My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 5


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 5

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


It felt so awesome and I held his head
down when he attempted to bring it up,
I squirmed underneath him when my orgasm
started building. I was about peeing in
his mouth I thought when a sudden sensation
hit me,I couldn't even explain it. I just
closed my eyes and let the magic happen.
My body relaxed a little after I released
but I was still damn horny,I pushed his head
off my thigh. He positioned me for a doggy style
while I su-cked the di-ck of the other guy
after he shoved it in my mouth,he had a
real hard time penetrating me. He did so
after a few more attempts. I yelped in pain
as I felt his 7 inches di-ck thrusted deep inside
me, I had to hold the bed for support as my
eyes lit up with tears of pain and pleasure.
He continued thru-sting in and out until we
both came, he made me lick the cu-m off
his di-ck as the other guy stroke his
flaccid di-ck waiting for his turn. He gently
lifted me up and penetrated my we-t pu-ssy
again,it wasn't so painful or hard this time.
I bite my lips in pleasure and moa-ned out loud.

** Fast forward**

I slept off after the whole thing,I couldn't
believe I just took in two di-cks, I felt dirty
and my pu-ssy was sore, I was paid a hundred
thousand naira. After that night,my whole
life changed, I became a slu-t. We attended
many more parties after that, sometimes
outside the state or metropolis of the school.
I now send money home to my parents
and when they asked me how I was able
to get the money, I lied to them about having
a job I attend to when I don't have lectures
and they believed me because they never
knew their daughter could change and
stoop as low as doing prostitution to earn
money and be among the big babes on campus.
Education wasn't even on my mind anymore,
I paid lecturers with my body to get marks
and some of my course mates money
to do projects and assignment for me.
I became the baddest girl on campus.
I got my own apartment after entering
300 Level, my place was a semi brothel
as different types of guys comes in and
out every day. My hunger for dick was so
much that I could fu-ck 4-5 guys a day
before I will be satisfied.l always like it raw,
no protections but I do take pills after every sex .
My parents were oblivious of my behavior
and new found lifestyle. Going home during
holidays or break was suspended as I do
 tell my parents that my boss wants me to
stay back and work, I built my parents
a mansion and got my dad a car, opened
a supermarket for my mum and was training
my siblings in school. They were so happy and
proud of me. How I wish they know.


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