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The Greek Gods-Chapter One


The Greek Gods-Chapter One

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I hummed as I jogged down the stairs, I was wearing a washed cuffed jeans, blue collar top and pink ballerina flats. My brown hair with strawberry blonde highlight swished behind me in it glossy ponytail form. I jogged into the kitchen and chuckled at my dad, he was always in the kitchen every morning cooking. I would have seen it as weird but hell, that's the way it had been since I was born, even when mom was around. She never did the cooking or the house chores, I never really got taken care of by her, just my nanny. I sighed, it really affected dad after she left twelve years ago because he loved her but neither Zachary nor I liked her.

'Good morning dad,' I chirped.
'Good morning love, did you sleep well?' I hummed as I skipped to the breakfast table. My plate of nutella toast with extra berry jam was ready, I took a huge bite from it and moaned.

'Good as always, thanks dad.'

'If I don't take care of you, who will,' I smiled and ate my food merrily. 'So, it's the last semester and before you know it, you'll be in college with your big brother.'

'Nay, Savannah and I plan on going somewhere else not close to Zachary. You know after they broke up, things have been very awkward between them, especially with his new girlfriend always around.'


'Not to mention how overprotective he is of me,'

'True again,' Savannah is my best friend, we met when I first attended Magnificent High under scholarship as a freshman in junior high, we've been friends since then. Savannah Carlin was really wealthy, filthy wealthy. She was the daughter of Anne Carlin, the richest cosmetic brand owner and the wife to Billy Carlin, world top movie director alert! When you see her, you'll never know whose daughter she belongs to because she made sure no one knew because she hate the attention.

She once dated my older brother but things didn't go too well for them so they broke up, their relationship have been awkward ever since. Vana as she preferred to be called was a really enthusiastic person, loud, free and social, an extrovert. My opposite. Unlike her crazy weird sassy self, I was the lame brainac who easily got intimidated, sacred and an introvert. It was strange why she loved me but she did, we were the opposite of each other and that was what made us great friends.

'You'll be late, eat faster.'

'What are your plans today?'

'I have a lot of new recipes I plan on trying today, if any can be a hit, then McNair is about to get something huge!' After so much hard job searching, dad settled for his chef skills. He owns a mini restaurant which neither grows or falls, just in one zone.

'That's great dad, wish you luck.' I finished up my food just as Vana's car honked loudly outside. Well, not a car but er....she bought a cab, gave it out to a jobless man to support him but with the condition that he would drive her to and fro from school. She didn't want any fancy car.

'That's your ride,' Dad smiled.

'Bye daddy,' I picked up my backpack and ran outside before she stomped in and made fun of how slow I was which was ironical because she's the worm. Most times that is. 'Best!'

'You're late!'

'Huh uh,' I entered the car, joining her at the backseat. 'Looking Magenta, Genta.' She popped. You'll probably wonder why the hell I'm Magenta Vanilla McNair. Well, let's just say mother was a vanilla loving freak, where I unfortunately got my vanilla obsession from and my lips and eyes are magenta by color. Rare, in fact I don't think anyone has that but viola, I had it. My eyes and plum magenta lips were the worse, I got bullied a lot as a child because of them so I wore contact lens to change the color to brown.

'Looking Vana,' I chuckled. She wore a pink leather jacket over a armless shocking pink crop top and coral mini leather skirt. She topped it up with pink faux cowboy boots, I mean who wears cowboy boots with such outfit? She looked at me and grinned.
'That's me,' I rolled my eyes and dipped my hand into her bag, there's always something sweet in her bag to eat. As much as she's a pink freak, she's also a candy and junk food psycho. 'So, finally decided to date a boy this semester? This is the last stage of highschool and you need to live.'

'Speak for yourself blockhead, Zach was your only boyfriend and you're yet to date anyone just like me.'

'At least I live, I go on dates and break guys hearts, isn't that better?'' The driver chuckled.

'Really,' I slurred sarcastically. She squealed and clapped her hands.

'This year, I'm scoring a boyfriend from one of the Greek gods, who would you say I date?'

'You can never be in their league,' I realised how stupid it sounded after I said it, I mean she's the only daughter of Billy and Anne Carlin. 'Sorry, I forgot whose daughter y....'

'I don't need to be their daughter to get one of those hunks,' she smirked. True, Savannah was and still is a beautiful girl, even more prettier than I am. She was way too beautiful to be with a girl like me. If I must say, the prettiest one in Magnificent High. 'Please don't feel bad, don't worry, I won't steal your crush.' She said wiggling her brows teasingly. I blushed.

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My crush, the guy I'd liked since freshman year. The main god of MH, Ace Davison. He was everything a girl would ask for, sexy, hot, rich, good looking and did I forget to mention sexy? He's way too dreamy and perfect to be with an imperfect human being like me. I was nowhere close to beautiful.

'Oh honey, mom asked after you.'
'Sorry I haven't visited, you know how I feel around them and in your house.'

'Or how you feel around my brother,' she grinned. I giggled and rubbed my palms together. Her brother was my second crush, nice and sweet but in a relationship. 'Don't worry, he moved out so he's not always around.'

