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Bane's Blade-Chapter Ten


Bane's Blade-Chapter Ten

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Cyraila (girl found at the dumpster)
Okay, this is so weird, very weird.
 Why is this human looking at me like that? Is there something on my face? Do I look weird? He laid on my bed, his palms under his chins as he wagged his legs on air and stared at me with a very weird look. I touched my face, it doesn't feel unusual.

'Why do you keep looking at me like that?'

'I don't know, you're so cute!' He pinched my cheek, is he attacking me? 'I can't believe my prayer have been answered.'

'What prayers?'

'Have anyone ever told you that your eyes are very big and pretty?'
'What?' I asked touching my eyes. 'Kweo Min-Jun, you are making me very uncomfortable.'

'How can you remember my name? I can't remember it myself, why?'

'Oppa,' I whined, his eyes were very uncomfortable. He laughed and jumped up to his feet. 'What is the cause of your uncomfortable and unusual happiness?'

'If anyone tries to bully you, can you handle them?' I smirked and looked at our portrait. 'Can you handle insults?'

'I do not care about what people say or do, why do you ask?'

'If I kiss you, what will happen?' He asked grinningly.

'You lose all your teeth and your nose falls off,' I said seriously.

'What about on the cheek?' I glared at him.

'Kisses are sign of affection Oppa, I do not appreciate them.'

'What about if I hold your hands?'
'Holding hands, skin to skin contact including lips, all are affections Bane can't handle. Do not pass your boundary Kweo....'

'Yeah yeah,' he cut me off. He waved dismissively. 'Your scary eyes make me wanna pee my pants,' he gave me a thumbs up. 'Perfect to scare them away but....' He began pacing around the room. 'How would I convince everyone...' I heard him mutter. 'What will it take me to gain your trust?'

'That is a very weird question....'
'New plan!' He snapped his fingers. 'Dress up, I'll be back in three hours to take you out so you better be ready.'

'Do I have a say in this?'

'No, I have spoken.' He jogged to the door, still smiling like a creep.

'Oppa....' He turned around and painted at the painting.

'Black fire, that name makes so much sense for your teammates and you.' He winked at me and walked out, I touched my cheeks, hot.

'Cyraila don't feel so good.' I whimpered and hit my chest, I can't breathe well. I looked at the painting and my lips stretched, Black fire.

I heard Oppa shriek. 'Not again!' Followed by girls screaming.

Lunch time, eventually, Jin-Ju ended up trapped with Seo-Jun and his friends. Since we are technically related in a way, we were forced to sit with them. Ivan was telling a very ridiculous story, Jin-Ju seem to love the story as she laughed like he was her boyfriend while Seo-Jun murdered his stake and cheese. Ji-Seon was nonchalantly smoking, staring at no one but her phone while Shane watched my every move. I wasn't doing anything serious, just eating quietly and he was making me uncomfortable.

'....and the bird pooped on his head,' Ivan continued and both idiots laughed.

'Oppa, that was hilarious. After suffering to get his hair done for nine hours, it got ruined.'


'Whoo, so funny.' Seo-Jun said sarcastically with an eye roll.

'Seo-Jun Oppa, it's so funny, don't be like that.'

'Yeah, it was.' Ivan agreed, nodding his head grinningly.

'It wasn't that funny, I can tell better funny sto.....' Jin-Ju cuts him off with a snort.

'Don't even try, when it comes to joke, Ivan Oppa is awesome!' She squealed high "fiving" Ivan. Seo-Jun glared at him.

'What about me? Aren't I awesome too?' He asked through gritted teeth. She shook her head thoughtfully.

'Weeeeeell,' she drawled. 'You are amazing in...in...in...in....hmm, I'm sure you are good with something....' Seo-Jun slammed his fork on the table.

'Ya! I'm suppose to be the most amazing and awesome guy in your life! Why are you appreciating him!' He yelled angrily. She pouted.

'I was kidding, no guy can be better than my Oppa, my pretty mosquito.' He nodded proudly before he realized what he agreed to.

'Mwo! Mosquito!' His veins were popping out already, he gets angry too easily.

'Ya, Oppa, what did I say about your temper?' She asked poutingly. 'You are scaring me.' His face soften, damn! She can pretend.

'Mianhae,' he stretched his hand out, she scoot over to him and snuggled into his chest. 'I won't get angry again, I promise.'

