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Lex - Chapter Twenty


Lex - Chapter Twenty


©Tz_ Chilest

It's been weeks since the whole Alpha scenario, Jackson as lose his right to virtually everything. He is now a laughing stock- the lowest beta wolf in the hierarchy of the Feral Form; he had fallen down the pecking order.

Jackson had thought of leaving the pack, but he wondered if he could survive alone. He wasn't sure if he was ready to face the battle of the predators himself..... So immediately he dropped the idea.

"Get your ass over here!" Lupin screamed

Jackson was so ashamed- its been only a week now and he had become an errand boy: someone the wolves toss around.

"I was once your alpha- so you should get your priorities straight" Jackson said growling

"Did you just growl at me?" Lupin said, frowning

Liam jumped in their middle. He knew lupin was kinda aggressive and won't mind creating a scene- so to prevent such he acted like an alpha.

"Stop that boys!" His voice were so husky "- if you have any issues; why don't you wait till we get home"

Jackson cut it off. He just couldn't believe the whole stuff was happening so fast: losing his friend- his authority- his pack- Everything!

"Jack...." Liam said, signaling him to a corner of the class.

"You know we can still be friends-" liam continued but there was no response from Jackson.

Friends!!! Friends weren't suppose to betray one another, friends are meant to watch each other backs not stab them..... Could they be friends again? Jackson wasn't sure if their friendship could continue.... Liam had humiliated him-

"Am still here for you Jack- forget what happened, such is bound to happen...... You mean a lot to me- You are family!"

Family??? Not even friends anymore- he was now family.  Jackson wasn't sure if any was bound to happen between the two of them.... They ain't Friend, neither are they Family or even Foe. Jackson just want to be himself.... and rediscover himself.

"Am not angry anymore- it just that I was so disappointed you could turn your back against me and stab me in the back"

"It ain't my fault, you were weak- I even tried correcting you but you won't listen..... Guess it was time for a change" Liam said

Jackson was really speechless- it was time for a change indeed.

"Since the incident happened, you haven't even been in school.... You don't even attend the pack meeting." Liam continued

"I wasn't wanted anymore-"

"What makes you think you weren't wanted? Is it because of lupin? Please just forget about him.... You know how this things works"

During Jackson era, Lupin was an unwanted wolf. Jackson had recruited him and had accepted him into his pack. He was the lowest in rank of the Feral Form but his strength made him Worthy. He became the third in command and had instigated the challenge on Jackson. He was such a wily wolf with so much trick and that was why he was kicked out of his previous pack.

"I brought him into the pack- and he betrayed me" Jackson said softly

"You just have to forego.... And start-" Liam was cut off before he could finish his sentence

"Start afresh you mean to say? You gat to be kidding me-" Jackson said, fuming. ".... Don't think I can continue- gonna let you know what my decision is"

Liam gave him a deep look; he knew the repercussions of staying without a pack. So he was ready to warn Jackson against any rash decision.

"Don't make any stupid decision" Liam said, but it was as if Jackson already had his mind made up.
Thought love was a fantasy of an imaginative writer; thought it was the fantasy he cooked up just to bury his lonely heart; thought love was just an illusion; thought the whole feelings was just because the writer needed someone to talk to.

Lex was in love- his whole thought had been Heather; his whole desire had been filled with her presence: he just couldn't stop thinking about her.

Even back at the penthouse, Lex recent behavior had brought about a lot of gossips. He was very cautious, he tries to avoid trouble when necessary.

Lex had a plan- a plan he wasn't ready to ruin anytime soon. All this was because of Heather, lex knew a lot of vampires are in contention of seeing the outside world, they really want to know what it was all about. So a little flop from any vampire would result to their replacement.

Lex had always go to the field virtually everyday just because he wanted to see Heather. He knew the soccer team as a competition coming up soon- and Heather boyfriend was going to be training with the rest of the team, so Heather was definitely going to be watching her boyfriend train.

He left the class at every break and race his way down to the  field but this time he was stopped by Cole.

"Where the hell do you rush to at every little interval?" Cole asked, looking stern.

Since Lex had save them for the pit of death, Cole had been so loyal to him once more. He had apologized for the way he had reacted after they were resurrected- Cole admitted he missed Lex and his awkward jokes.... But that wasn't what Lex needed; he need Adam who was apparently being a strong head and wasn't ready to apologise.

"I gat a rose to catch at the field" Lex said, darting away.

Lex got to the field as usual but this time he was somehow early; the gridiron team hasn't left their locker room. So as he was about to settle on a bench in the second roll of the stadium; he immediately sighted Heather.

She was sitting alone with her arms crossed and probably waiting for her boyfriend. Instantly, Lex found a perfect opportunity to engage her in a conversation; so he approached her.

"Hello"  He said with the best voice he could come up with.

"Hi" she replied briskly; beaming him a wonderful smile

"Can I sit?"


