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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 3


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 3

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

…..”What an insult!” Exclaimed Mrs. Williams as she angrily walked out of the Car and barged into her house. Chief Williams, still quiet walked passed her and sat down on the couch

”Why are you sitting down there saying nothing eeh!! After the hell of insults you and I received today.” Mrs. Williams yelled at her husband. On hearing the noise, Natasha rushed out

”Madam, is there any problem?” She politely and caringly asked

”Get out of my sight you slot!” Mrs. Williams barked at her and she bent down a bit and left but often looking back

”Chief, do something!” Mrs. Williams said to her husband

”You told me you are the one to be chosen but see what just happened back there.. Nonsense. Sit there and keep on drinking while others take over your post. Weakling!” She concluded and walked up the stair case in anger

”Natasha!!” She called as she walked up

”Get me a glass of red wine” She ordered not allowing Natasha to reply. Chief Williams was left alone in the parlour as he swinged his walking stick up and down, severally hitting it on the floor.

”Chief Ali!! Chief Ali!!” He called with a low voice on a smiling face

”You have touched the tiger by the tail” He concluded and picked up his phone to make a call.

”Don’t bother calling, I’m already here” The Voice of Spartacus startled Chief Williams

”What the hell…” Chief Williams exclaimed in shock

”You Devil.. How did you know I am about calling you” Chief Williams asked

”A man whose house is on fire only seek ways to quench it and not play cards” Spartacus spoke in parables

”And what does that mean?” Chief Williams asked Spartacus

”I don’t have much time to waste here Chief” Spartacus said folding his hands in front

”Now this time, what did you do to my boys?” Chief Williams asked

”Nothing at all.. No one saw me come in here” Spartacus said and Chief was more shocked

”Even my gate man?” He asked

”I see you wanted me here for an interview.. Good day Chief” Spartacus said and tried leaving

”No.. No.. No.. Please hold on” Chief said drawing back the attention of Spartacus

”Someone is interferring in my game. He wants to throw the Kings card. He wants to wine and dine in the den of Lions” Chief Williams said

”I need you to delete him” Chief Williams continued looking directly at the face of Spartacus

”1 Million dollars” Spartacus said standing still

”What?? I Million what?!” Chief Williams exclaimed at the payment Spartacus said

”Please, it’s too much, I will give you 500,000 dollars” Chief Williams contemplated with the payment

”Then go and do it yourself” Spartacus said and left

”Go to hell you buffon! Gosh, 1 Million dollars, for what?” Chief Williams asked himself and sat back on the couch. Immediately, he called Prof. Michael..


”Ahmed.. Ahmed..” Cynthia’s voice called out as she walked towards the gate

”Yes Madam” Ahmed answered and ran out to meet her

”Please, can you help me get something outside, I can’t walk out in this sun” She said

”Na em you dey beg Madam, I go do am madam” Ahmed said and Cynthia smiled

”Here..” She said handing over some money to him

”A bottle of water, the one’s inside are finished.. Please hurry” She said

”Yes Madam” Ahmed said bowing down and rushed out.

Few seconds after Ahmed left, Bella, Cynthia’s friend walked in

”Hey Babe.. How far nah” Bella shouted with a smiling face as she ran to hug Cynthia..

”Girl, I dey ooh” Cynthia replied

”You are really enjoying” Bella said looking around

”All these things just for you alone to enjoy” Bella added

”Stop that jhoor.. It’s God my dear” Cynthia said

”What about your parents?” Bella asked

”They travelled and won’t be coming back soon” Cynthia said and Bella smiled broadly

”This house won’t contain me ooh” Bella said happily and ran in. Cynthia followed her, laughing at her funny behaviour and movement..


”Professor, I don’t think you are understanding what I am saying” Chief Williams who sat opposite Prof. Michael said as Prof. Michael starred at him

”I said I need another Assassin” Chief Williams said

”Why?” Prof. Michael asked

”He charges a lot.. Not that I can’t afford it but he is too greedy. 1 Million dollars for just one person” Chief Williams said and hissed

”You better pay that money and save yourself the stress. Mind you, Chief Ali might also be planning against your life, so he is doing two jobs. These weaklings you call thugs can’t protect you” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams saw sense in what he was saying and they both starred at each other..