'Don't mind Ivan Oppa, he might be awesome at jokes, but he's not a Superman like you. You are my Superman, my able Oppa, fighting!' He nodded proudly, a smug smirk on his face.

'Jealous frustrated goat,' Ivan muttered.

'Don't call me that, I ran someone with a car once so doing it to you isn't hard.' Seo-Jun murmured loud enough for us to hear. Ji-Seon threw away her fag and gulped down her bottle of buvvy, what's up with her?

'Well, I'm off to pick up our bikes Jin-Ju,' she ruffled Jin-Ju's hair. 'Take your drugs and Seo-Jun, don't let her drink anything cold, okay?'

'Why can't she drink anything cold?' Ivan asked curiously.

'Her heart will stop working and I'll fire a bullet into your damn skulls, bye love.' She pecked her cheek and nodded at me before walking off.

'That girl is something else,' Shane finally spoke. He looked at me again. 'You don't talk much, do you?'

'Speaking sucks,'

'Why are all of you so mysterious?'
'Because we came from the wrong side of earth, what's up?' I smirked. He smiled and slurped his drink.

'I like you, you are bold,' he glanced at Jin-Ju who was trying to take Seo-Jun's cold soda. 'You all are.'

'You know it will kill you, why try to drink it!' He yelled.

'Is it your dying! Oppa!' She yelled back, trying to get it.

'Sit down and finish your soup,' he commanded sternly.

'But Oppa,' she whined.

'Now,' he snapped. She whimpered and faced her seaweed soup.

'Focus on me for a second,' Shane said waving his hand on my face. 'What's your name and where are you from? Me, I was born in Japan but raised here. I can speak Japanese, Chinese and Korea. I understand English well, though I'm yet to speak it, you?' He would freak out if he knows I can speak 100 languages, part of my training.
'I'm Lyiris Shindler, born in none of your business and raised in Australia. I can speak more than 50 languages, that's it.'

'Isn't that impossible?' I shook my head negatively. 'Were you also trained by a general?'

'Only when my rebellion nature got too much, age thirteen to seventeen.'

'So how old are you?' I sighed and rolled my eyes.


'What school are you attending?'
'I've graduated, from a university in London.'

'Don't the university have a name?'

'I don't trust people with my personal life, mianhae.'

'It's okay,' he looked at the door where Kris was running in like a psycho, sea of ladies behind him.

'Hyung!' He shouted. 'Save me!' Shane laughed while Seo-Jun snapped his fingers, his main guard fired a bullet into the air. It caused a chaos, screaming everywhere but we didn't move. When everyone had ran out, Kris sat on the ground and gasped for air. 'I blame you!'

'Me?!' Seo-Jun exclaimed with disbelief. 'How is it my fault?'

'Well I can't blame myself, I'm too amazing to be blamed so I blame you.' This is Kris, huh? He's cuter in person than in videos. He had jet black hair and deep black eyes, sparkling ones and pale pink lips. He look so cute, drool worthy. Let me not forget to name the graceful tattoo on his neck, I could see it on his hand and I'm pretty sure his body is covered with it.

His appearance is cold and snooty but he doesn't seem like that. Nice.

'Just look at me, I'm leaking!' He shrieked dragging his shirt. 'I'm leaking! Hyung, I said I'm leaking!'
'You are sweating,'

'I am leaking,' he huffed. 'I don't sweat!'

'You are sweating!' Seo-Jun yelled.
'I only sweat when I'm running a bed marathon!' He yelled back. I covered my mouth and laughed into it.

'Oppa,' someone called in a singsong. I looked at the second entrance, a girl with gold hair was skipping to us.

'Enemy number 3!' Kris shouted, he took off his shoes. 'Run for my life!' He dashed off again, screaming like a girl. Ivan and Shane were laughing very well with Jin-Ju.

'Oppa!' She shouted laughingly. 'You can't runaway forever!' She shouted before walking to us with a grin. 'Babe,' she kissed Ivan on the cheek. 'Why was he leaking?'

'Do you guys have a thing for leak?' I asked.

'No, but Kris calls it that....hey! You're pretty, who are you?'

'You're Suki! Jang Suki, one of Darcy's girls!' Jin-Ju squealed.

'I'm the leader actually but I let Darcy take the name, since you know me already....?'

