The hell?!! ". Cecilia exclaimed.

"When is 26? ". Justin asked.

"That's the day after tomorrow ". Dante answered, he'd plan to flex his night that day .

"They're going to release their weapons the day after tomorrow? That's bad!! ". Erika snickered .

"But how sure are we that it's not next month? ". Conan pointed out.

"It was last updated yesterday, so it's definately this month " Susan answered

"And the three counties they're targeting is just like wiping California off the planet ". Leo chipped in.

Susan continued scrolling down until she came to the part where the B. M. Bs real biography was written.

Leonardo's heart retracted more than once in a single beat... He stared at the screen in horror... All his suspicions were confirmed and his fears surfaced... His friends, his closest friends are the Black Malton Brothers?

The three of them were incapable of hurting a fly... And now they're the most wanted criminals?

And they also lived for so long?

Now he understood Silvia's connection with them and only the thought of that made his heart bleed.


The innocent and fragile only daughter of the Mayor is now a killer?

His fiancee's best and only friend?
There was a certain fact he suddenly became scared of acknowledging.. He didn't even want to think about it..

"What if they have a hand in your first death and condition? Because that night.. They were talking about.. "

"No no no" he quickly shut his subconscious up.

"This people are dead to the world ". Melissa stated recognizing the faces of the brothers as the assassinated sons of the Mayor in 1896... She couldn't forget them, it was one of the most intriguing article in an history book she once read.

"Dead to the world? " Cecilia asked perplexed.. It was all confusing.

"Yeah, they died about hundred years ago , they were all murdered with their sister and some of their friends but when I read it only these three pictures were in the book ". Melissa answered and Leo heaved.

Cecilia paused for a moment before everything sinked in,,, yeah Silvia's brothers, they're also alive!!

"How the hell are we going to find them now? ". Moran asked.

"Only Silvia can lead us to them and its a sure fact that she wouldn't even show her face anywhere close to us ". Leo answered.

"I know of someone who can lead us to her " Cecilia responded.

"Who? ". Moran asked.

"Anne Marie Locke "

Silvia woke to the feel of soft caresses on her face.

Her eyes fluttered open, to meet the beautiful pair of eyes she'd longed to see through out the night... She waited and waited till she eventually fell asleep.

"Jamie? ". She called lowly and sat up.

"Hi ". He threw back at her in the same tone.

His heart was seriously bleeding, he was wounded and broken.. He honestly wished there was another explanation to her dealings... He wanted badly that everything was just a lie.. He still didn't want to believe the fact that, what they have is a lie... He didn't want to believe that the short time they spent together was all an act.

And the most painful part of it all is that, his heart was still with her, his heart was yearning for her and the urge to just hug her and forget everything was stronger than ever..

"Where were you? I waited all night and what happened to you? You look disorganized ". She said to him with a look of scrutiny... But he was just too overwhelmed by the whole issue, he couldn't reply..

"Jamie what's wrong? ". She asked sensing his attitude..

And between all the thoughts that breezed into his mind.. Only one question slipped out.

"Can I see your real face, Silvia? ". He whispered but she heard it, so loud that it even felt like a bang.

At that moment she felt like her heart had been ripped out of her and she couldn't breath... And to top it all she lost focus and her real look came out..

Jamie watched as she transformed into her real self before his eyes, it looked like one of those film tricks but the bitter truth was that it was no trick, it was real..

So damn real.

"You're really really beautiful Silvia , more beautiful than Fay could ever be " he choked out with his eyes glistening wet.. He felt like crying but he didn't want to look vulnerable in front of her, she would feel triumphant and her wasn't gonna give her that previlage.

Silvia on the other hand was already on the verge of falling off, her sight became blur and she felt hot tears travel down her face..

How did he find out?

Why now?? !!

Why Me ???!!!!

She didn't know what to say or do.. Like a flash, she sprouted up and dashed out the house not even bothering to pick her things..

As she ran out she hoped and wished that he would come after her and ask her why she did it or if she truly loved him because the answer is yes... She frigging loved him but the sad fact is that they would never be together, because of her stupid acts and of course, her devilish brothers.

She got to the parking lot and collapsed beside her car... Tears.. Hot tears... Cry... Crying was now a hubby of hers..

Happiness was just like an alien in her wretched life.

She suddenly felt a vibration in her pocket, that was when she remembered her phone was with her.. But of course, she was not in a state of mind to speak to anyone.

But when the caller persisted, she angrily brought out the phone and picked it.. Not even bothering to check who it was..

"What the fuck do you want?!! ". She yelled into the phone, but instantly cooled down when she heard the voice of the caller.

"Hello Fay? ". The tranquil voice rang from the other end..

"Anne Marie?? "

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