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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 4


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 4

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

…”Girl, what the heck did you do last night?” Cynthia asked Bella placing the phone on her ears, sitting on her bed with a doll between her legs

”Babe, forget that thing, I needed to have fun girl” Bella said

”Fun?? You call that fun? Wasting your life, and you call it fun?” Cynthia asked

”Stop fooling yourself girl” Cynthia added

”Just cut it.. You hear it cut it!” Bella said outraged

”I don’t have any parents to cater for me, my mother is a sick dying woman, how do you expect me to fare for my bills and school” Bella asked a bit angrily and sober

”Girl, you know you can always count on me, not selling your body for money” Cynthia said with a soft voice

”No thanks, I have my own life to live girl. And I have chosen my path” Bella concluded and hung the call before Cynthia could say anything

”Gosh! What kind of a girl is this?” Cynthia asked herself and fell on her pillow…



”Natasha.. Natasha..” Mrs. Williams called out to her house help as she sat on the couch sipping a glass of fruit juice

”Yes Madam” Natasha replied and ran down the stair case

”You called me Ma” Natasha said bowing down a bit

”Of course I did” Mrs. Williams said

”I need you to go to the supermarket and get me something, you will be accompained by Spark” Mrs. Williams said

”I left the message with the gateman” Mrs. Williams added and Natasha hurriedly left..

*On Their Way To The Supermarket*

”Why you no dey talk?” Spark asked as he oftens looked at Natasha, the fair bautiful young lady as she sat besides him in the front seat but Natasha said nothing

”I dey talk to you, no dey dull me” Spark said and Natasha looked at him

”What do you want me to say? Please take me to the supermarket and take me home” Natasha said and snubbed him

”Easy girl, we never dey fight” Spark said and concentrated on the steering.

#Few Minutes Later…

A white corolla car with a harsh speed moved past them

”What the heck… What’s this person driving” Spark said managing to control the steering and avoid causing accident

”Please take it easy” Natasha said in fright due to the screeching and speed of the car

”Don’t worry baby, I got you” Spark said admiring Natasha

”Mtcheew..” Natasha hissed.

On driving for a little more further, Spark sighted the same white car parked blocking the road. Getting closer, he pulled the brakes and came down from the car

”Hey, carry this car comot for road. Which kyn nonsense be this” Spark barked walking closer to the car

”I no dey talk to person?? I say move this car” Sparked barked further and the side screen of the car was whined down by a dark man on dark glasses

”Guy, I say move this car” Spark said looking at the guy who wasn’t looking at him

”Hello.. Ain’t I talking to someone” Spark asked and before he could turn around two men grabbed him and hit his back on the ground. At the sight of that, Natasha began to scream

”Get the girl” The guy in black ordered and two men went and grabbed Natasha and laid her too alongside Spark

”I like people like you who dey talk too much” The guy in black said

”Please don’t kill us” Natasha pleaded

”Guy na we we ooh.. Why you dey do like this nah” Spark tried using the strret language to plead

”Shut up!” One of the men barked at him matching him hardly on his back

”No vex.. Na vex” Spark said and kept quiet.. Natasha was pleading softly with a shaky hands and legs.

”Well, my name is Black Eye” The guy in black said

”Actually, I won’t hurt you” Black eye said

”But I just want to give you a message to deliver to your Boss” Black eye said

”How you take know my oga” Spark asked

”Shut up” Black eye said

”You are messengers of Chief Williams” Black eye said and smoked a cigarette

”Go and tell your Boss that this is his last warning. He should step down or we will make him step down” Black eye said

”Let him make a wise decision and Live or form a brave man and die” Black eye concluded and entered the car. Just then, one of the guys shot Spark on his right leg and Natasha on her right arm

”Arggghh!!!” Natasha and Spark screamed and yelled for help

”That is the message, deliver it to him” Black eye said and they drove off leaving dusts behind. Natasha began to cough and cry. The pain was so much on her as she rolled on the floor with pains. Spark, being a hard guy, held his leg tight. Seeing that no one was close enough to help them cause it was a lonely road, he managed to stand up, helped Natasha up, although it wasn’t easy. He managed and drove back to the house with a great speed.

”Paaa!!Paa!!:” Horned Spark’s car aloud and the gateman opened the gate. Spark drove in with a great speed and fell out of the car as the bullet was sinking through his veins. Natasha has already collapsed

”Oga!! Oga!!” Spark screamed and everybody rushed out in shock..