'Jin-Ju, you can call me Jin or Apple.' Jin-Ju said as they shook hands.


'Future stage name,' Jin-Ju blushed. 'That's Lyiris, she doesn't talk much.'

'You look like a bad ass, always wanted to be that.' Suki smirked. My phone vibrated, I brought it out.

'So, you and Ivan Oppa are really dating?' Suki shrugged.

'He loves me,' Ivan giggled.

'You're the he dummy,' Shane chuckled.

'I know, just saying what I would have said,' eh?

From Cyraila: Lyiris Shindler, I've encountered some severe difficulties, can you come over with friend Apple? Quick?

What could it be?

I stood up shoving my phone back into my front pocket. I downed my glass of wine and looked at Jin-Ju.
'Jin-Ju, Cyrai is having some sort of emergency, she needs you.'

'What crisis?'

'I don't know, it can be fashion but I don't think....'

'Fashion!' She squeaked and flew out of her chair. 'I'm coming Cyraila!' She shouted as she ran off.

'Wow, that was rude,' Seo-Jun said complainingly.

'Wait a minute,' Suki said with wide eyes. 'Were you just holding a girl?' She asked Seo-Jun. I walked out on them, hurrying to catch up with cheetah girl. My phone vibrated again, I expected a text from Cyrai but I got it from an unknown number. It was a picture of me eating.

Under the sunlight, a everest beauty, one that not even the darkest makeup can cover. My new inspiration, a girl of mystery, I've got my eyes on you.

Who sent this rubbish?!

Jin-Ju (Apple)
I burst into our room, a gasp left my mouth as I registered the mess. Cyraila was standing in the midst of it all, confusion and panic taking over her beautiful innocent face. She was whimpering as she stared at the mess guiltily. It was like a little tornado swept through our wardrobes.

'Cyraila, what did you do?'

'I'm so sorry friend Apple,' she whimpered. 'I was looking for what to wear to see funny Oppa but this happened.' She had someone's panties in her hair, my coral trousers wrapped her neck.

'Wear to see who again?' I asked maneuvering around the mess so I won't step on the expensive clothes.

'Funny Oppa,' she repeated. 'He came and hid here and said he would pick me up this evening, I don't know. My mental function is messed up, I can't seem to tell what is wrong with me.' It looked like she was going to cry.

'Who is funny Oppa?'

'Kweo Min-Jun.' I shrieked enthusiasticall

y, 'Did I say something wrong?'
'Are you kidding me! Kris asked you out on a date?!'

'I don't know if it's called that but....'

'Are you for real! I need to beautify you!'

'What's going on?' Lyiris asked, staring at the mess. 'Did I miss anything?'

'Kris asked Cyrai on a date and she popped up a yea! I need to get her.....wait, are we talking about the same Kris that is dating Darcy Dale?'

'Mind you friend Apple, it is not a date but just an outing, right Lyiris?' Lyiris smirked.

'Right,' she exaggerated smirkingly. 'We better fix her up good, huh? Say not too dark, yet not bright.'

'What do you guys think of Black Fire?' Cyrai asked as I shuffled through clothes on the ground.

'Sounds amazing, I love it.' Lyiris said nodding her head, I smiled too. Why didn't I think of that?

"Life is a race", whoever said that, God will punish him. I have never ran like that in my entire life, no, God will punish those girls. All their children will get chased by three headed lions, themselves will run from giant man-eating turkeys, that occultic animal. Have you ever gotten chased by turkeys? Not a good experience. I was done braiding my hair at the side halfway, remaining to comb and curl the tips. What? You think I completely escape the clutches of my four cousin sisters? Suki is number 3 and I keep seeing Suzy in my dreams.

Plus, making my hair like a girl's few times, exaggerates my cute side. It makes me irresistible and that is what I aim for, for this date.
'Oppa,' just the girl I'm looking for.
Darcy walks into my room, the one I share with Ivan, my parrot. I named him Ivan after Ivan because they both have one thing in common, talking. 'Oppa, there you are....'

'Darcy, how long have we been dating?' She was taken aback by the question. 'Just answer.'

'Almost four years....?'

'That's long, right?' I nodded, replying myself. 'Well, how many times have you cheated?'

'Let me answer that, 31½, half from the time I caught you almost sleeping with that goatee guy. Did I break up with you?'


