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Lex - Chapter Twenty-One


Lex - Chapter Twenty-One


©Tz_ Chilest

Guess there ain't a cliché that entails about unwanted friends; friends whose future is dangling on a rope- friends who have been kicked out of their pack. This is really a diary of an unwanted friend.

After Lex left Heather and her boyfriend, Rory to their fantasy love scene; his mind was troubled- the love of his heart was currently with another guy, probably making out. Lex doesn't want to think about it yet; he knew it was their time and he was certain his time was coming too.

On his way to class, he saw Jackson brooding at one corner along the stairs beside the lavatory. Lex had ignored him at first- he was going to mind his business and not meddle in the affair of a wolf- his arch enemy.

As he was about to go through the stairs that led to the hallway. He could hear Jackson heart pounding beyond normal; instantly lex knew something was wrong- he recognize fear when he sees one.

Fear had mixed within Jackson soul, his whole mind was not at rest. He doesn't know what step to take- he doesn't know what the outcome of any decision he takes will be.

Staying with the pack is quite an awesome idea..... Though it came with a 'BUT'. If he stays with the pack- he would have to forego any reputation he has. He must be ready to start afresh and forget the fact that he was once an Alpha. That will be quite painful cause the wolves he trained would be above him; he will be a messenger wolf and will only run errand for  the pack.

And leaving the pack comes with a lot of risk. He would become an omega wolf and roam alone for the rest of his life..... Only if he sees a pack to adopt him.

"Hey Jackson-" the voice came very husky.

Jackson yanked at such a familiar voice- it was the voice of his greatest enemy. He seriously couldn't forget such a familiar voice- the voice of the person that put him in this state; the voice of the person that made him lose his pack.

Jackson looked back momentarily only to see Lex standing above him. The sight of Lex disgust Jackson. He had thought Lex had come to mock him- he knew the news of him being dethroned as an Alpha as spread swiftly among the supernatural in the school.

"What do you want?" Jackson said, fuming.

"Nothing...." Lex replied, smirking "I seriously mean no harm"

Harm??? Lex really mean no harm??? Jackson was finding it so hard to believe. A vampire never goes anywhere without trouble.... Wherever they go trouble follows.

"You have come here to mock me?"

"Mock you?" Lex asked, absentminded.

"I don't have time for your mind games" Jackson screamed as he try to shift into the monster he really is.

Lex was ready to calm him down.... But he just couldn't. Something was wrong- Jackson was different... His eyes was different. It doesn't bear the brightly red Alpha eye anymore... His eyes were now  yellowish.

"What the hell happen, Jackson?"

Jackson calmed his irritated mind- he could see that the news had travelled slower than he had expected.

"As you can see- am no longer an Alpha" Jackson replied

Lex didn't bother asking him what happened, he knew the whole thing was related to him- and he felt guilty. Lex knew little about how the Lycans work- is either Jackson becomes a slave of the pack or run off and become an Omega wolf.

"What are your plans now?" Lex asked

Jackson looked at him with pity written all over his eyes. The question Lex had asked was the same thing making him brood- the same question disturbing his mind. He seriously doesn't know what he wants to do- he doesn't know what his plans is. Jackson mind is shattered at the moment and he ain't sure about what he wanted.

"I don't know yet-" Jackson replied after a long thought.

Lex moved closer to him and gave him a pat. It was as if Arch rivals are now transitioning into friends.

"Can I sit?" Lex asked

Jackson merely nodded and Lex sat beside him. It was like enemies reunion- the fate of the unwanted.

"I seriously know how it feels like- to be unwanted; to be an outcast" Lex began, and Jackson gave him all his attention.

"I haven't regretted any decision I make but the other night with you guys.... Was my deepest regret- I had killed someone"

Jackson turned to look at him- he could see traces of honesty in his words; he could feel that Lex was suffering from guilt.

"I did what I had to do all in the name of saving a friend... Now that same friend as made me an outcast"

"Such happens-" Jackson was cut off instantly

"...Am sorry for everything; I deeply regret my actions and the way it cost you your pack" Lex pleaded

Jackson had seriously not expected it- Lex was really apologizing to him. His Arch enemy was now trying to make resolution? It was so unexpected.