….”Jesus!” Chief Williams shouted in shock as he rushed out and saw Spark shot in the leg rolling on the floor

”Cheiii!!! Na wetin be dis” One bullet exclaimed

”My God, Spark what happened?” Mrs. Williams asked holding her chest

”Oga Spark wan die oooh” Musa the gateman shouted with his hands on his head peeping from the gate

”Speak Spark, what happened to you” Chief Williams said hitting his walking stick on the floor

”Where is Natasha?” Mrs. Williams asked

”In the car” Spark said in pains pointing at the car and one bullet rushed to the car and felt the pulse of Natasha

”Oga, her pulse is weak” One bullet said from the car

”My God, honey do something” Mrs. Williams cried

”Tell me what happened Spark” Chief Williams kept asking

”This is not the time for this honey, let’s rush them to the hospital first” Mrs. Williams said

”Yes, Oga.. Abeg” One bullet added carrying spark immediately and placing him in the car. He ignited the engine of the car and reversed with a great speed

”Open the gate!!” Mrs. Williams shouted at Musa who quickly opened the gate and ran out of the way due to the spped of One bullet

”Let’s follow them honey, please God, let Natasha not die” Mrs. Williams said looking troubled but Chief Williams kept standing staring at the sky

”What are you still doing there now.. Let’s go” Mrs. Williams said and entered the car. The driver started the engine and they followed One Bullet to the hospital..



”How did it go?” Chief Ali asked backing his thugs

”It went well Boss, the message has been delivered” Black eye said

”Good.. This is just a warning Williams” Chief Ali said and faced his thugs

”Next, you shall kill his wife as a second warning.” Chief Williams said and they nodded their head. Chief Ali dipped his hands into his agbada and brought out 5 wraps of money and threw it at them

”For a job well done” Chief Ali said and they smiled

”Thank you Sir.. You too much. You must be the President” They all said hailing him which made him smile

”You can go now” Chief Ali said and they all left

”Chief Williams, this is just the beginning” Chief Ali said and walked up the staircase majestically.



”Doctor, how is she?” Mrs. Williams asked the doctor

”Don’t worry madam, she will be fine” The doctor said

”Luckily for her, it didn’t penetrate far into her bones” The doctor added and Mrs. Williams calmed down a little

”Thank God” She said

”Errhm.. Doctor, what about the young man brought in here with her

”Ooh.. He is doing much better now” The doctor said

”Can we see him” Chief Williams asked

”Yes, please follow me” The Doctor said and led the way


”How do you feel now” Chief Williams asked Spark

”Better Boss” Spark said

”How come you went out and ushed in with a shot leg when I gave you both all the ammunitions you need for protection” Chief Williams asked

”Sorry Boss, I didn’t go out with any Sir” Spark said adjusting his legs a little

”You see how foolish you are, why didn’t you” Chief Williams asked again

”Madam told me not to Sir” Spark said

”What?! Who told you” Chief Williams asked

”Madam” Spark replied

”How dare she.. Now see what she has caused!” Chief Williams said a bit angrily

”But even if I went with a gun, I was outnumbered Boss” Spark added

”Now, tell me how it happened” Chief Williams said and Spark adjusted his sitting posture trying not to hurt his bandaged leg. One bullet stood aside also listening..

”I was driving Natasha to the supermarket…” Spark began. Few minutes later, he concluded his story about the incident

”Boss, these people needs to be dealt with!” One bullet said

”How dare they touch my man. Boss, give me the order to deal with them” One bullet said

”Calm down” Chief Williams said and hit his walking stick on the floor

”Chief Ali… Chief Ali…” He called out and shook his head

”You just drew the battle line” He concluded and left.

”Guy mellow down, you go dey fine eeh” One bullet said to Spark and followed Chied Williams.

”Open the car” Chief Williams ordered and One bullet dragged the door open

”Take my wife home with the other car” Chief Williams said to the driver

”Yes Sir” He said and Chief Williams drove out.

”Were are we going to Sir” One Bullet asked

”Just keep driving” Chief Williams said. Driving few miles away, Chief Williams stopped in fron of Chief Ali’s entourage and he alighted from the car. Chief Ali also came dow escorted by his thugs fully armed

”Ali!! Ali!!” Chief Williams exclaimed in anger

”I guess you must have received my message” Chief Ali said smiling

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”You have just stirred the pot of thunder that will strike you” Chief Williams said pointing his walking stick at Chief Ali

”That is a threat told to childrem my friend” Chief Ali said starring at Chief Williams…

Story continues…

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