'I am now, I'm tired of you. It was suffocating being with you, tolerating you and your rubbish.
I've grown tired of you Darcy so I've moved on.'

'Kris please,' she sobbed. 'I've changed....'

'That's the door, use it and don't touch me, keep your distant.' She still came close.

'Oppa, please don't leave me, not today....'

'Your nic nac boo boo bores me, get lost. I'm tired of using oversize....'

'Ouch!' Ivan, my parrot exclaimed. 'That have got to hurt, take heart Darby.' He laughed.

'Shut up you stupid bird!'

'You got dumped,' he sang.

'Stupid bird!' They never agree on anything.

'Hey Darby!' He shouted and whistled. 'How does it feel to get dumped?' She screamed and made to attack my pretty bird. I stopped her by yanking her hair.

'Kweo Min-Jun!' She shrieked.
'Out,' I pronounced slowly and darkly. She gulped knowing she was getting me angry. She nodded, more tears running down her cheeks. I let go of her hair.

'When you have calmed down, you know where to find me. Don't keep me waiting for long.' She walked out confidently, I always go back to her and that's why she's so confident. If my relationship with XJ9 (Cyraila) don't work, I'll marry my mirror ooooooor.....' I looked at Ivan (the parrot) who was doing his happy dance. He whistled and stopped.

'Why are you looking at me like that?'

I strolled back to her cabin, at least I think it's hers. The kwashiorkor trees have to be something. My wireless earbugs were in, a nice song I was imagining dancing to with her pleasuring my hearing.

♪ Let me take the night,
I love real easy
And I know that you'll
Still wanna see me
On the Sunday morning
Music real loud
Let me love you while
The moon is still out
Something in you,
Lit up heaven in me
The feeling won't let me sleep
'Cause I'm lost in
The way you move,
The way you feel
One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me
I look like all you need
One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me
I look like all you need
One ♪ I sighted her cabin, the light hazel colour. I walked faster to it, dating a camper is not allowed in the rules but when have I ever kept to it? No MR idols are to keep tattoos, my whole body – well, only the left part of my torso – has it. We aren't allowed to make our relationship public, I regrettably did with Darcy. I've broken almost all the rules. There's this spirit chanting "break me Kris, break me."

♪ I just wanna feel your skin on mine
Feel your eyes do the exploring
Passion in the message when you smile
Take my time
Something in you
Lit up heaven in me
The feeling won't let me sleep
'Cause I'm lost in
The way you move,
The way you feel
One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me
I look like all you need
One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me
I look like all you need
One ♪ I knocked on the door, two knocks and I open, I hate waiting. The door opened, I removed one earbug and smiled at the pink haired girl. She got out and shut the door, no smile on her face.
'What so you want from my sister?' She asked coldly, almost terrifying.

'She's God's gift to me,'

'You see,' I put my hand around her shoulders, she eyed it detestingly but I don't care. 'I prayed that he gives me a new girlfriend, one that will make my heart skip and that girl is XJ9.'

'Don't worry, I won't hurt her. She's meant to be mine and I know it. I broke uo with Darcy, that meat is spoilt.'

'If you hurt my sister....'
'Yeah yeah, I know. You'll kill me but don't worry, I won't.'

'I was going to say she will kill you,' she twisted my hand off her shoulders. I howled as she twisted my lovely hand. 'Be careful, don't touch her either.'

'Sure thing noona,' I grinned. She scoffed.

'I'm pretty sure you are older,' she murmured. The door opened again, XJ9 walked out. I whistled immediately, damn!
'Aigoo! My baby looks like a dead fish!' I squealed, she frowned and looked at herself. She wore something like a green top which hands won't stay on her shoulders, pink skinny jeans with tube cuts, some kind of high white death walking shit called shoes and white belt. Her Serein Mid Stainless Steel Diamond watch, white stud and opera necklace was outstanding but I hate her shoes, how can she be taller than I am? Unfair!

'Dead fish?' She asked touching her face which I know have no makeup. 'Ugly?'

'I was kidding, you look great so walk.' I took her hand which was covered by green gloves despite the wristwatch. Come to think of it, pink girl is also wearing gloves. Suspicious.

Anyways, I fixed the earbug back and kissed my sister in-law – on the cheek – and ran away with my wife while she screamed about killing me if she catches me. She was chasing me, XJ9 ran with me, gigglingly. Now, how do I terminate her shoes? She can't be taller.

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