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The Greek Gods-Chapter Three


The Greek Gods-Chapter Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

'No f-king way!!!!' Savannah shouted, we were in parenting class, at the very back of the class. I was telling her what happened and her reaction was planing to expose us.

'Miss Carlin, have anything to share with the class?' The teacher asked frowningly. She whistled and blew him a kiss. 'And what is that?'

'It's me being gruvishly groovious,' she said with a nonchalant shrug. I chuckled.

'Are those even words?'

'Check your dictionary and you'll find out,' she did winkingly. He sighed and went back to his lesson.

'Gruvishly groovious, really?' I asked chucklingly.

'I'm my own dictionary,' she said smugly. 'Now to what really matters, Ace T. Tentacles is your new student....'

'Davison,' I corrected. She smirked, the naughtiness in her smirk giving out the double meaning of her words. 'Ugh! Ew! Gross! You're crazy!'

'Not today love, not today,' she smiled leaning back on her chair. 'So, what's up? What did he say?'
'He said I've got beautiful eyes and insisted I take off the lens,'

'And you don't still believe him?'
'Of course I do,' I said blushingly.

'Then why are you still wearing it?'

'B...b....I don't know,' I shrugged. She chuckled, the bell rang. She stood up and gave me her bag, the girl whose bag I always carry. Her bag is always stuffed with loads, shoes, dresses, laptop and candies.
 When you see her loaded bag, you'll think she likes books but the only books in her hands is always her jotter, her book of designs and one big book she use in jotting the important notes down. That's if she doesn't forget it at home which she does three out of five in the week.

'So when are you teaching the hunk?' She asked as we walked out of class. She was going through some fliers.

'What flier is that?'

'For people to come to your dad's restaurant,'

'They won't come,'

'Leave that to me, just go ahead and order our food,' she said absent mindedly as she searched her pocket for her wallet. She brought out her pink leather wallet, one designed with diamonds. 'Don't manage my money for me, just buy whatever you want and what I want, okay?' I nodded. I would still manage her money, I'm sort of money conscious. I took the wallet and walked off. 'I said you should eat there this evening or I'll break your head!!!! If I don't see your name written in the register, I'll find and kill you!!!!' I heard her yell before I walked into the other hall. Gosh, she's impossible.

At the cafeteria, I bought our foods, cheese burgers, fries and two bottle of coke. I went to our usual spot, a spot everyone barely noticed. I sat down putting the trays down, brought out my phone and shielded my ears from the noise with my earphone. A message popped in when I was eating, one from Zachary.

"Hey sis! How's life?'" I almost squealed, he was mostly busy just like Fransisco, Savannah's brother so they barely had time for me or Savannah. My fingers punched in the words hastily.

'Life is hard, I miss you.'

"Awwwwwn, she misses me. Sorry about my busy schedule."

'I know, how's Avery?'

"She's alive, unfortunately."

'Uh oh, what happened this time?'
"Nothing she haven't done before, I'll handle it."

'Well, it's not like I care. How's school?.

"How's your tank? Still dry?' I whimpered, dirty brother.

'Do you have to always be you?!'
'Yes, I have to be me,' Savannah sat down opposite me like she always did, I didn't check though. Another message popped in, one from Fransisco, two blessing in one day.

"Hey Penguin!" My cheeks heat up, he always called me that to exaggerate how cute I was. I giggled. I racked my head for a cool reply.

'Hey Fransisco" I face palmed myself. 'Hey Fransisco, that's so lame,' I whined.

"Heh heh, how ya doing sunshine? You're in school? Of course you are, beautiful nerd." I giggled again, I'm sure my face was redder than cherry.

'Lolz, what are you up to?' I sent him and bit my lower lip in anticipation.

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"Nothing much, just thinking about a certain gorgeous someone with the most beautiful magenta eyes and lips haunting my dreams." I squealed and covered my mouth, laughing like a stupid girl who was chatting with her crush. Well, I was anyways. My phone got yanked away, I gasped and raised my head to snap at Savannah but my eyes came in contact with perfection. His dark eyes stared at my phone, invading my privacy.