"Am still finding this so hard to believe" Jackson said after a long thought "you are really sorry for everything?"

Lex nodded and extended a hand

"Let's start all over" he said, with a rainbow smile showing his hungry canine.


It was dusk when Tobias came to pick the boys from school. He had been busy earlier training the night walker on how to shadow in the dark without being noticed.

Kol had released the daylight ring to all the vampires this certain evening. It seems he was in a good mood- they were to feel the sun one more time for just few hours.

The vampires were in the garden; some were playing on the basement; some on the second floor. The mood at the penthouse was unchilling cool- and that was strange.

Kol stood at his office window- observing how the vamps were interacting. It was as if he had a reason for distributing the ring to the vamps on this occasion.

"Why were you late?" Adam asked, furiously.

"Hey!!! Cool those rage" Tobias said, as he made a left turn away from the school.

"Boy!!! Blame it on your great grandfather-" Tobias continued

"You mean Kol?"

"Who else? Kol of course"

"And what did he do this time?" Adam asked, looking so curious.

"That old man is....."

"Watch it Tobias" Derrick screamed

Tobias swerve to right instantly- he tried everything possible to avoid a head-to-head collision which he was successful in doing. The SUV drifted out of it lane; and crossed over to a different lane thereby colliding with a pole.

The impact in which the SUV hit the pole wasn't much but the SUV windscreen was wrecked. Tobias hit his head on the steering before he could be saved by the airbag. Ingrid also had a small cut on her head due to the impact with the dashboard. Adam and boys were less involved in the ghastly accident.

"What the fuck!" Tobias screamed

"You are bleeding on your forehead" Cole said, pointing to the cut on Tobias head.

"It will heal" Lex said, instantly; and thus, the cut began to close up.

"I said so" he added, smirking.

Tobias got down from the SUV to check the damage on the van.

"Oh Shit! The hood is wrecked" he said aloud

"Can it be managed home?" Adam asked

"I guess so" Tobias replied; as he entered the van to ignite it.

After four trials, the SUV coughed and sputtered. Tobias then drove to the penthouse with the van moving so slow like a tortoise- but he managed to reach it destination.

They horn for some minutes before the gate was finally flung open.

"What the hell is happening here!" Ingrid said, being bemused.

The vamps were still feeling the setting sun on their skin. Kol was still watching the vampires from his window. He was so happy at the work Gerard and Austin had done in his absence. They had transformed the vampires into a tamed creature and can control them at their will.

"I was about to tell you what was happening in the penthouse before that crazy trailer came bumping at us" Tobias said

"Has the daylight ring been returned to the vamps?" Adam asked

"Nah! But guess Kol is in a good mood today" Tobias replied

"I guess so" Derrick said

Tobias drove the SUV into the compound and was about to pull over in the garage- suddenly, a swift movement came from inside the SUV. It was Lex; he drifted out of the van and headed instantly toward a storey building.

It was a young vampire- a girl of twelve year old, she was playing with her friends on the forth floor of a storey building. Suddenly she skid over the rails and fell from the building.

She became motionless in the air- she had lose her grip and had become helpless. Kol watch the scenario from his office- a small girl was about to feel an immersed pain. Even though she would be okay; even if her bones get broken- they will heal.

Instantly, Lex got to the scene in a minute. The fallen angel dropped into his arms in style. Tobias and the rest watched from the van- they were surprise at the exceptional speed of Lex. He was a great speedster unlike the rest of the vampires of his age.

Lex abilities were growing day-in day-out. The forgotten secret his superintendent had thought they had buried- will now start to raise questions from the vamps.

Lex speed! His reflex! His agility! His strength! Those are beginning to raise suspicion.

"Are you okay?" Lex said, beaming the little girl an awesome smile.

"Thanks lex" she assured him

Lex then dropped her- but to his surprise, all eyes were on him. He didn't understand what was wrong or why everyone was looking at him. But he was proud to have helped a young girl.

Kol couldn't help it but to be befuddled by such an amazing speed. He had been suspecting Lex for awhile now. He knew something was different about him- he was kinda different from the usual vampires. He wasn't an Olsen but he posses the ability of a true vampire... An original vampire!

Kol was ready to find out his true identity and keep him on radar.

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