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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 2


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 2

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


”Darling, hurry Up let’s go” Chief Williams voice was heard aloud from the staircase as his wife, Mrs Williams was still having her Manicure and Pedicure in her room

”I’ll be right there in minutes honey” She relied

”We are already late!” Chief Williams said again with a sober face looking tired of waiting. In Few Seconds, Mrs. Williams came out and walked down the staircase

”You are always in a hurry, the future First lady is supposed to dress well” She said and walk past Chief Williams who was just looking at her

”Let’s go now.. You are now standing there” Mrs. Williams said to Chief Williams and he slowly walked down the staircase

”Natasha! Natasha!” Mrs. Williams called out on the house keeper

”Madam” She replied

”Take care of the house” Mrs. Williams said and they left.



Chiefs, Professors, men and women of great and honourable Calibre was seen sitted round a long table, at the head of the table was President Donatus, two heavy bodied men was standing behind him. The table was decorated with wine and drinks. They were all mumbling with each other as if they were hiding something from a third person.

”Good Morning Everybody” President Donatus said hitting his hands a bit on the table and everywhere was quiet

”As we all know, we have lost a great personnel from this table” President Donatus said pointing at the empty sit where Chief Mark normally sits

”Quite alright, we have mourned him, we have cried enough and have consoled the daughter who is the remaining of his family” President Donatus said and kept quiet for a moment. He took a bottled water, one of his body guards opened it for him and he drank a bit from it

”We will have to replace his position as we all know he was the leading participant in the Presidential Members selection in this house” President Donatus continued and a little noise aroused in the house

”Keep Quiet!” President Donatus shouted and everywhere became quiet again

”Chief Muhammed Ali had a follow up score after Chief Mark, so I guess he will be the…” President Donatus tried saying but Chief Williams interrupted

”That is a lie!” He yelled as he entered immediately despising the fact that he came late

”That can never happen as long as I’m here!” Chief Williams added and the house was divided into two. One part supporting Chief Williams and the other fighting against Chief Williams

”Order!” A Police man shouted and they became a bit quiet again.

”Chief Williams” President Donatus called

”Your Excellency” Chief Williams answered

”Despite the fact that you came late, you didn’t keep calm and sit down but you caused an unwanted scene her” President Donatus queried Chief Williams

”I’m sorry your Excellency” He apologised

”Good, now sit down” President Donatus said and he sat down along side his wife

”Now everyone listen” President Donatus began

”Chief Muhammed Ali has a follow up count with Chief Mark and so that awards him the right to step up to that position” President Donatus said and Chief Muhammed Ali stood up happily and saluted everybody trying to walk up to the seat

”With all due respect Your Excellency” Chief Williams said standing up

”My Follow up count is higher than that of Chief Muhammed Ali” Chief Williams said

”That’s a big lie” Chief Muhhamed Ali said ointing at the face of Chief Williams

”How dare you point that filthy finger at me” Chief Williams said angrily to Chief Muhammed

”And what will you do?” Chief Muhammed asked

”Quiet!!” President Donatus oredered but Chief Williams still stood while others sat down

”Chief Williams” President called him

”Your Excellency” He answered

”Chief Muhammed Ali placed a better Manifestoe, and made a more better candidate elect. He tops you with 2 elects” President Donatus said

”That is not true your Excellency. There was a Favouritism from the Judges table. Not to forget, his Chief Adviser and his Wife are among the Judging table” Chief Williams defended his speech

”And so what??!!” Chief Muhammed and his supporters barked at Chief Williams

”You Cheated!” Chief Williams barked back

”If so, why don’t you put your wife on the Judgung seat too” Mrs. Ali said to Chief Williams

”I will shut that your mouth if you dare talk to me in such manner again” Mrs. Williams said to Mrs. Ali

”And what will you and your stupid husband do if she does?” Chief Ali asked

”Don’t dare me Chief Ali” Chief Williams said and the house was divided again

”Quiet! I say Quiet!!” President Donatus tried calming them down, even the Poilice men tried but the riot was so much. President Donatus, not knowing what to do, picked up his files and left through th back door with his entourage..

”You must be stupid Williams!! What do you have?” Chief Ali bragged

”The Antelope the picks up the Lion for a Chase should be ready to be devoured” Chief Williams said back at him

”I am the Lion Williams! You can’t do anything to me.. Accept defeat and step down” Chief Ali yelled at Chief Williams who starred at him for some minutes

”We shall see who is the Lion and Who is the Antelope” Chief Williams said

”Honey, let’s go” Chief Williams said and left with his wife

”Useless old man.. Don’t go an rest. Come and take the seat of honour” Mrs. Ali said aloud and hissed

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”I’m waiting for you Williams” Chief Ali said and sat down. Those supporting Chief Williams followed him and left while those supporting Chief Ali sat back with him and encouraged him, giving him more strenght…

Quietly, Chief Williams walked to his Car, Spark immediately opened it up and they drove out.

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