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Reincarnation-Chapter 34


Reincarnation-Chapter 34

Theme: Death is not an option


Dante emerged from the car and entered McKinley hills , he was expecting to see Mark but was surprised to find an unfamiliar redhead lady sitting crossed legged on a chair , in front of a table.

'Why is Mark always bringing girls with auburn hair to our meeting? ' he thought scanning the area for any sign of Mark.

"I thought the message Sent to you, specifically warned against coming late " she snarled at him.

"I thought I was gonna be meeting Mark" he responded, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Is that the reason you came late?
 " she snapped leaning forward.

"I got caught up in traffic, and why is Mark not here? ". He answered taking a seat.

"I'm the one you're supposed to meet, Mark is incapable of doing what I'm here for " .

"Why, is he sick or something? "

"No no, nothing like that, he's not just fit to do the job I'm here for "
 she answered this time rising to her feet and taking slow steps towards him.

"Oh... So what are you here for, apart from our planned business? " he asked, noting all the delectable features she possessed. Then and there, he was already thinking of different angle he could use in banging her.

'Maybe we could have a hot quickie after discussing work ' he thought, a bulge was already forming between his groin.

She noticed the lust in his eyes and smiled inwardly..... 'No wonder he was labeled chronic womanizer '.. She pitied him though, this will be the last he'll look at a woman like that.

"Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk..where's your mind at Dante Orlando? " she asked leaning forward so he could see her cleavage.

"Where is my mind at? My mind is at work and maybe somewhere close to work.. It involves a kind of physical exercise " he replied with smug look.

"Physical exercise uh? ". She asked laughing slightly.

"Yep, may I at least ask what the name of such a beautiful lady is? " he responded, feeling a little in control now.

"Silvia ". She answered with a smirk... 'He's going to die anyways '. She thought.

"Dante let's just discuss work for now, then maybe we could talk about the physical exercise afterwards". She added, turning her back to the entrance.

"Of course, there's no time to waste, did the Malton brothers agree to the raise, I requested for? " he replied excitedly.

"Before we talk about the main issue, I'd like to give you some highlights "

"Highlights? "

"Yeah, you seem to be looking at where you're not supposed to "
"And where is that? ". He asked unsure of where the conversation was leading to.

"I'll make this clear for you... What were you thinking when you ordered a private investigator to look for more information about the B. M. Bs? " she threw at him and his eyes immediately bulged out.

"Hmm, with your reaction, I'm sure my accusation is justified... What've you got to say about that? ".

"I... I'm.. Well I mean ". He stuttered nervously.

'Shit!! How did they find out? '
"Was the info you already have not enough for you? And do you know the consequences of what you did? "

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to know if you guys are genuine "

"Genuine? .. Maybe you'll know how genuine we are after this ". She said and brought out the pistol pointing it at him.

"Curiosity.. They say, kills the cat... Any last words Dante? ". She asked aiming at him..

He wanted to speak but he couldn't, he just froze at the spot, staring wide eyed at her..

She was about to pull the trigger when a voice halted her..

"True miss, curiosity kills the cat.. But not this cat"...


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