'Hmm, didn't I tell you not to wear those fake shit again?' He asked nonchalantly as he pocketed my phone. I eyed my phone hopelessly, their messages were still popping in. 'Take that off before I remove it myself,' I obliged and removed the lens with little difficulty. I blinked my eyes to get use to the stinging and then looked at my hands shyly. 'Better.'
'My phone?' I asked under my breath.

'I'm hanging on to it for now,' my eyes averted to his two phones on the table, one iPhone and one Hawaii legit phone. His fingers were ringed with black diamonds, his nails painted gray with metal skulls on each solid nails. I gulped when I realised he was wearing a Rolex Daytona wristwatch, that piece cost $17.6 million dollars. Does he steal for a living? 'I forgot to give you the time you'll bring yourself to my longue for the stupid lesson. What do you say everyday after school, except Wednesdays and Fridays?' It might have sounded like a question but it was more of a concluded decision. I nodded and drummed my fingers on my laps impatiently. 'If I fail, you'll take full responsibility for it, is that clear?' I nodded.

'Can I have my phone back?' I asked inaudibly.

'Sorry, I don't speak mute,' I cleared my throat and raised my head nervously. 'You said?'

'My phone,' he brought it out and smirked.

'This old thing?' He dipped it into his hot whatever he was drinking, like he was ducking cookies in milk. He did it thrice while I stared at my poor phone with watery eyes and in hopelessness. 'Here,' he threw it at my face, the phone smacking my left cheek hard which was bound to leave a bruise. He stood up and pocketed his phones with his evil smirk still on. 'Don't be late, oh and welcome to my hellfect world.' With that said, he walked off to sit with his friends. I had used that phone for three years, three good years and it was almost fine. Tears ran down my cheeks as I kept it in my bag, there was no way Savannah would see it or she'd attack him. Everyone was technically laughing at the unfortunate girl, me.

'Genital!' My body tensed, I couldn't let her know. She's as harsh as a mother hen and I knew what she was capable of doing. She got to me and lift my face up by my chin. 'Start talking.'

'It's nothing, I was eating and the sauce got into my eye, it burns,' I lied. She looked around, everyone watching me amusedly. I mean I just lied but it wasn't abnormal, I wouldn't dare report Ace. To them, what can she do? But to me, she can cause a serious problem.

'Right,' she said exaggeratedly, obviously not buying my story. 'Anyways, daddy just called, Pantseecoke sent me a box of new chocolates! A whole new type, if I like it, I can order for more!' She squealed. Pantseecoke is what she calls her brother. She changes peoples name like no man's business. I stood up and smiled.


'Let's get out of here and buy vanilla ice cream!' She shrieked, my lips curved into a grin.

'I'm always game,' she giggled and dragged me out of the cafeteria, not because I can't walk but because she's insane.

'Did you have to do that?' Jace asked poutingly immediately I got to them. I smiled and sat down. 'I like her name, Maglificent.'

'The other girl looks a lot like Fransisco Carlin, don't you think Mace?'

'Who?' He asked absent mindedly. I rolled my eyes, he's always with his phone. I kicked his leg under the table. 'Ow,' he said sarcastically.

'I think she looks more like Elizabeth Shawn,'

'I'm talking about the one with pink hair,' I huffed.

'Well, that one looks like Ann Carlin,'

'Idiot!' I smacked his head with my hand. 'Anne Carlin is Francisco's mother, use your head!'

'No, Ann Carlin is Nicki Minaj's daughter and Fransisco is the son of San Antonio.' I sighed and shook my head.

'What do you plan on doing with that naive girl? Hope you won't try that?' Mace asked still not looking up from his phone.

'Nerds aren't my style but this one is exceptional, she's beautiful in a mysterious way. I can't put my finger on it but whatever, I'm still going to explore her.' He raised his head and gave me his signature bored look.

'You see that girl?' He glanced at his phone. 'She'll be the death of you.'

'Huh?' Jace asked mirroring my confusion. He chuckled and went back to his phone. He can be a weird creep most time. Eh, whatever he says.

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