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Bane's Blade-Chapter Five


Bane's Blade-Chapter Five

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I danced and sang as I painted my own share of the furniture, the room remained black but other parts changed. The bedframes for each done to our own taste, the window frames were painted green and pink by Jin-Ju instead of white, the cabin floor to be handled by Cyrai and change to gray. Ji-Seon handled painting the tables and chairs purple, green and gray and I handled the bedframes and nightstands. I was to paint it to our selected colours. Jin-Ju is always prepared, she had enough fluffy pink, green and purple stuff animals in her box, we planed to litter the whole cabin with the cute stuff animals. The ceiling was gray already, we will so get punished for changing the cabin but whatever.

It had been three days, the girls and I have really gotten along, we have so much in common and that helped us relate. As usual, Cyrai was quiet but I could tell she liked them just as much as I did. Ji-Seon was quite mature minded, neither quiet or loquacious and very outspoken, they both were. Jin-Ju was a fashion and cute boy freak but I could tell neither of them cared about dating; that was the third greatest thing we had in common.

♪ Own it, girl, you just own it
'Cause your body's on fire
Show me how to control it
And go hit your spliff and get higher
Girl, I love how you roll it
I put my hand there, hold it
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya ♪ they sang along to the instrumental, we've been singing along to instrumentals ever since. The twin had amazing voices, Jin-Ju is a born Vocalizer and Ji-Seon is really talented. The twin are very beautiful, even more than Cyraila and that's saying something.
♪ Lighters up, lighters up
One time, lighters up
Pulled up in the party
When you saw me I was lighting up my J
So go ahead and brighten up my day
Lighters in the air when you're lighting up the rave
And it's feeling like I met you here before
Girl, I felt your presence when they let you through the door
Never had a bruddah give you everything and more
So I take a little piece and the rest of it is yours
Mi amor, I ♪ I rapped.
♪ E don tey wey I don dey I tell you
But, girl, you think say nah play
I know no wetin you dey do me
Because dey scatter my brain ♪ Cyraila sang softly like she was shy.
♪ Thug loving when I put you in your place
I can tell you love it just by looking in your face
It's the way that you wind up your waist
I'm so in awe, girl, you never have to worry 'bout nothing
You know it's yours, you know you ♪ I rapped.
♪ Own it, girl, you just own it
'Cause your body's on fire
Show me how to control it
And go hit your spliff and get higher
Girl, I love how you roll it
I put my hand there, hold it
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya ♪ I paused the music and laughed to Jin-Ju who slipped. Her body got bathe in pain.

'You okay?' I asked laughingly. She groaned.

'If only this was chocolate cream,' she whimpered.

'Talking about that, does anyone realize that the camp starts tomorrow?' Ji-Seon asked.

'We know, staying out will help our room get dry.' Jin-Ju murmured as she tried to stand up.

'What's up?' I asked flinging my brush away.

'The idols will be appearing today, they will stay in camp with us.' She said grinningly.

'Yes! K-I-S-S!' Jin squealed clapping her hands, she was up now.
'I know about those cute babies!' I squealed too, the only set of idols that make my head spin.

'Kiss?' Cyrai asked tilting her head, her calculative mind on. Huh uh.
'MR Label's top idols, K-I-S-S is a K-pop boy group consisting of four boys. Kris, Ivan, Shane and Seo-Jun, that is what makes the name, K-I-S-S. The leader of the group is Kweo Min-Jun who is known as Kris, he is the richest not just as a popstar, but through his parents and his acting and modeling career. He's the cutest!' Jin explained, I sighed with relief because Cy would have said or did something suspicious. 'He is really cute! I so wanna hump on him....'
'Jin-Ju!' Ji-Seon shouted.

'Honest words,' Jin shrugged. 'He has the dope of all dopes voice and he's single. Eeeek! Next is Shane Jetty, the eldest amongst them but also the jovial crazy one. Legend has it that he is very nice, very very humble too, my big brother for life. He's the second richest amongst them but don't like showing it. Next, Kim Seo-Jun, mean and snobbish but nice in his own way. He's the rapper, the main rapper while Kris is the back up rapper, songwriter and singer. He is also a video editor or what do you call those people? He can so so well but not like Ivan. Ivan's real name is Ryu In-Su, singer and main choreographer. He's the youngest, second cutest and my husband.'

'How many husbands do you have?' I asked chucklingly.
'Kris is the guy I want to ride me to planet cookie, Shane my big Oppa, Seo-Jun my boyfriend and Ivan my husband.' She listed, counting her fingers. 'There's also the eight cuties, the face of C-B, Hornet, they aren't here but....oh! Park Dong-Jun! My extra boyfriend....' Ji-Seon whacked her with a pillow.

