My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 6


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 6

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


I never knew I was putting my life in danger
owing to the kind of lifestyle I was living.
I came back from school one evening;
I still do attend classes sometimes sha,
because of one lecturer like that who doesn't
like giving free marks even if you pay
him with sex and money. One of my guys
contacted me that one senator like that;
Mr Adeniyi Coker, needs a girl to spend
the night with and if I play my cards well he
will pay me well, I agreed and he sent
me his number. I called him afterwards,
he told me to meet him at Sunshine  Hotel
and tell the receptionist to give me the
 keys to suite 104. I got dressed and took
 a drive to the hotel, on getting inside, I asked
 the receptionist for the keys which she
 gave me but not after throwing me a disdainful look.
 I took the elevator to the room, opened
 the door,took my shower and tied a towel
 while waiting for him. Few minutes later,
 I heard d door opening and he came inside
 while I got up to welcome him,we kissed
 for sometime before he left to take a shower.
 I was already fingering my pussy while
 waiting and he unexpectedly came out
 naked with his very huge and long rod.
 I swallowed hard while staring at it,I couldn't
 wait to suck and fuck out his warm
 and feel his cum trickle from my chin down
 to my boobs. and have it leaking down
 my wet dripping pussy. He was surprised
 to see me self-servicing on the bed and he
 mumbled "wow!" he called me nasty names
 and asked me to crawl to him. I crawled
 towards him and grabbed his erected dick,
 I stroked it gently and glanced up to look
  at him before dipping it in my mouth,
  a moan escaped from his lips as he urged
  me to go deeper. I licked his pee hole,
  slide my tongue around the shaft area
  before taking in the dick itself,I couldn't
  get it to fit in my mouth,he pushed my
  head down and I gauged on it when I felt
  it touching my throat,I gasped for breath
  and continued sucking it. My pussy was starting
  to get really wet as I felt my juice dripping
  down my laps. He reached out to fondle
  my already full bre*asts while pinching
  my nipples. "awwnn ouch!" I moaned and
  started stroking his hard dick faster,
  sucking him faster and messaging
  balls. "Am cummmmming" he roared in pleasure
  and started shooting his warm cum deep
  inside my throat and I swallowed it up
  while savouring the salty taste and licking
  my lips. He reached out to me and lead
  me to the bed,he buried his face in my pussy
  and licked off the juice before sticking
  his tongue inside me,he reached for my
  left breast and pressed it while tongue
  fucking me at the same time,I couldn't
  hold my orgasm as I exploded in his mouth.
  He raised me up and kissed me making
  me to taste my own love juice.


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