My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 4


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Episode 4

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


We walked inside the building and it was
buzzing with loud music, full of different
girls wearing skimpy clothes and some
were wearing just panties dancing on a pole.
It instantly dawned on me that we were
in a club and a stripping club at that,I
like a lost sheep who willing
the butcher to the slaughter house. We
walked up to a table; there were three
guys sitting there and we sat with them
after exchanging pleasantries. They seem
quite familiar with my friends because
of the way they all got along while I just
stare into space with my head bowed
thinking of what my parents will say or do
if they find out am at a club of all places to be.
Sandra nudged me out of my thoughts
and introduced me to the guys and they all
flashed me a smile,few minutes later,
Sandra left with her boyfriend and Anita
also stood up with one of the guys. I asked
her why they were leaving,she grinned
at me and said they are going to earn
money while winking at the two guys left.
I was beginning to get scared but I decided
not to show it,one of them went to the
bar, got me a drink in a cup and gave me.
I didn't ask about the content but just
it due to nervousness, I started feeling
woozy and tipsy. I got up from
the chair and started dancing and shaking
my ass, I was damn feeling horny. One
of them got up and grabbed me by the waist
and started rocking his hard-on on my
soft buttocks. I was intoxicated and
i quickly
grabbed him by his nape and gave him a
wet kiss on his lips, I was feeling hot.
He scooped me up from the floor and
carried me to a room with the other guy
tagging along, "pull your clothe" one of them
ordered, a tattoo was on his right arm.
I giggled
like a school girl and did what he said,
I removed all my clothes and stood
before them. He came for a kiss again,
I reciprocated the kiss and we continued
Kissing till I felt my legs touch the bed,
he pushed me on the bed and I fell exhaling.
He separated my legs while the other one
started sucking my boobs. It was the first
time someone was doing such to me, tingling
feelings rush to my head and my pussy, I
grabbed his head to urge him not to stop
"Ahhhhh" I moaned softly as I felt the other
one's tongue on my bare pussy,my moaning
increased when his tongue touched one
particular part of my pussy which I later knew as clit.


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