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The Greek Gods-Chapter Two


The Greek Gods-Chapter Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

One week and a day gone, time was flying fast. I did my usual, ogle Ace from a distance, chat and study with Vana, go to work and come back. Dad was preparing breakfast again, why don't I cook? You'll wonder. When I cook, if the hottest don't kill you, the pepper will. I was a "you must eat my food hot" kind of girl and a "no spice, no gain." Dad got tired of chewing ice so he banned me from his kitchen, rude if I must say.

'....and he said the new food lack taste and style, I've never been so much insulted.' Dad finished his sad narration. Vana who spent the night over was listening attentively while I read a book. According to him, a man and his wife insulted and criticized his new made meals.

'How dare he insult my second dad's meal! Is he mad!' She huffed.
'I don't know, now no one will buy the new food,' he said sadly.

'They will, you don't have a marketing daughter for nothing. Be rest assure father,' she placed her hand on his shoulder. 'You're going to get a big sale as long as my name isn't Savanna Carlins,'
'Your name is Savannah Carlins,' I said chucklingly.

'No, my name is Savannah Carlin, Savannah with an H at that ending and no S at the ending of the Carlin. I said Savanna Carlins, not Savannah Carlin, get it?' I face palmed myself while dad chuckled.

'You're not alright Savannah....'

'Aha! See, he said Savannah, not Savanna,' she exclaimed grinningly. I rolled my eyes with a smile. 'Genital....'

'Please don't call me that...'

'You call me Candy Crush....'

'Because you love candies and it's a sweet name, what the hell is genital!'

'Genital, can you help me polish my nails?' She asked sweetly with a twinkle of her eyes. She's never gonna stop calling me that.

Later at school, I was in class when the principal sent for me, I was dying of anxiety because I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. I walked into his office nervously, the bulky middle age man was busy with his specs on.
'Good morning sir,'

'Sit down Magenta,' he said calmly without sparing me a glance. I walked to the chair and sat down shakily. For three minutes, he was busy going through files and papers before clearing his throat. 'Sorry, give me a minute...' He trailed off standing to his feet. He walked to a bookshelf and searched for something while I took in the glorious office. 'I'm back,' he sat down and dropped a file for me. 'Open it,' I opened the file, it was mine.


'As you can see, your record since you came to the school have been stainless, perfect. Your grades are the highest in the entire school, cleanest if I must say.'


'So, I have a request for you,' I nodded. 'There's an important student I want you to tutor, if you can tutor him well, the school will offer you scholarship to Magnificent University.' I gasped and covered my mouth.


'Only if you can help him, he's hopeless.' I nodded with a grin.

'I'm in!'

'He'll be here soon,'

I rolled my eyes as dad whipped my papers continuously in the air, grandfather just stared at me with utter disappointment and mom, she was frowning.

'Never in the history of The Davison family have such dullness being found, where did you get your fish brain from?!' He glanced at mom after saying that. 'I don't remember being so dumb!'

'He's not dumb, just choose to be like that,' mom cut in sharply. 'Have you forgotten I received extra honors for....'

'Well I don't care! Just look at his results! Straight Fs, not a single A or even something as poor as Es or D-, what is this?!'

'Neron, please calm down,' grandpa sighed. 'His modelling is getting in the way....'

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'No it's not! I just hate books....'

'But you can impregnate six different girls, huh?' Mom scoffed. 'You're lucky we were able to skilfully get rid of all the unwanted babies...'

'Whatever, it's not my fault the bitches got pregnant.' I huffed.

'Ace, I will not take this again, I already spoke with your principal, he's getting you a tutor for the semester. If you don't pass, I'll not only disown you, I'll ruin your life and career to the ground. Is that clear?'

'Whatever.' I stood up and walked out. Why would I take a tutor? That shit sucks, I'll pay him off to make my life better. I jumped into my bike and drove off, stupid family. I parked at the school parking lot and climbed down simultaneously with Jace who came with his car.

'Hey, what's up with your dad?'

'He got me a tutor, imma gonna pay him off,' I sighed. He grinned and nudged me. 'What?'

'What if it's a pretty her?'

'Who else will he choose than a nerd?''

'What if it's a pretty nerd?'

'Fuck off Jace,' I jogged into the building, I was late for class but who cares. Jace walked off after pestering me while I went to the principal's office to see the unfortunate loser that dare thinks he can teach me. I barged into the office room and walked pass the secretary without greeting. 'I'm here,' I announced as I barged into the office. As expected, someone was there and surprisingly a her. I thought with my reputation with girls, they would get me a him. My job made easy.

Her brown and light strawberry blonde hair was up in a messy bun, strands of hair scattered around her neck which I admitted was impressive and deserve some hickeys.

'Good morning Ace,' her body stiffened. Oh, she wasn't expecting me to be the person, interesting. 'Please sit,'

'Is this her?' I asked eyeing her smooth tan skin. She wore a sweater dress, the only skin in view was her legs which was almost hidden by the table. Nerd alert.

'Yes, this is Magenta McNair, she'll be your tutor for the rest of the semester.'

'What sort of name is Magenta?'

'I don't know,'

'Girl, turn around,' I commanded. She stood up quivering, interesting. She turned around with the same shakiness and smiled awkwardly. Not my kind of girl but she was pretty, really pretty. 'Not bad,' I smirked giving her a once over, the dress brought out her slenderness. 'What's the meaning of you name?'


'Use words idiot!

'Use words idiot!' He snapped. I was freaking out, I couldn't breathe or control the quivering of my body, the guy I had been pining over from a distance for years was standing there looking at me like he was going to rip off my head. We are almost in the same class all the time, he'd never noticed me but I was in trouble. 'Can't you talk!' I clasped my hands together and looked at my shoes, gosh, really wish Savannah was here.

'Magenta is a colour, a light purple, purplish-red, or pinkish purple color obtained from mixing red and blue light. You can say it's like fuchsia and fuchsine and you'd have known that if you studied.' Principal Maxwellian replied for me.

'What does color has to do with study? Do you know mustard and carrots are also colours?' Principal Maxwellian bit his lower lip. 'And you went to school,' Ace scoffed. 'Why is your name Magenta? It sounds like a goddess's name.'

'Is she her parents? Ace, do you want her help or not?' Please say no, please say no. He looked at me again and smirked.

'She's good,' I almost passed out. 'Walk with me,' he walked out. I scurried behind me with beating heart. 'Why's your name Magenta?'

'My eyes,' I stammered. He turned around abruptly, an action that made me collide with his chest. I almost fell but his hand went around my waist in a flash and pulled me close to him, he smelt so heavenly. My cheeks burnt up, especially when his index finger lifted my chin up. Electricity emanated from his finger as he peered into my fake eyes. 'Lens,' I stammered.

'Take it off,' he commanded.


'The lens, take it off,' he let go of me, loneliness coming on like a bitch. With shaky hands, I successfully removed the eye lens and looked into his bright chestnut and chocolate eyes. He stepped back with a bewildered look, his mouth slowly parted. I gulped and fondled with my fingers. 'Interesting,' he smirked. 'From now on, I don't want to see that lens...' He trailed off and looked around the empty hall. 'Your eyes are too beautiful to be covered.' With that said, he walked away while I gaped. Aside from my dad, brother, nanny and Savannah, no one had ever said my eyes were beautiful.

My head had swelled with excitement and my throat itching to squeal endlessly but then I remembered, he didn't tell me if I would tutor him or not.

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