'Thanks,' the cab pulled over at it usual stopping spot, a building away from the school. 'Here we go.'

'I know this year will be different for us....'

'You say that every semester,' I laughed stepping out of the cab. She followed me out poutingly.

'I'm certain this year will be much more different,'

'Sure it will.' We waved the driver, Elmer bye and walked to school. We chatted about our expectations, hers was always the same. "I want a unicorn and my true love to buy me a baby." That makes no sense but that have always been her wish and she meant business.

We got to my locker, we were a locker apart which was cool because no one really used the one between ours. We were laughing when the hall quiet down, MH Queens was passing by, everyone always kept shut including Vana. They were called Sexy Lotus, stupid name for stupid people. Their leader, Berwyn Sinclair, rude, snooty and arrogant. She acted like she owned the world just because she was dating Ace and her dad is rich. She's not even as wealthy as Savannah yet she overdo everything. Next, Melody, she wasn't that much of a bitch but she still was. Her mother was a model just like her, the third one, Olivia was her stepsister. Olivia is worse, always trying to prove that she's the best amongst all in her own way.

'Bitches,' Vana muttered.

'What else do you expect?' I sighed. They walked pass looking like expensive dolls. I might not know how to dress myself up but I wasn't a novice when it came to knowing about fashion and brands. We went back to our normal activities just before the screams erupted, they were coming. I gasped and strained my neck, looking for him.

There they were, the Greek gods. Ace walked with his hands in his pockets, his signature seductive smirk on his lips. His undercut comb over pomp looking perfect as always. I sighed dreamily and slid down my locker, his scent was all I could perceive. Ace was as arrogant as he was cute, he was filled with pride, sly and mischievous. He came from a long line of wealthy people, from both sides and he was also rich on his own. His perfect toned and well sculptured muscular body gave him the model look, he was a freaky model and he was great at it. Jace, he was the funny loud, crazy one. He was always making funny remarks and lighting anywhere he was with his joviality and rowdiness. He was really nice, sweet and well, a jock. Mace, the dude was quiet, cold, not easy to read but he was the only one amongst them who wasn't always chasing skirts. No one knew much about him because he's a private person.

'Stop ogling him and face your work,'

'What work?' I asked absent mindedly. She slapped my shoulder and laughed.

'You're lost hope.' I rolled my eyes, yeah, lost.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I was at work, I worked at a café to gain extra cash. It was rush evening hour, the air-conditioner was bad, the music player spoilt as well as the TV so it was making our work worse with complains and nags. I dropped the tray on the counter and dabbed the droplets of sweats off my neck and forehead.

'This place is so boring, I want to quit.' The girl who sells at the counter grumbled, up till now, I don't know her name.

'Can't the manager repair it already,' the other sale girl hissed. 'I'm going to melt.'

'Just get this order to table six,' the only person's name I know sighed.
 What's his name again?

'Hey Odyn, what would you say we go backdoor and do something crazy?' Countergirl asked flirtatiously as she played with her hair. Odysseus snorted.

'I don't like wide holes.' Was his cold reply. The other two girls laughed mockingly.

'Odyn that was harsh,' girl one sniggered. 'What would you say w....'

'Odessa, get the order to the costumer before I mark you as disobedient.' He threatened.

'Whatever,' she took the tray and stomped away. Odyn as he was called was the assistant manager and the chef. He was a really good cook and a no nonsense person, we're friends though. He spells his name with a "Y" instead of an "I"
'The rest of you, get to work,' he snapped. They faced their business immediately. 'You okay Gen?'

'Yeah, just tired,
'How was school?'

'The usual.'

'How's that crazy friend of yours? I haven't seen her for a while,'

'She's f....speak of the devil,' Savannah walked in like a model. She dyed her platinum blonde hair pink, well sort of mixed it up in a way and it really suited her more than her natural platinum blonde hair.

'Genital!' She squealed, I cringed at the stupid nickname she made for me. 'I'm here!' She announced.
'For what?' She rest her chest and elbows on the counter and winked at Odyn.

'Hi Savannah,' he smiled.

'Hi O'Ryan....'

'Again, it's Odyn....'

'Still don't care. You texted me about how lame this place is and since I wasn't born normal, I came to do this....' She climbed the counter and screamed. 'Hey! I'm here to entertain you all while you sweat to death or die of indigestion! Aren't I generous!'

'Savannah, get down from there,' I whispered.

'Here's my song,' she cleared her throat. 'Are you ready?!!!!'

'Girl, go sit....'

'Shut up old man. Listen to me all you crazy walking corpses,' she's not drunk, she's just being Savannah.

'Whoa oh oh
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Girls in the house
Throw your bras
And dance like you own this place
Shake you hips
Swing your legs
And make the boys all yay
It's like the period when you
Let your mother rain on you
It's like the time when
Daddy said shame on you....' She sang, her voice was nice but.....you know.

'ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaah, thank you for listening, you've been a great crowd.' She bowed and jumped down from the counter.

'You're lost your mind,' Odyn chuckled.

'Never had one puss,' oh boy.
To be continued.

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