'I'm just a dick sucker.' Jin smirked. We giggled, we knew she was kidding. Cyrai was staring at us like we are crazy.

'We need to be there when they come,'

'Nay, let's just go out and get food later.' I suggested, they nodded in agreement.

'I'll stay back, won't you stay back to finish the secret plan?' Cyrai asked without a smile. She was talking to Jin-Ju.

'What plan?'

'Our secret,' Jin giggled. 'Play the song, let's sing yo!' I played the music again.

♪ Lights down for the one I love
Right now, we never looked better
Forget our friends, girl, I love it when we chill together
And ain't nobody gonna feel how we feel together ♪ she sang.
♪ She wanna kiss, I, I want another one
You got a sick vibe, I wanted more than one
Up to now, nobody knew where I was coming from
But we got the same mind
So I don't wanna waste time, bring it to me
My, my, that's what I need
That's right, kissing your cheek
One time ♪ Cyrai sang.
♪ I used to love being alone but now I can't stand it
Reaching out my palm for you to put your hand in
Girl, you are the one and I don't understand it
How you lighting up the room with your glow? ♪ Ji-Seon sang as she jumped, we screamed except roboto.
♪ 'Cause girl, you just own it, girl, you just own it
'Cause your body's on fire
Show me how to control it
And go hit your spliff and get higher
Girl, I love how you roll it
I put my hand there, hold it
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ♪ we sang dancing around. Fun.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ji-Seon and I laughed as we walked into the cafeteria, everyone was having dinner already. Everyone ate the same time, both boys and girls as an opportunity to know each other and choose their teammates. I could see the idols zone, no one was allowed in there. Most people just sing to show off like the three girls singing as they stood on their table, obviously to impress the idols because I'm pretty sure they can see and hear everything.

'What would we order?' Ji-Seon asked tapping me to focus on what she was saying. I tapped her back and shoved my hands into my back pockets. 'Why do you even wear so much makeup?'

'It's not much, just crazy.'

'Hmm, what would you order?' She looked at the woman serving the food. 'Ahjumma, got any pizza?'

'That's not good for your health, you should try something healthier.'


'Try my cabbage salad and bread,'
'For dinner?' I chuckled.

'Crazy combination can make the nicest meal,' she smiled
'Any other person eating it?' Ji-Seon asked looking around.

'No,' the woman murmured sadly. 'I'm not good as a chef.'

'But your cooking is great,'

'When I cook known dishes, not create.'

'In that case, I'm in!' I said loudly. 'Although I've eaten that during the period Cyrai and I went to Africa....'

'You have been to Africa?' Ji-Seon gasped. 'Are your parents like millionaires or something?'

'Are yours?' I smirked. She laughed and waved her ringed fingers. 'What?'

'If you know the symbol of this ring or rather whose family this crest belongs to, you won't ask.'

'Is that a Yoon crest?' The woman asked very loudly. Everywhere quiet down immediately, all eyes averting to us. Ji-Seon cleverly hid the ring in a way no one would ever suspect.

'Ah! Ahjumma,' she laughed. 'You are very funny.'

'But I saw....'

'This,' she showed her a fake red ring. 'Why will me of all people be related to....come on ahjumma,'
'Sorry, misunderstanding.'
Everyone returned to what they were doing. I chuckled as she sighed with relief, we took our orders and walked to the exit.
'Yoon Crest?'

'One of the five great families in Korea, don't bother asking much. My parents prefer we live a normal none crowded life.'

'Cool,' someone intentionally bumped into her, pouring coffee allover her body.

'Oops,' the stupid girl tittered. Her friends behind her laughed. Ji-Seon scoffed.

'Ya, what is your problem?'

'It's surprising a peasant like you is here,' the girl mocked. 'How did you pay for the registration fees, using your whore method as usual.'

'This person! What is wrong with you! Do you want me to hit you!' Ji-Seon yelled angrily.

'What can you do!' The girl who wanted to create a scene shouted. 'What can you do Lee Mi-Ja!'
'Lee who?' She asked with a scoff, she removed her cap, her purple hair fell down. The girls mouth fell open, I couldn't help but chuckle.
'Ji-Seon,' she gasped. 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' they fell on their knees and clasped their hands together pleadingly. 'Unni don't hurt us, I thought it was my ex friend, mianhae.' They were crying, wow, is she a bully?

'Get lost,' Ji-Seon spat. They ran away immediately, like they just saw a lion. 'Bitches.' I walked ahead of her while she grumbled behind.


'Jin-Ju and I are not nice, we ruled our highschool before graduating.'

'We're nineteen.'

'Looks like I'm the eldest,' I grinned. 'And looks like we just got attention on our first day out, don't tell the others. Maybe it will be best to always eat in our room.'

'Why?' Because of Cyraila but I won't tell her that.

'So we can eat in peace,' was my silly excuse.

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