”You better start calling him, the earlier the better” Prof. Michael said

”Only Fools risks their lives quest of protecting their money” The Voice of Spartacus sounded again from the door and Chief Williams dropped the phone he already placed on his ears. Prof. Michael smiled at him…


….”Better tell me you brought me a wizard as an assassin” Chief Williams said looking at Prof. Michael who was still smiling

”I will pay you the money but you’ll also have to protect me from his own attacks” Chief Williams bargained with Spartacus

”Good deal” Spartacus said and folded his arms

”I will make out an accomodation fro you here, you will be following me about till the job is done” Chief Williams added

”I ain’t no cheap thug as you think old man. I don’t live in houses neither do I follow people about. All you need is Protection, I will give it to you” Spartacus said with a very slow deep voice

”How then can you protect me if you are not close to me” Chief Williams asked

”Trust him Chief, I don’t like the way you doubt the prowess of this young man” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams looked at him but before he could turn to look at Spartacus, he has already left. Turning again to look at Prof. Michael, he saw Prof. Michael already sipping from the wine cup looking relaxed

”I don’t know why you feel so relaxed” Chief Williams said to Prof. Michael

”Why shouldn’t I.. You better do too” Prof. Michael said and stood up

”I need to be on my way now, I have some things to pile up at home” Prof. Michael added and left smiling at Chief Williams.

”I pray it works” Chief Williams said and exhaled

”Appearing and Disappearing all the time” He added and stood up to walk into his bed room..



President Donatius was seen walking to and fro his sitting room with a wine cup dressed in an all white robe. Soon enough, he sat down and sipped from the cup.

”I have only gone through one tenure and wants to get down?” He asked himself

”I couldn’t even beat the 5th in follow up scores” He said to himself again

”I don’t want to leave her now.. I will have a second tenure” He added in his mind

”I am the leader. I am the President.. I can do anything I wish to secure my second tenure” He added

”I will dismiss all contests and base my fact on the crisis that transpired between Chief Ali and Chief Williams..” He continued

”I must have a second tenure!” He concluded in his heart and smiled a bit looking at the television..



Loud music was heard as the DJ covered everywhere with wonderful songs. Boys and Girls of age were seen at different corners talkin, chatting and laughing. Others were inside dancing. Bella and Cynthia sat on one of the tables sited behind the pool.

”I kinda love this place” Cynthia said

”I told you, you’ll like it” Bella replied with smiles

”But wait ooh, babe, how did you come about knowing this place?” Cynthia asked

”Ahhahh.. Campus babes no go relax mind” Bella replied with a question

”So this is what you do in school, eeh. Instead of you to study you will be peeping around night clubs” Cynthia joking said and they laughed

”Girl, look behind you” Bella said to Cynthia strategically pointing at a guy who has been starring at them since they came

”Ignore him dear..” Cynthia said and the boy stood up and walked up towards them

”He is coming this way” Bella lowly said

”Behave as if you haven’t seen him” Cynthia said and they concentrated on their food

”Hey girls, I can see you are having fun” The boy said holding a bottle of beer in his hand

”Yea.. As you can see” They both said raising up their heads

”Errhhmm.. Hope you don’t mind me joining you” He requested

”You can” Bella said already admiring the boy

”So, what are your names?” He asked

”Bella” Bella said but Cynthia kept quiet

”Yours dear” The boy said looking at Cynthia waiting for a reply

”I don’t talk to strangers” Cynthia replied and dropped her spoon

”Alright.. Sorry dear. But why not you allow me show you I’m not a stranger. Let me make your night glow” The boy said but Cynthia starred at him

”Thank you Very Much, but I’m not interested” Cynthia said

”Cynthia..” Bella called out

”What?” Cynthia asked

”Sorry Bros, she is just shy” Bella said to the boy but he stood up and left

”You see, you have chased him away” Bella said

”And so..;” Cynthia asked

”Babe, you need to have fun. Enjoy yourself now your parents are away” Bella said to Cynthia who mopped at her

”Stop this your attittude and enjoy” Bella said and just then a guy walked by and Bella followed him

”Are you leaving me here?” Cynthia asked

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”Enjoy yourself dear. Don’t bother to wait for me. You can go home” Bella said as she walked up the small stairs with the guy

”Gosh!! What nonsense” Cynthia said confused on what to do or what to say. She confusingly picked up her car keys and left the arena..

Story continues…

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