And immediately Lex sank on the chair beside her. Her lovely scent circulated his whole soul; he just couldn't stop embracing her for what she stood for. She was Charming- Lovely- Awesome- and seriously, she swept him off his feet.

"You waiting for someone?"  Lex asked, jokingly

He was trying everything possible to make the conversation a lovely one. He doesn't want her getting bored; he tries to wake his hidden self- the one that consist of feelings which he actually doubted if he has one.

"Yes- am waiting for Rory" she said

"Rory? Who is Rory?"

Lex knew Rory was her boyfriend but he was  determined to pretend to the core. He wanted to hear it from her mouth.

"....my boyfriend..." She said the word; the exact word lex wanted to hear... But he was so determine never to stop trying.
 "He and the team are kinda having a meeting with the coach- but they will be out soon" she added

"Ooh"  that was the only word lex could think of at the moment.

"Have been seeing you in the field for some days now...... You play gridiron?" She asked

"Wooooo! Me? Gri....gridiron? Sure..... Yes I play it- in fact that is my favourite sport"

"Really? Why don't you talk to the coach then? You never can tell- you might break into the first line"

Lex wasn't expecting further debates on the sport he had no idea of how they play it. He doesn't even know how many players are involve in the game nor the rules... But he was willing to learn it just because he wants to see her face virtually everyday.

"I want to take things slow- I and my cousin just got transferred here; so engaging in any activities now will be too soon" Lex said after a deep thought.

"Okay.... But speaking of transfers and you guys been new here- are you guys British, Scottish, Welsh ....."


"You know- you and your cousins look so White or should I say pale-"

Instantly Lex understood what she meant. They were vampires and the look on their face- the pale look, the cold body, that is what being a vampire is like.

"No! We are not from the UK....." Lex began, with the smile on his face disappearing gradually. He was ready to be serious and willing to tell her the truth.

 "...we are vampirish" he added with a deep and husky voice.

There was silence for some minutes, it was as if Heather was trying to register the whole thing into her head. She finally break the silence with a guffaw... A very loud one!

"You kidding right? Seriously, I love your sense of humor" she said, laughing.

Lex suddenly wished he was kidding; he had told her his secret- the only secret he had to keep away from humans... But she had taken it as a joke.

"Seriously- I like you" she said amidst laughter "what is your name?"

"Am Alexander-" lex said "....and you are Heather"

Within a blink, her laughter had began to disappear. She was so surprise he knew her name.

"How did you know my name?" She asked, looking so stern.

Lex knew he had to choose his next words carefully. He could see that she was beginning to freak out- her heart had began to race; he could see fear written all over her. So if he wished to continue having a conversation with her, he must calm her nervous mind.

"Your boyfriend is kinda famous; and that makes you the Queen bee of the school" Lex said after a long thought

"Rory is the skipper of the school soccer team-  guess that is his influence"

The two of them conversed very well, Lex get to know more about her. Heather was this shy girl that love a silent life but things changed; her life changed when she met Rory. He had made her life an elaborate one- she had detested it at first but she had to adjust after months of dating him,  and had to adapt to a total different lifestyle.

"I also love my privacy- that is why I choose to come to the field everyday to relax my mind" Lex lied

He could see that she was so impressed at his lifestyle. Lex knew that he was a complete different man from what she was picturing: he was lousy- quick to temper- aggressive- but he was ready to change all that because of her.

"Heather!" A voice called

It was Rory! Her boyfriend! Lex was so angry he came at the wrong time- he had interrupted a conversation which was flowing in the right direction. The conversation was going as Lex had wanted it to go.... But now! Rory had spoilt it all.

"Hope you don't  miss me too much" He said and gave her a light kiss.

"Sure I do... I miss you always" Heather said smiling

Lex sat like a fool watching the two couple display their love. He doesn't know why... But he was just angry; a whirling force had began to erupt in him and it was as if he would explode soon.

"Rory" Heather said, after awhile "this is Alexander; he is new in the school"

Rory made an awkward gesture

"Have heard a little about the Pale family" Rory said, laughing

"Rory! Your manners!" Heather screamed

"Sorry baby-" Rory pleaded; and gave Lex a disgusting smile.

Lex wondered what people might have been saying about them. It was so obvious their pale looks had brought about a lot of speculations and gossips.

"Alexander; this is Rory- my boyfriend"

Instantly Rory gave her a deep kiss. Lex knew Rory was trying to send him a message with that kiss- 'she is my girl... And she is a No go area'

Lex just smiled it off; he wouldn't be discouraged and nothing can stop him from getting Heather.

"Alright bro" Lex said, after awhile "am kinda late for class"

"Will you come to the field tomorrow?" Heather asked

"Yes, I will"

"Alright we will see tomorrow then- I seriously enjoyed your company"

That her last sentence scattered Lex mind. So she really enjoyed his company? Lex couldn't believe it- it been long since he felt this happy before. He seriously couldn't explain how he was feeling at the moment but he knew his heart was over the moon.

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