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Reincarnation-Chapter 35


Reincarnation-Chapter 35

Theme: Death is not an option


continuation from the last chapter...

"True miss, curiosity kills the cat, but not this cat!! ". The voice hissed at her.

She froze on the spot and slowly dropped her hands releasing the pistol. She could hear her heart beating drums...

'Oh no no no '. She cried inwardly.
'Why is he here? How come he's here? What could he want? '.
She fisted her palms together before turning around to come face to face with the one person she'd dreaded for so many years.. Will her cover be blown? What if it chose this moment to betray her?

"What if it doesn't work now? ". Her subconscious mind whispered to her.

"Madame Fay, I think it's high time you're put to a stop, you've fooled everyone enough ". Leo hissed further pointing a gun at her and for some unknown reasons, she heaved a sigh and gave him a pointed look.

" and who are you to tell me that? ". She shot back at him.

"Who I'm I to tell you that? Hmm I'm nobody... No one at all,, but just know that you've reached your peak today "

"My peak you say Mr Perez? I will never reach my peak, unless I decide to!! ". She half yelled and did something unexpected..

She forcefully tore her watch of her wrist and hit it hard on the floor... Immediately the whole place was filled with fog and he couldn't see her or anything else.. About ten seconds later it cleared out but she was no where in sight....

"Shit!! I lost her!! ". He half yelled..
"Um Leo, there's a little problem here". Conan voice rang into his ear.

"What's it? "

"They are rounding up on us! "
"And there are some cars heading towards that place! ". Justin added, he was already set to shoot whoever his gun pointed at.

"Dammit and I just lost the frigging bitch!! ". Leo snarled frustratedly.

"And Dante, did she harm him? ". He heard Sawyer's voice....
That was when he remembered that there was someone like that, he scanned the place and sighted Dante whimpering at the one corner of the room...

"Stupid prick!! ". He cursed walking towards him...
"Get the hell up!! ". He yelled pointing the gun at the shaking figure of Dante...

"Please.. Please don't kill me ". Dante stuttered apologetically.

"Just f**king move!!! ".
Dante got in front of him and hurriedly staggered out to meet chaos....

It was like a hundred men against ten... Dangerous looking men with dangerous weapons surrounded the whole area, some were on bikes, some were hanging around cars and some looked like they were actually waiting for them....

Now the question is, how the f**king hell did they get to know about this meeting and who are they working for..

"Some of them are with me". Dante said making Leo realize he actually voiced out his thoughts..
"Then tell them to f**king get us out of here!! ". Leo barked at him... Almost immediately one of the black Ferrari drove in front of them and Conan opened the door from inside..

"Get in!! ". Leo said pushing Dante towards the car, he hesitantly walked towards the opened door and before he entered he signaled his men to follow him...

Before Conan could kick start the car, the second door opened and Cecilia got down, making Leo furrow his brows
"What do you think you're doing? " he questioned sharply..

"I can't leave you here, you can't take all these men down on your own ". She replied hurrying towards him, By now some of the men were already approaching them..

"And will that be possible with you here? ". He snapped at her.

"Not exactly but it'll reduce the stress ". She replied balling her fist..
"Cecilia, I'm not alone and you can't... ". He was interrupted by the sound of a gunshot... I
Conan zoomed off, attracting the men waiting on bikes, they kicked off and followed the car..

"Oh no no no, this is bad, very bad " Leo poured out thinking of the next step to take... 'If only they knew things would turn out this way..'. He quickly grabbed Cecilia by the hand and started running, dragging her along with him to the underground tunnel Sawyer and Susan were waiting... They ran very fast but it was as if the men were running faster because they were gaining up on them.

Leo came to an instant halt when he reached were the car was parked underground, Susan and Sawyer were already waiting...
He opened the door to the passenger seat and ordered..

"Get in ". He said looking at Cecilia, but she frowned and with a scoff she bluntly thundered back...

"I'm not leaving you or anyone else behind "

"Oh God... Why are you so stubborn?!! "

"I don't know but all I know is.. We're all leaving this place at once.. "

"Cecilia please just go, you can't... ". He was about saying when ten hefty men holding long iron rods, appeared.

"F**k!! ". He cursed and slammed the car door shut...

"Susan, Cecilia, whatever happens, remember to break their balls!! ".
 He snickered before turning to face the approaching monkeys....
Justin watched with his machine gun set in place, he sighted a car coming in full speed and recognised it as the Ferrari, he wasn't particularly sure about who was in it but he knew they would need help... Following the speeding Ferrari were two Lamborghinis and eight bikemen..

"Shit.. Moran take this, shoot whoever's ass you see! ". He said to Moran passing her a gun of a smaller size...

She collected it and immediately fired a the tyre of a bike, making both the rider and the bike tumble off the road..

"That's it baby!! ". He commented before shooting at the cars..

"F**k.. Dante!! Don't be useless take this frigging gun and shoot ". Conan yelled narrowly escaping a bullet which hit the side mirror..

"Watch out! ". Erika warned and pushed herself through the window to shoot a bike just behind them..

"Dante... F**king take the gun and shoot ". She drawled at Dante when sat back inside..

"Some of them are my men ". He protested helplessly..

"Who f**king cares... Our lives are at stake here!! " Conan yelled, he was struggling to focus on the road...

Dante picked up the gun and with a long sigh, he wind down the glass and looked out.... His heart flew to his mouth the instant he saw the troop of gangsters chasing them... Now he realized who he messed with, if only he knew what awaited him, he wouldn't have dared to step his feet out of his luxurious beach house... And now he escaped death by hay's breath, through a bunch of strangers..
Now whether or not they get out of this his life is in their hands..

But staying alive to see tomorrow sounds better but the possibility of that happening laid on a very very thin thread.....

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